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Fri 31 May 2019
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Starhawk Engineering
Unsure if he wasn't included on the away team because of his hassle with security, Socket returns to his own personal security of engineering.

He finally remembers what he'd been doing when he'd fallen asleep on the job--upgrading the tricobalt dispersing manifold. Oh, sure, what it was doing was perfectly reasonable and workable... it just wasn't... efficient. It was also rather vulnerable to overloads. It needed a double manifold.

That's what happened when you went with the lowest bidder!
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Mon 3 Jun 2019
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Starhawk Engineering
It seemed he wasn't needed for whatever was going on outside.  Gnomes, whatever.  The crew was sharp and could handle one little crippled ship.  He could get back to making sure this one didn't end up like that.

First, engineering was WAY too bright.  He started by rigging some spot light work stations where the bright light would be on the table only.  He then removed the extra offending lighting so Engineering had a dim 'emergency red' light level only.

Phase two.  Verify his drone was online.  Check.  The assistance might be needed.  Activate security protocol.

Step Three:  Get on the computer and pull up an inventory list of all components.  Check for known culprits.  Manufacturers never announced problems, but you worked the field long enough you got a feel for 'lowest bidder' tricks and cheap products.
He flagged any problems he would need to check out.

Quatro!  Check inventory and non-critical systems for replacement parts.  If Landing Lights had an A+ part that could swap over to Life Supports D- suboptimal component and nothing in inventory.  He was going to switch them.

Fiver - Prioritize the mess, redundant or hot-swappable systems could be done on the fly.  If he had to bring down the central computer, that would have to be scheduled.  He wondered if they had a maintenance window here.  Eh... given the fiasco in Security of wanting a fake name after he had given his real name.  They probably didn't run with maintenance windows.  He could work with that.

He brought up a terminal and got to work.