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Rules and expectations
Posting rate
I expect the players post 3 times a week MINIMUM. That means roughly one post in every two days. I think this is reasonable, we all have RL events and there will be days when posting is not possible. Once every two days should be possible.

It's polite to let us know if you are absent or want to leave. If you disappear for one week I may take control of your character temporarily. I will puppet them to do most logical thing in the situation. If I don't hear from you after two weeks I will move your character to NPC status.

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Tue 23 Nov 2021
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Character Creation
Attribute Scores
Roll 2 sets, 3d6 for each attribute, in order. Pick the set you like for your character.

Starting Hit Points
All characters start with maximum Hit Points modified by Constitution bonus/penalty at level 1.

Starting Equipment
Roll 3d6 for starting gold pieces and buy equipment. It is possible you can't afford all you need or want yet. The Equipment Emporium can be used to purchase gear, as is Equipment Packs supplement .

Supplemental Rules
These are explained in the separate PDFs available from the game website. Supplement races available: Gnomes. No half-humans or new races. Supplement classes available: Assassin, Barbarian, Druid, Illusionist, Necromancer, Rangers & Paladins, Scouts.

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Tue 23 Nov 2021
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House Rules
Favor Points
A group of adventurers has a pool of Favor Points equal to their number. I.e. a group of four adventurers would have a pool of four points.
  • Any player in the group can pay a Favor point from the pool to request a re-roll of any dice roll, made by the player himself or the GM.
  • Any player can use none, one or all points of the pool, it's a shared pool for all in the group.
  • The pool shall refresh between in-game story arc, determined by the GM.

Group Initiative
A group initiative is rolled once in the beginning of the encounter to see which side acts first. The Player Characters can act in any order when it's their turn.

Bandages (from Equipment Emporium)
Clean, rolled linens; enough to stop and prevent blood loss for one character's wounds from one combat encounter. Bandages heal 1 Hit Point immediately. Applying bandages takes 1 Turn and risks Wandering Monsters. This can be done only once per day.

Shields shall be splintered
If using shield, upon hit the player may opt that his shield was rendered useless and he doesnít take damage from the attack.

Helmets shall be broken
Same as Shields shall be splintered except when wearing a helmet. Helmet will be broken and the character doesnít take damage. Helmet costs ⅙ of the full armor price.

Coins weights
In this game coins are slightly smaller in size weighting 50 coins to 1 pound.

Instead of instant death due failed Save vs. Poison damage, it builds up for 1dN rounds causing 1dN points of damage each round, depending on the poison. There arenít additional Saving Throws, the poisoning damage simply adds up as it spreads through the body.

Experience Points
In addition to defeating, or avoiding, encountered monsters XP is gained from treasure found 1gp = 1xp basis.

Magic-Users get two spellbooks from get go; The first one is a large, heavy reference book given by their master. This tome should be stored and secured into safe location as a backup. The second book is a lighter and smaller travelling spellbook meant to be taken with you into the adventure. If the worst happens and it gets lost or destoyed, you can copy your spells from the original reference tome to a new travelling book once you get back to reference tome. This way a magic-user should not lose their spells simply if they lose their travelling book.

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Thu 25 Nov 2021
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About combat deadliness
Combat in BFRPG is fast & deadly. Player characters (and lower level monsters) have very few hit points and can go down fast. If you have played newer editions of 'the most popular RPG' and not so much these 'Old School' style games, you should be aware of this. The encounters are not balanced for the adventurer party level or number.

Few tips:
  • If possible, it's best to try to avoid combat entirely. It should always be the last option.
  • There will be times you have to fight. In such situations try to make it as unfair to the enemy as possible. Use tactics, terrain, fire, any means you can to get an advantage. If the situation looks bad, running away is perfectly good option. The enemy may still try to chase you, or not.
  • If you get damaged, recovering hit point loss can be slow and dungeons aren't the best places for recovery. Clerics are in the game for a reason, it's good to have a healer friend around.
  • Monsters and NPCs avoid fight or run away when they fail their Morale check (yes, that's a rule in the game). You get experience from defeating them - this doesn't require killing them.
  • If character still happens to die, due bad choises and/or bad dice luck, rolling a new would-be-hero can be done in minutes.

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