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The Setting: Timeline

Lammas - The Nilfgaardian Imperial Army crosses the river Pontar, initiating open war with Temeria. The late timing of the invasion allows Nilfgaard to seize substantial food reserves from the recent harvests and the local population.

Saovine - The Kingdom of Redania embarks upon the sudden forceful annexation of neighboring Kaedwen. Crossing the Kestrel Mountains under winter conditions costs the Redanians heavily, but Kaedwen is caught by complete surprise and swiftly capitulates.

Yule - King Radovid of Redania grants broad authority and substantial holdings to the Church of the Eternal Fire after hearing unsettling accounts of local Kaedweni customs. The ensuing Edicts issued by Hierarch Cyrus Hemmelfart have far reaching effects concerning arcane study, local Kaedweni tradition and the areas non-human population.


Birke - The Battle of White Orchard results in a clear victory for The Nilfgaardian Empire over Temeria. While Termerian surrender is not forthcoming, the Kingdoms forces are effectively destroyed.

Blathe - The seige of the Free City of Novigrad by Nilfgaardian forces commences. This marks the beginning of the "Stale Mate of Velen" as Redania's Royal Army, newly bolstered by Kaedweni levies, squares off with the more experienced but battle weary Nilfgaardian Imperial forces.

Velen - An attack on the partially ruined Witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen by an Aen Elle raiding party leads to the death of the Master Witcher "Vesimir" of the School of the Wolf.

Saovine - The Second Conjunction occurs heralding the unanticipated arrival of numerous "extra planar" entities. The entire world is significantly effected, but for the Northern Kingdoms and Nilfgaard in particular the timing could hardly have been worse. Travel and trade grounds to a halt across the continent as roads become killing fields, men desert from both sides en masse to seek the safety and security of loved ones and city walls. A hasty cessation of hostilities is drawn up cementing borders where they had stood during the Siege of Novigrad.

Yule - At the urging of those close to him, The Emperor of Nilfgaard Emhyr var Emreis gifts a modest boon of gold and building materials to the surviving Witchers residing at Kaer Morhen in exchange for assurances that they will continue to train Witchers to combat the threats represented by the Second Connection. Writs and guarantees reenforcing their right to take recruits, their right to the lands they have held in antiquity and premissions to travel and work are all re-issued based on surviving documentation.

- Not to be out done and fearing the political implications of Nilfgaardian support, King Radovid also sends an envoy to Kaer Morhen with gifts and written assurances that "ancestral rights" would be upheld.

Imbolc - Work begins in earnest on the restoration of Kaer Morhen. An unnamed impromptu camp springs up at the base of the old "Witchers Trail" to support the those hired on for the project.

Birke - The first batch of Witcher recruits Kaer Morhen has seen in nearly a century arrive and begin their training.

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