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Interested Parties
The Protagonists

Avengers - Still leading the protection of Earth against outside forces. Given the results of the Thanos decimation (referred to as Decimation Day), the Avengers were given much more power and leeway to protect Earth in whatever form they thought necessary.

Led by a now Mjolnir wielding Captain America (Steve Rogers).

Note: The Avengers are currently off-world searching for the Infinity Stones in an attempt to undo what Thanos has done.

The X-Men - No longer directly associated with the Xavier Institute but still share the same goals.

The Xavier Institute - A fully government sanctioned and accredited school who's aim is to help mutants learn their powers and to help them become upstanding citizens. Teaching the word of Professor Xavier. Run by Headmistress Shakti Haddad aka Cerebra.

The Antagonists

The Purifiers - The world may be healing and may be a much better place than it ever has been for Supers and humans, but there is still hate in the world. There are those that still despise mutants and anyone that is not 100 percent Human. Chief among them is the Purifiers. A highly disciplined and militant group of men and women who despise any and all that are not Human. That are not 'Pure'.

Led by a man named Lance Stryker. Son of Jason Stryker. At 13 he killed his father and took over control of the Purifiers. Under his leadership they moved away from any religious fervor to just plain hatred and malice towards any and all who are not Human and towards those that aid and abed mutants and aliens. They wish to eradicate the X-Gene and outlaw experimentation.

The Brotherhood - On the other side of the coin there's the Brotherhood. A group of mutants that believe that mutants are the natural born rulers of man. That they are above mans law. Superior. The master race and should be treated as such.

Many mutants have come and gone in this group. No one has claimed absolute leadership and no one really takes them too seriously. Especially after three quarters of them turned to ash on Decimation Day. But that could be changing very soon. As as a new mutant has been rumored to be making waves and may soon crown him or herself leader and is recruiting.

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