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Common Knowledge
Thread to put info about the world in that you can assume your characters know. I don't have a full picture, but keeping things here for a reference should help to keep things consistent.
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Mundane Arcane Magic
In reply to DM (msg # 1):

Mundane arcane magic is common. All sentient humanoids whose racial description in the monster manual do not specifically reference a lack of arcane magical ability can be assumed to know at least one cantrip from the sorcerer cantrip list.

All characters at character creation are assigned a random cantrip from that list. The cantrip cannot require an attack roll. This cantrip is considered a sorcerer cantrip and uses Charisma as its spellcasting stat.

Prerequisites for multiclassing to and from the sorcerer class are lifted, but require a commitment to the Wild Magic Sorcerous Origin.
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Advanced Arcane Magic
In reply to DM (msg # 2):

Advanced arcane magic is exceedingly rare. Wizards are largely unheard of in most civilized lands. Only the largest cities in what is considered the civilized world have a greater than 25% chance of having a wizard in residence. Remote and exotic areas are rumored to be home to more, but scholars and historians generally believe that these tales are not rooted in good evidence.

Magical items, as a result, are rare and are virtually never for sale or trade. Most magical items, therefore, are kept hidden if they have obvious magical effects. Magical items that appear to be mundane are particularly prized among adventurers, as carrying a flaming sword creates an irresistible target for thieves, challengers, and other no-goodniks.

A handful of magical items are made among the two handfuls of wizards that are known to exist, but most of the items found have ancient origins and were found at sites of ancient battles, in the lairs of hoarding, long-lived monsters, or at the bottom of labyrinthine dungeons full of horrible mechanical and magical traps.

Most people who adventure are prospectors for these goods. Finding an item that has pragmatic use, such as a lyre of building, gives these adventurers the option to retire in ease, either through its use or through sale to another interested party.

Finding such an item sets off gold rushes in the area. Much of the expansion into the wilderlands over the previous five centuries has been driven by the successful search for these items and the subsequent boom towns that grow up and outlive the boom.

These towns are hard places, full of hard people, and are generally considered to be a place that civilized company should avoid. However, a number of the greatest standing cities began their existence as a boom town.
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Boom Towns
In reply to DM (msg # 3):

Boom towns fall into two categories, for the most part: In Decline and Thriving.

Thriving boom towns contain goods that adventurers typically need, so long as they do not have an arcane origin. Potions of healing are common, for example, and prices are competitive. Armor and weapon repair is as well, with new equipment only slightly less available. Adventurers are not common, per se, but you are more likely to run across other adventurers in a boom town, particularly if you wait long enough and advertise you are looking for them.

Boom towns that are in decline have all of the same shops, but the goods typically look like a convenience store in a bad neighborhood. The merchandise looks old and, while it was probably fine in the past, it looks like neglect may have had a negative impact on the quality of what remains. Some merchants are looking to liquidate and leave. Others are looking to squeeze more from every transaction because they do not know where else they could go.
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Non-Existent Spells
In reply to DM (msg # 4):

The following spells do not exist in this campaign setting:

- Wish
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Tue 12 Mar 2019
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In reply to DM (msg # 5):

The boom town of Shoreton was once a very productive jumping off point for searching inland for magical gear. While the number of finds dwindled fairly quickly, the quality of those finds remained good, with a number of fortunes having been made off of unconventional magic items--some of which have never had their use explained.

The town itself has fallen into disrepair as the big finds have dried up. Some say that the initial suspicion that they had discovered a lost civilization cannot be true, based on how little there is, but others maintain hope.

Most of the gear, and all of the good stuff, has come from over a mountain pass. The mountains are inhospitable, and are rumored to be crawling with monsters and worse. A few paths do wind their way through the mountains and are considered safe enough (10% chance of monsters) for adventurers to risk the trip.

Any group in which Yogzoth travels can make the trip through the mountains without rolling an encounter by taking paths that he knows are safe.