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Wed 16 Jan 2019
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Special Equipment Rules
Standard Personal Equipment Issue

2 sets of Everyday Clothing
1 set of Professional Clothing
1 suit of Lashunta Basic Tempweave Light Armor
1 Consumer (softpak) Backpack OR 1 Industrial (hardpak) Backpack
1 Basic Medkit
1 Purple Force Field (if you wear armor)
1 Vari-beam Electric Torch
1 EFG Belt

All weapons will have the Durable and Merciful Fusions, without additional cost.


Hardpak: This is a hardshell backpack; looks like a turtle shell on your back. It provides a +1 EAC/KAC to attacks from the rear, has a DR of 1/-- empty, 2/-- when loaded.

Vari-beam Electric Torch: Combines flashlight, lantern and spotlight into one unit. It can be changed from one to the other as a Swift Action.

EFG Belt: Environmental Field Generator mounted on a belt. It protects from potential harmful environments, maintaining a comfortable temperature for the wearer regardless of external temperature. It also retains internal air and keeps out harmful gasses. It doesn't not provide any bonus to AC, nor does it stop projectiles or lasers, nor does it keep out liquids (so it can't be used underwater). It uses a standard battery and can function continuously for 5 days on one battery.