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Things you have found that have a story
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Music Box
In reply to DM (msg # 1):

Find location: Character Creation [Torch]
Description: A tiny gnome-crafter music box that plays a song you dimly remember from your childhood. You heard the tune while wandering a bazaar and found a small child under a table playing with it in secret. When you asked about it, the child simply handed it to you and fled into the crowd.

You have not found anyone who knows the tune yet, though you have not asked around much, either.
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Mon 18 Mar 2019
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Incomplete Diary
In reply to DM (msg # 2):

Find location: Character Creation [Yogzoth]
Description: A diary that was left by the previous Yogzoth, it details the workings of the Tower of Bone and the obligations and observations of its previous inhabitant. You found it on his corpse when you arrived, with a bookmark in the pages describing your first duty--burying him. Later, you discovered that seven pages are missing from somewhere near the 75% mark of the journal. You have searched the Tower of Bone completely and are as certain as you can be that they are not there.

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Broken Sword Hilt
In reply to DM (msg # 3):

Find location: Character Creation [Brimston]
Description: One of the only items you have from your father, you are loathe to part with the hilt that occupied the display case on his desk. It was among his most prized possessions, though he never stated why, and you were sure that he would come back for it after he left, though he never did. You have had it checked for magic, and checked it yourself, and have determined that it has no magical properties. A dwarven smith once told you that he thought it was unimaginably old, based on the quality of the steel, but could not confirm more without destructive testing.
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Blank Book
In reply to DM (msg # 4):

Find location: Character Creation [Dorn]
Description: One of two items Dorn found from his first foray over the mountains, the book is clearly magical but appears to be a failed attempt at something because the book cannot be written in with any substance. All stains and markings last only as long as the book is open. Close the book, and all markings disappear.

A magical item collector may be interested in it as a curiosity, but it has no known practical value.
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Mon 18 Mar 2019
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Ornate Scabbar
In reply to DM (msg # 5):

Find location: Character Creation [Dorn]
Description: The second item that Dorn found over the mountains, this scabbard is the wrong size for any common blade and, more strange, all blades that its bearer attempts to put into the scabbard either do not fit or are immediately (and harmlessly) expelled. A weapon that fits into the scabbard will fall out of the scabbard at the beginning of the following round unless held in place.

This item is also magical, but its magic also appears to be a failed attempt at another purpose.
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Ralinian Medallion
In reply to DM (msg # 6):

Find location: Around the neck of the Gibbering Gypsy in Shoreton
Description: The medallion depicts the nightmare, a creature of fable, in the foreground and a raised fist in the background.