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Precentor Kitty
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Fri 5 Apr 2019
at 16:56
Mercenary Board
The year is currently the 'winter' of 3020.  Katrina Steiner has issued her Peace Prososal to the other houses, which has been declined by all the houses that it was presented to.

Your unit has just completed its most recent contract for a commercial enterprise.

The dull guard duty of warehouses, and the escorting of payrolls, and hours of boring garrison duty has started to wear thin on the tempers of the rank and file.  They were mechwarriors.  Not glorified watchmen, security guards, or planetary babysitters.  The complaints and grumblings of finely honed combat skills going to waste was slowly starting to get louder, and really, you found it hard to argue the point since you felt the same.

The return to sol, is met with an assortment of relief, as the decision to take a more risky contract with better rewards, presents itself on the central hub of the inner sphere.  From here, it was possible to take a contract and ship out in any direction and work for anyone.  This was good for a unit of note, and reputation, less so if you were small an not so well known.  Still, there was reason for optimism.

Unit status

900  Supply Points
475  Action Points
 20  Experience Points

(1) Unit Commander - Kusanagi Nagamichi - Veteran

(4) Mechwarriors   - Miyazai Tatsuko    - Veteran {officer}
                   - Phil Lords         - Regular
                     Max Kazhuro        - Green
                     Maxine Kazhuro     - Green, Green

(1) Heavy  Mech - Crusader
(1) Medium Mech - Enforcer
(1) Medium Mech - Cicada
(2) Light  Mech - Jenner and Commando

Mech Armor Internals Movement / Jump / Def. ModifierWeapon Factor
OR   S   M   L
Idle Upkeep / Active Upkeep Notes
Crusader 38 20 2 / 0 / 23+5  3   3   3 6 sp / 6 sp and 3 ap Hand (2), MG (2), LRM (3), Overheat
Enforcer 28 16 2 / 2 / 23+1  3   0   0 4 sp / 6 sp and 2 ap
Cicada 12 13 4 / 0 / 43+1  3   0   0 4 sp / 6 sp and 2 ap Scout
Jenner 12 11 4 / 2 / 43+1  3   0   0 2 sp / 3 sp and 1 ap Scout, SRM (1), Overheat
Commando 12 08 3 / 0 / 33+1  3   0   0 2 sp / 3 sp and 1 ap Hand (2), Scout, SRM (2)

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Kusanagi Nagamichi
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Tue 16 Apr 2019
at 03:07
Mercenary Board
Nagamichi looked over to Tatsuko and shook his head while tossing up his hands, "Alright, alright you just know I don't like taking a risk when we're slowly building supplies and reputation for being a solid small unit to hire Su."

The smaller Tatsuko smiled as she waved off his cautiousness, "Lords and the Kazhuro's are chopming at the bit.  We know what its like but if we loose them no one is going to hire just a pair of jocks.  We might as well head for Solaris and compete till we get lucky or die in that spectacle."

Leaning back Nagamichi though back to his time in the ninkyō dantai and how his oyabun had led poorly which had meant he and Tatsuko had been off-planet securing an agreement when he was betrayed from within.  There was no honor in stomping a mech in on the traitors, let alone the DCMS letting that happen...he knew it first hand from his time with the Soldiery, but neither were they willing to serve a foul adder like Tienshi was as new oyabun.  So the two of them didn't take the jumpship back, took the supply and sold it.  Tienshi didn't have the clout to go after them, nor the resources so they were written off as ghosts.  Certainly helped that they went as far away from the Davion-Kurita border as possible so the chance of word getting back was beyond slim as long as they didn't go and find a Star League Cache.  Then again if they did that they'd have enough cash, clout and assets to remove the dream was moot till then.

"Okay, tell the three of them we're going to take the Marik job.  It's an in and out raid, or so they are advertising if we can trust them, so we need to catch them unaware, Lords grabs the stuff with those fancy hands of his and off we go before anyone is the wiser ideally...or if they are make sure they can't intercept our ride off."

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Precentor Kitty
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Tue 16 Apr 2019
at 15:07
Mercenary Board
The freeworlds league was considered one of the 'greater' houses, but like all of them, they were made up of a collection of smaller states that didn't always play friendly with their neighbors.

A vast host of possible contracts vanished, as the search was narrowed down to the Free Worlds League... and 'short term' (less than a year) contracts, which with a focus on raids.

There were contracts against the Lyrans, the Capellans, and even one or two less expected ones, that dealt with operations against 'Pirates'.
Kusanagi Nagamichi
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Fri 19 Apr 2019
at 19:37
Mercenary Board
Nagamichi rubbed his chin and flipped an old coin that he had since he was a child.  Watching it rotate end over end it came down in his hand and he flipped it to the back of his other, "Let's go for ones against the Lyrans," as the tails were shown.

Tatsuko shook her head for an unknown-th time, "You and that coin.  Right limiting again and here's what we got...roughly."