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HeadMistress Weasley
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Wed 19 Dec 2018
at 03:52
Game Rules (Read First)
The rules for this game are simple and are expected to be followed at all times. Those rules are:

1. Keep it clean! This is not an adult or even mature game, as such I don't wanna see anything that violates Rpol's policies at all.
2. No God-Moding! You are to play your character and yours alone, do not post actions for other players or NPC's.
3. No Metagaming! Just because you the player knows something doesn't mean your character knows it.
4. No One liners. Please post at least a paragraph or more to give I and your fellow players something to work with.
5. Post at least three times a week. Three times shouldn't be hard to keep up with, so please don't make me have to hound you to post.
6. Put "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." At the bottom of your RTJ to prove you've read these rules.

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