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Commonly known Factions
Factions in Eruveil -

The Red Talon (LE)– Cultists of Tiamat, the Red Talon acts as the righteous arm of the dragon queen. They are an amalgamation of enforcers, spies, thieves, soldiers, corrupt wizards and clerics. They use whatever means available to further the agenda of Tiamat in this world.

Knights of the Platinum Scale (LG) – Warriors of Bahamut, this order of knights takes any who have proven loyalty to the platinum dragon. They are constantly on the hunt for any followers of Tiamat, as their calling is to constantly battle her minions.

Order of the Eternal Hunt (NE) – Worshipers and followers of Malar, these druids view nature and civilization as being at constant war with one another, and they are determined that nature should win that war. They bring wild animals into a savage frenzy, dominate elementals, and destroy crops, all in the name of bringing down civilization.

Order of the Thorn (N) – These druids are primarily concerned with preserving nature as it is, preventing local species of plant or animal from dying out, or forests from being cleared. They do sometimes clash with civilizations, but are more likely to seek mutually beneficial arrangements than they are to attack farmers or workers.

The Reaping Blades (NG) - This guild of monster hunters has become the premier source of magical reagents and materials that most magical shop keeps could not acquire on their own. With chapter houses across Eruveil and beyond, they have an extensive reach and influence. They take on many contracts for crafters of magical items, hunting down the rare and exotic beasts that are required in the process of crafting them.
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Commonly known Factions
The Mithril Combine (LN)

This is the oldest guild of smiths and metalworkers in the land, and their work is the stuff of legends. The Mithril Combine has members of almost all races in its ranks, and amalgamated their different smithing techniques into a unique art. They are secretive when it comes to their techniques, and keep their numbers small, which is partially owed to the high level of skill required to produce something worthy of their makers mark. No weapon or piece of armor from the Combine is allowed imperfection.

While their forge work is kept secret, the Combine itself maintains a strong public presence in most large cities. Their work is highly valued, and it brings them great wealth and influence among nobility and other guilds. While there are many in competition with the Combine, the number of clients who can afford their work is small, so they don’t often clash with other smithing guilds. Given their influence, it is also unwise to cross them.
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Commonly known Factions
The Royal Rangers (LG)

These are the stewards of the land, Eruveil's wardens and protectors outside the city walls. Rangers are both law enforcement and the first line of defense for anyone travelling the roads between Eruveil, Fort Dawnguard, and the twin towns of Brinebarrow and Hearthfield. Though the lands surrounding Karum Dorndae have their own protectors, the Rangers are known to patrol as far north as the Last Light Inn. Whether it is arresting poachers or hunting down dangerous monsters, the life of a Ranger is rarely quiet. This duty sometimes puts the Rangers in conflict with The Reaping Blades, but both parties prefer cooperation, and they can usually come to a decent arrangement regarding any particularly troublesome beasts.

Typically, the Rangers do not supplement local law enforcement, but they may ask for cooperation from town guards or militia if such is required. The royals themselves do not want to be seen as tyrants with boots on the ground ready to mete out punishments, so it is the directive of the Rangers to leave local town and village matters alone, unless the problem concerns the safety of the kingdom at large.