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Mechanics: Character Creation
Step 1


The circumstances of birth are an important thing in this setting. "Social Mobility" as a concept largely does not exist. Tribalism and Nationalism are the order of the day in a world where people rarely have cause (or permission) to travel outside their own town.

Most people will live and die never having left the region they were born in, much less their own country. The exception to this are military age males who volunteered or were levied into military service. Even these individuals tend to see very little of the wider world while on campaign.

Your nationality will determine your overall appearance, the language you learned growing up and the culture you were raised in.

All Witcher recruits are male.

Roll 1 d20 labeled "Nationality" and refer to the chart below.

1: Kaedweni
2: Redanian
3: Temerian
4: Aedernian
5: Cintran
6: Kaedweni
7: Koviran
8: Novigradian
9: Kerackian
10: Povissian
11: Lyrian
12: Rivian
13: Minor Kingdom (roll 1d4 labeled "Minor
    Kingdom" and see below)
    1. Cidarian
    2. Bruggean
    3. Hengforsian
    4. Sodden
14: Nilfgaardian (Roll 1d6, on a 6 roll
    A 1d3 again labeled "Vassal State) and
    see below)
15: Skelliger (Roll 1d 7 labeled Clan Affiliation)
    1. An Craite
    2. Brokvar
    3. Dimmund
    4. Drummond
    5. Heymaey
    6. Tuirseach
    7. Tordarroch
16: Verden
17: Mixed (Roll twice, once labeled "Father" and once labeled "Mother")
18: Bastard (Roll again labeled "Bastard")
19: Adopted (Roll again labeled "Adopted")
20: Orphan (Roll again labeled "Orphan")

Once complete PM me the results and we will discuss the details.


In this game we use randomly generated height and weight, mostly due to the fact these these elements have a direct effect on play. This range is based on a combination of their attributes and nationality.

A character's height will determine things like reach, what kind of clothing or armor they can fit in to, how easy they are to remember or pick out in a crowd or even how difficult they are to hit.

A character's weight can determine how easy it would be for somebody to drag or carry them out of danger, what kind of horse they may ride, what kind of materials can support their weight without giving way and how much they need to eat.

Aside from rolling for height and weight, a new character also rolls on the following table to account for individuality. Advantages or disadvantages gained this way are intended to reflect inherited traits, birth defects or things of that nature.

Roll 1d12, twice and apply the following. PM me the results and we will work together to come up with something that makes sense.

1: Gain up to a 15 point advantage
2: Gain up to a 5 point advantage
3: The character is Handsome
4: The character is Attractive
5-8: Nothing
9: The character is Unattractive
10: The character is Ugly
11: The Character gains up to a 5 point Disadvantage
12: The Character gains up to a 15 point Disadvantage


Depending on your Nationality you will roll to determine the trade and status of your parents. You may also potentially generate a number of younger or older siblings.

This may determine some of the starting skills and items you have access to.

Roll 3d6 labeled "Fathers Trade"

3: Nobility (Greater)[Wealthy]
4: Nobility (Lesser)[Comfortable]
5: Merchant Class (Greater) [Comfortable]
6: Merchant Class (Lesser) [Average]
7: Craftsman [Average]
8: Arms Bearing Trade [Struggling]
9-12: Struggling
13: Laborer [Poor]
14: Criminal Enterprise [Struggling]
15: Destitute [Dead Broke]
16: Criminal Enterprise [Dead Broke]
17: Refugees [Dead Broke]
18: Pariahs [Dead Broke]

Roll 1d12 labelled "Siblings"

1: Only Child
2: Sister (Younger)
3: Brother (Younger)
4: Brother and Sister (Younger)
5: Brother and Sister (Older)
6: 3 Siblings
7: 4 Siblings
8: 5 Siblings
9: 4 Siblings (One having already died)
10: 3 Siblings (Two having already died)
11: 1 Sibling (Three having already died)
12: Only Child (Four or more deceased siblings)


The event that culminated into your recruitment. Roll 1d6 labeled "Recruitment"

1. Law of Surprise
2. Parents Slain (Creature)
3. Parents Slain (Murdered)
4. Freely Given
5. Ostracized/Abandoned by Family
6. Taken by Force as Payment


Roll 1d6+8 labeled "Age". This is the age of your character upon arrival to Kaer Morhen.

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Mechanics: Character Creation
Step 2

Alright, the vagaries of fortune have spoken, and we have the rough outline of who your young recruit is shaping up to be. First thing first is to copy all those dice rolls and send them to me in PM. They will eventually go into your personal thread.

Up till now you have had little input into who your character is at this point, but now that changes. Based on your rolls, please come up with a rough back story for your character that we can begin to work off of. Likely this will go back and forth a few times as we hash out the details.

We are shooting for believable characters with a "realistic" spread of skills. No "Mary Sues", no ten year old killing machines, your character is a normal child who has just been torn from their homes and families, please keep that in mind.

The Basics
Players start with Cultural Familiarity and Language based on their background. All characters are familiar with the "Common Speech" (A canon language for the setting that happens to help ease play) but may have accents and primary languages depending on their origins.

The Tech Level is TL: 3/4. "Late Medieval" is a good basic guideline but be prepared to see outliers such as culturally specific technologies and trade secrets (i.e black powder explosives, etc)

Starting CP

A character will start with 5CP per year of life, modified by the genetics roll. So a starting child will possess 45CP (9 years of age) to 70 CP (14 years of age) respectively.

The Witcher Recruit Template

All characters start with the following zero point template.

Witcher Recruit Template

Legal Immunity: (Bear Weapons) [5]
Patrons: Kaer Morhen Witchers (Fairly Powerful Organization, Almost Always Present (15)) [30]
Rank 1: Witcher Recruit [5]

Duty: Kaer Morhen (All the time) [-15]
Wealth: Dead Broke [-25]

Basic Attributes

Follow the guidelines on the core book page 14, with the caveat that your characters are not yet fully grown. A nine year old boy with eight strength is likely perfectly normal for instance. Feel free to play with these within reason.


Beginning characters cannot take Exotic or Supernatural options. Likewise anything that would make you unfit as a recruit (blindness, one arm, etc) is not permitted. Please keep in mind the Adult rating of this game and the age of your characters, choose accordingly.


As mentioned earlier, characters should have a diverse set of skills to help them get through daily life. Depending on their age they may even be familiar with the basics of their families profession. There are almost no "useless" skills, and those lacking the basics for whatever may suffer or be delayed behind their peers as they struggle to catch up.


All characters start "Dead Broke" with no way to earn income.

Some children are given gifts before they leave home. Some are not so fortunate. I may work with you to develop some keepsakes or small useful items your character has managed to take with them depending on the status of their family and nationality.

"Your Witcher"

All recruits were  brought to Kaer Morhen by a Witcher, with the specifics of your characters "recruitment" having been outlined in Step 1.

This is a chance to create a new personality for the setting, or to establish an early connection with some old favorites from the source material. If you would prefer to leave this portion to me, I don't mind helping to flesh out this part.

Due to events in this setting Geralt of Rivia and Cirilla Riannon ("Ciri") are not candidates for this position.