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The Pantheon and Titans
The primary religions in Eruveil and beyond follow what is known as the 'Dawn War Pantheon', but with some notable additions. In total, we have:

Gods of Order-
Avandra, god of change (CG, Trickery)
Bahamut, god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor (LG, Life, War)
Corellon, god of spring, beauty, and the arts (CG, Light)
Erathis, god of civilization (LN, Knowledge)
Ioun, god of knowledge, skill, and prophecy (N, Knowledge)
Kord, storm god and the lord of battle (CN, Tempest, War)
Melora, god of the wilderness and the sea (N, Nature, Tempest)
Moradin, god of creation and patron of artisans (LG, Knowledge, War)
Pelor, god of the sun and summer (NG, Life, Light)
The Raven Queen, god of death (LN, Life, Death)
Sehanine, god of the moon and autumn (CG, Trickery)

Gods of Ruin-

Additional Gods-
Lanthander, god of birth and renewal, NG
Malar, god of the hunt, CE
Sune, goddess of love and beauty, CG
Maglubiyet, goblinoid god of war, LE
Tyr, god of Justice, LG
Yondalla, Halfling goddess of fertility and protection
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The Pantheon and Titans
This world also consists of several Titans. Some of them align with elemental planes, others with aspects of reality, or magic. These Titans can serve as a patron to Warlocks, and can grant powers to Clerics akin to those a god would. Some of these Titans are better known than others.

Ifrit, Titan of Fire, Chaotic Neutral -
  With the appearance of a gigantic, fire-wreathed minotaur, Ifrit makes for an imposing figure. Like the fire he embodies, Ifrit is wild and unpredictable, powerful and all consuming. He usually stays within the Elemental Plane of Fire, but sometimes manifests in the material plane whenever a fire large enough to catch his eye erupts.  Currying his favor is difficult, as it is hard to know what he may want at any given time. Because of this, he has very few followers on the material plane, but each one wields power few mortals could fathom.

Shiva, Titan of Ice, Neutral Good -
  Despite being the embodiment of ice, Shiva is anything but cold. She is very welcoming to any who come to visit her on the Elemental Plane of Ice, as the journey is quite difficult for most beings to survive. She appears as a beautiful woman with ice-blue skin, wearing silk and gold wraps that leave very little to the imagination. On the material plane, she manifests close to the polar ice caps, or sometimes high atop frigid mountain peaks. Those who ask favors of Shiva usually need to bring valuable gems or magical items for her treasure horde. Her devotees usually showcase an unnatural resistance to the cold, often wearing simple garb in even the harshest winter conditions.

Ramuh, Titan of Storms, Chaotic Good -
  Looking like an elderly, balding man with a long, white beard, and wearing mage's robes that paint a picture of the night sky, Ramuh is sometimes mistaken for less than he is. While his home is the Elemental Plane of Air, he often wanders the material plane following large storm cloud formations. Gaining favor with Ramuh usually involves some sort of task or quest, but their exact nature is unknown, as his followers will not speak of them.

Leviathan, Titan of Water, Lawful Netural -
  A gigantic serpent, with scales of sea-green and blue, gargantuan in size, Leviathan is truly impressive to behold. He usually takes very little interest in the affairs of mortals, and is more concerned with the protection of oceans, lakes, rivers, and the life that teems within them. Very rarely does he manifest on the material plane, keeping to the Elemental Plane of Water, where he is most comfortable (and fits more easily). He does grant powers to his devotees, as they uphold his tenets, but for non-followers to convince him to give his aid requires something quite special, such as an ocean being in grave danger.

Sylph, Titan of Nature, Neutral Good -
  With a warm smile, a welcoming presence, and the appearance of a giant fairy, Silph is a quite cordial titan. Her plane of Nature is the space that connects the planes of Water and Earth, and while she likes her home, she spends most of her time in the forests of the material plane, helping things grow. Mortals commune with her often, though she does not answer all requests. To gain her favor, one must prove a respect for nature and it's chaotic order.

Vengesh, Titan of Pain, Neutral Evil, Deceased -
 Roughly 900 years ago, the Titan Vengesh wanted to ascend to godhood. He attracted many followers to his temple in the east, and they gathered many sacrifices to make his ascension possible. The attempt, however, was interrupted, as several members of the pantheon would not permit Vengesh to take a seat among them. He was ultimately slain by Castor and Yojimbo in a combined assault, his followers scattered, and his temple abandoned. It's location has been lost to the ages, but legends say it still holds many treasures.

Other Titans:

Garamon, Titan of Earth, Neutral
Castor, Titan of Light, Lawful Good
Diablos, Titan of Darkness, Lawful Evil
Keilos, Titan of the Arcane, Lawful Neutral
Yojimbo, Titan of Battle, Lawful Neutral
Zalera, Titan of Death, Lawful Neutral
Eragraz, Titan of Fear, Chaotic Evil