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The pokemon
(This thread is a work in progress - bare with me.. a lot of pokemon)

There are far too many pokemon in existance than needed for the game.  That said some don't really fit into a theme.  I can't imagine an magnemite or electrode for instance fitting.

There are no stats here - just what magic or natural powers they have.  If a pokemon's evolution isn't listed it means they do not evolve.  Likewise unless its a pokemon you would expect to see hatched in an egg then they give live birth like other species.  For sake of simplicity dual nature pokemon are still only being listed under one of their types

Full list - more details of each typing in below threads - some are able to be characters, some npc pets, some exist as npc's to exist but not catch and some are mere legends told - to scare kids or recall once was?

For the most part any pokemon should be able to growl (or make some similar noise) tackle (in some form or another) and a few other very basic moves.  These aren't skills here, just basic natural abilities like any beast.  A bite or growl holds no magic.

Special skills would be more like throwing out leaves from its body, fire from its mouth or creating a whirlwind from a flap of wings.

If you choose to be a pokemon or are going to npc one you can submit a request on what skills you want it to have.  It doesn't have to be limited to four and learning something new through roleplay does not remove something you already know.

Below are the list of pokemon in game.
Red = playable char.   Blue = Pet   Purple = both  Yellow = legend  Orange = just wildlife
Rarity Level:
1-2 easily see daily
3-5 seek and probably find every few days
6-8 a few sightings a year by those (un)lucky enough
9 - most experienced hunters/tamers wait a lifetime praying to see this
10 - rumor
11 - labeled as immortal

Bug pokemon:
Caterpie 1
metapod 3
butterfree 3
weedle 1
kakuna 3
beedrill 6
Spinark 3
Ariados 7
sewaddle  6

Grass Pokémon:
Bulbasaur</purlple> 5
jumpluff 2
Chikorita 4
Treecko 5
grovyle 7
deerling 4
sawsbuck 7

Water:  I would suggest none for a char though a few could be - also few who would make    good pets
Squirtle 6
horsea 3
goldeen 2
magikarp 1
lapras 10
totodile 9
gyarados  10
mudkip 5
carvanha 6

Sudowoodo 10
Onix 9 (can't be a starter)
Rhyhorn (but not a starter)
rocruff 6
Lycanroc 9
larvatar 9
cranidos 9

Pidgey 1
Spearow 2
hoothoot 4
noctowl 8
zubat 3
swallow </Blue>



Charizard (separate species than Charmander)

(but not a starter)

meowth (walks on 4 paws)

eevee (udecided)





(but not a starter)


The great immortal pokemon

Ghost: Gastly - limited number

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The Bugs
The Bug pokemon:

You are more likely to see regular bugs like flies, catterpillars, spiders, beetles and other such things than the pokemon variation and yet they aren't overly hard to find.  Where you might find 20 butterflies in a meadow perhaps there will be one butterfree by example.

Any of these can be NPC'd.  I can't really see a bug being a great char option but they aren't over powerful so I imagine you could try and sell me on playing one.

Caterpie - as far as pokemon go these are some of the most common

metapod - while it knew stringshot as a caterpie its busy changing into a butterfree so has lost the stringshot skill

butterfree - again no string shot skill - it has its own valuable skills though.

weedle - another super common pokemon

kakuna - like metapod it has now lost its weedle skill - its busy developing

beedrill- thankfully only in the parts of a forest less traveled would you find a large number of these banded together.  It would be a rare sight to tale proudly - if you survive.  The poison of one certainly wouldn't kill you but a large number repeatedly stabbing and chasing you is a terrible thing worthy of fear.

Spinark - 1ft spider? I mean creepy.. fortunately you aren't likely to find one in the city.  While it prefers forests you can find it most anywhere in the wild.

Ariados - 3ft spider?!  I'd have a panic attack.  Super rare - most spinark never become ariados.  Relieved right? This 3ft spider tends to roam and is always producing string that will lead back to its web.

sewaddle - depending on the game version there are different ways it gets it's 'attire' one says its mom puts them on but the rest says sewaddle does it himself.  We shall stick to that.  The assumption people have come up with is a good realistic one - camoflauge

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The Grass
Grass Pokémon:  Any of these listed can be a pokemon char or npc

Bulbasaur - so cute! no extra evolution though.  The bud on its back is supposed to house many nutrients.  While tamers might like to have one there are others who would like to hunt them down for the bud.  It is said that grinding up the bud and sprinkling on food will help with a person's health.  The leaves are rumored to increase healing properties if used as bandages for injuries.

oddish - an excelling mixture of vegetable and meat.  Those who like delicasies enjoy oddishes in a variety of dishes.  The favorite being a well spiced stew practically known as 'oddish stew'

jumpluff - the young and weak of this species are considered a nuisance and pest.  Strong winds occasionally bring a few into the cities.  Some humans are allergic to them or the polen that has gotten on them as they float about.  Thus the little ones risk death early on in life.  Those that grow older are considered more dangerous.  Some hunters will catch them and keep them caged until stronger to then sell to tamers.  Other people are practically on a crusade to kill them before a pest turns into a threat.

skiddo - people have tried to breed this species since its more placid than most however its rare that a baby skiddo survives for more than a few weeks when born in captivity.  It happens just often enough there are always a few people willing to keep making an attempt.

The wild Skiddo have no interest nor fear in humans.  If they spy a human they will simply ignore it or perhaps lazily keep a distance between itself and the man/woman.  Skiddo tend to be found primarily in the scrub terrain found at the base of the mountains where there is a mixture of both grass and rocky areas.

gogoat - an adult form of skiddo.  it does not magically 'evolve' but simply grows into its adult form.

Chikorita - these tend to be found in open fields, often in pastures or farm lands.  It is not a daily sight despite being on man's land yet it is also no surprise when found.

Treecko - They only are found in forests and most the time the deeper parts where less likely to find men.  They find a parsel of land with a few tree's and become possessive of their territory.  If you don't enter their territory they will leave you be, try to go to their tree and be prepared for an unfriendly encounter.  Treecko are a type of pokemon often desired for taxidermy.  It is said that these creatures even in death guard their homes and thus having one in your house will have its spirit's strength guarding the home. (A fable of course - not true to any but those who believe wives tales)

grovyle -an older form of Treecko - not evolved just grown.  These guys are extremely rare - an experienced hunter will be lucky to find one a year.

deerling - this pokemon use to be quite numerous but there are to many ways for men to use it.  It is said the meat is especially tender.  Tamers, especially who do not use magic, find these great specimes to collect.  They are not as aggressive as many and yet can grow to make competent fighters.  It's a good balance between useful and risk in capturing.  It is said to mark the start of seasons with the change in its antlers.  Thus women and kids like to wear a bit of an antler at festivals during spring.

sawsbuck - grown up form of deerling. Stronger and once again more rare but a good stable pokemon for tamers who take time to capture a deerling and raise it...or a magi-tamer who captures its soul.  Also the person who has the money of course to buy one from a hunter.
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The water
Most of these aren't going to be characters.  Do you want to only rp in water environments?  Some can get out of water but if you think about it - is your wild water pokemon going to want to wander far from its favorite home land? It limits the opportunities unless enough people choose to play one.

Squirtle - at least this water pokemon can walk so can be pet or char.  Though against since favored environment would be water I'd suggest only as a pet.  The shells can be used to make bowls, armor, or a variety of things.  They are rare to find in the wild and thus any item made by them will fetch a high price.

horsea - I wouldn't suggest as pet or char - these guys do not float when out of water.  The flop around as uselass as any magikarp - dying without water.  They don't even taste good but those who enjoy sitting idle and enjoying nature might have fun trying to spy one stuck to a weed underwater

goldeen - some as horsea - useless out of water and would slowly die so more to look at.  They are a nice source of food if you want to fish.  However its suggested kid's let the parents take it off the hook as they will try to get that horn into your hand first

magikarp - the fish doesn't taste good and its bony. The bones tend to be small, think and flexible.  Some who are low on money will use these bones to make brushes for their hair as they are plenty in number.

lapras - this pokemon is only a rumor right now.  If anyone says they've seen it they are called a liar by all except those who want to believe in fables and legends

totodile - like Squirtle.  you can play it as a char or npc but consider its preferred environment and how you would get it to fit into the rp

gyarados - sailors have mentioned their fear of these beasts but none have been sighted by land.  This is another creature that people on the land argue if its real or not.  Some sailors believe it is this beast that obeys vaporeon in determining who gets to travel the waters or not.  The guard dog of the ocean.

mudkip - very cute and very rare.  You can make it an npc or char but with it preferring a water environment it would likely be harder to work up on good rp scenes in most areas

carvanha -tell a person you saw a carvanha in a pool of water and see how likely they are to go into it!  No - these guys can not rip out the hull of boats as the pokedex suggests but they can do a lot of damage to a person fast.  These guys can kill and in numbers it takes almost no time.  Fortunately its rare to see even one much less a cluster - however it can exist.
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The Rock
Sudowoodo - creature of legend.  Some are willing to believe they might of once existed but its been at least 3 generations since anyone has claimed to have seen (at least that would be believed)

Onix - Only found in mountain turf and even then rare.  If you see one the smart thing to do is run.  While they might dislike being sprayed by water or whacked by leaves it would piss them off more than damage them.  It's stone - would water work on a stone building? Those who work the mountains would say that fortunately their numbers are very small with maybe only two each mountain.  It's believed except for when they breed they avoid one another and if there is an earthquake it is likely two of these getting into a fight that caused it.  No regular tamer has ever managed to capture one though some have died trying.  There have been 2 mage who have caught them but only one of them is still alive to show off.

Rhyhorn - another mountain creature rarely seen though probably a good 20 or so on each mountain - they only come together to breed and then separate.  The mother keeps the young with her for 2 years.  The horns are greatly desired for weapons.  These beasts are aggressive and if they spot you will give a vocal warning along with head bobbing up and down.  If you continue forward you can expect to be charged.

rocruff - a safer pokemon to catch early in a tamer's career.  They will most likely either ignore you or show some curiosity.  The moment you try to capture one of course all bets are off.  It's still a wild animal till caught and will defend itself.  They can be found anywhere in the wilds from mountains to forest.

Lycanroc - rocruff only become lycanroc's with the aid of magic.  Thus it is either greatly admired by other pokemon collector's or seen by many as a horrid thing to do in changing the very being of the pokemon.  Certainly the rocruff never expected to change in such a way

larvatar - reclusive.  If it spots you it will just try to avoid you at first.  If you continue to come closer it will eventually choose to attack.  Run away and it will most likely not give chase.  Mostly this pokemon is just found in the caves.

cranidos - hunted as pet, taxidermy, and body parts.  Cranidos skull is dense enough to be used for a variety of supplies including shields, weapons, mining tools, and similar things. The claws and head spikes likewise can be used in making items.  If this pokemon spots you he might give warning or chase straight away.  Again only found in mountains - thank goodness
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The Flying
Pidgey - found anywhere, including occasionally in cities.  Adults often label them as pests while kids can often be seen trying to lure them over with scraps of food hoping to tame one. This method rarely works but it does help a pidgey get fat.  The very young might be caught this way.  Pidgey's are sometimes used for lower quality meats.

Spearow - spearow's tend to get killed if they come into a city.  These bird's are known to get aggressive to small children and bold enough to threaten adults.  Novice tamers often will try to capture these as first pets.  This is another pokemon who's meat is sold for food of the cheaper variety.

hoothoot - rarely seen and mostly at night.  It is not impossible to find one in a city but it is definitely a rarity.

noctowl - Rarely a seen.  A grown up version of hoothoot and with its age and experience its become a master of not being seen.  It takes many years for a hoothoot to grow to this size and it will always be hunted if near the city.  Standing at 5ft it has been known to hunt young children for a meal.  The sight of this creature tends to cause fast fear or hate for this reason.

zubat - only found in caves.  Zubat's might not be seen often but when found its almost always in a large group up to as many as 100. The wings when tanned are incredibly flexible yet resistance to cuts and water. Those who can afford it might buy them like an awning over the front door of a house to protect the entry from damage such as hail or hard rains.

tailow - another bird that can be found in or outside of a city.  While it is not aggressive it will most likely fight before fleeing if threatened.

swellow - the adult version of tailow, likewise smart to leave alone and be left alone.  Another favorite early catch for tamers since you can get close relatively easy and yet once put to fight its quite capable

fletchling - their singing sound is pleasant to the ears but they are skittish creatures and avoid towns.  They can be found anywhere but the desert in the wilds

fletchfinder - thankfully much more rare.  It's an ideal pokemon for tamer's with its fire attack but people are relived it avoids the city with the damage it could do.  The fletchfinder's fortunately only use their fire attacks as a last means of defense and even so the fire from their mouth only stretches out a few inches from its mouth. It is expected if the top of a tree shows to have been burned these are the instigators.  It is unknown why the flame does not travel farther.  Magic?

rowlet - a rare pokemon only found in forests.  It makes holes in tree's that it hides in during the day.  It's known to exist but most often only noticed in feather's or old holes in tree's created by it.

chatot - for its unique ability to mimic sounds many rich enjoy showing these off as pets.  Often their quills can be sold for writing pens or adornments due to their bright colors.

pidove - clueless.  very few trainers want this bird. common in farm lands and city.

Starly - tend to stay in small groups between 5-12 members.  If you want good tasty eggs these guys are said to have the best

pikipek - Pikipek's are certainly busy beavers as they go amongst the foliage, searching for seed and burrowing into wood.  They are a pleasant sight to see but most would rather choose a tougher looking beast for fighting.

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The Fire
Charmander - found in the mountain and scrub terrains.  A rare pokemon to find and one many would like to get their hands on.  Their tails are always on fire when first born but once their eyes open the tail fire goes out.  It lights up when its scared or angry, as it grows the small beast gains more control over this.  He's courageous.

Charizard - No one knows where one of those beats would call him.  Most guess either far into the mountains or perhaps even behind the wall.  Until 5 years ago there was never any mention of this species.  In the last year 3 times one was spotted flying far above.  None have ever been seen up close.  There is a black scorched area of earth near the wall that some gamble was caused by this mighty lizard.

rapidash (but not a starter)

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