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Tue 4 Dec 2018
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Character creation
Use either Book 1 or Supplement 4 for Character Generation, with the following amendments.

1) Pick one of the following two methods to generate your stats:

  a. Allot 48 points among the 6 stats, at a cost of 1 point per rating from 1-9, and 2 each for 10-12 (so a Strength of B, for instance, would cost 13 points).

  b. Roll 2D6 for each characteristic, rerolling 1s. If the total average of your characteristics is below 8, please reroll all stats.

2) Any failed survival rolls are reinterpreted to mean career-ending injury.

3) Choose three (3) background /education skills (level 0) to reflect homeworld upbringing. Just make sure that your history and home support the skills you choose!

4) You can change careers once, unless you roll a 12 on your re-enlistment roll when you wish to do so.

5) Maximum seven (7) terms' experience.

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Tue 4 Dec 2018
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Character creation
If you do not have access to the books, let me know and I'll guide you through the process.