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Fri 31 May 2019
at 16:23
Adventure 2: Gnomish Mining Ship Problem
The away team of Saia, Ashina, Culhayn, Solsantharis and Soneau finishes getting geared up in the shuttle bay of the Starhawk before exiting and walking the 60 yards to the Gnome's ship.

It definitely looks like a Gnome ship... it has a few hundred extra parts attached to it all over the hull. How many of them are functional is anybody's guess.

It kind of looks like one of the children's amusement that has a magnet that you drop into a small tank of metallic items and the child tries to get what he wants but almost never does. Someone dropped a metallic ship into a huge junkyard of parts just to see what would stick!

The ship is at least as large as the Starhawk... under all the scrap... but looms much larger in the eerie lighting of Drift Space.
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Mon 10 Jun 2019
at 14:41
Adventure 2: Gnomish Mining Ship Problem
Expected yet not expected, the Away Team finds themselves in low tight passages once they climb up the steps into the interior of the ship.

It takes them a minute to realize that the ship was built to normal specifications but that the Gnomes (who else?) have attached a wide array of 'supplemental' equipment to the bulkheads and ceiling... and sometimes even the floor, thus making the corridors smaller than they should be. Of course, this doesn't bother the Gnomes.
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Thu 13 Jun 2019
at 03:22
Adventure 2: Gnomish Mining Ship Problem
Sol found the interior of the ship to be highly amusing, though he could easily see that he'd get quite frustrated with it if he had to spend any time on it.

"I suppose some of us should go to engineering to make sure everything is working," Sol said as he picked his way down the passageway.

"I can take the food to wherever the Gnomes are. Ummm... just where would that be?"
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Thu 13 Jun 2019
at 03:54
Adventure 2: Gnomish Mining Ship Problem
Accustom to being among the shortest on a ship Saia actually bumps her helmet into the ceiling hard enough to be noticeable before she remembers to duck under the things dangling from the ceiling.  Setting down one of the two crates she had been hauling through the planitoid's low gravity she transmits some instructions through her armored suit's com system.  Leaving her personal life support system active to save the gnome's depleted ship any unnecessary work.

”Anyone good with machines head aft and look for an engine room, we will bring the food forward and look for the crew quarters and or bridge, leave everything to big to carry easily here, we can come back for it.”
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Thu 13 Jun 2019
at 17:00
Adventure 2: Gnomish Mining Ship Problem
"Roger that. Though I guess we don't have any machine wiz with us right now." Culhayn had no problem operating lab equipment, but the inner workings of machines were beyond him. Also, he certainly was better with living things. It was quite probable that this was just an average run-off-the-mill rescue mission, but one shouldn't lower one guard. Specially on the Drift. And Culhayn wanted to be with the others when they met the gnomes.
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Thu 13 Jun 2019
at 19:18
Adventure 2: Gnomish Mining Ship Problem
"I guess that leaves you and I, Ashina, to check out engineering," Soneau says to the last member of the away team.

"I doubt if there's anything wrong, just out of fuel as they said. Gnomes are one of the few species that still use thasteron for fuel."

As Soneau gingerly picked her way in the direction she perceived as aft, she couldn't help noticing all the gadgets and stuff.

"One of their problems might be all these additional and extraneous machines. A lot of them look active but don't actually seem to do anything."
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Fri 14 Jun 2019
at 09:29
Adventure 2: Gnomish Mining Ship Problem
Out of the shadows a figure appears. If the dim headlamp didn't give it away, the glow of it's skin would have. "Oh! Hello visitors! I'm so glad you're here." I flick of his wrist sends the light out of his headlamp up to provide better illumination. He's dressed in a simple brown poncho with brown pants and a brown wide brimmed hat, his skin has a light radiant purple cast to it with obvious bleached white hair as the roots show a regrowth of red. A prosthetic arm hangs over one shoulder, the palm resting against his chest, he doesn't seem to be missing any appendages.

"Welcome to mining expedition 7 zeta 1 alpha. The others will be so happy to see you. Where are you from? Lashuntas? Oh you all are so pretty. Do you like gems? I like gems. What's you favorite color?" The gnome's questions are rapid fire and barely give time for a response.

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