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Sat 2 Feb 2019
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Into the Vast
6pm seems to come all too quickly. It takes about an hour to get everyone cleared, situated on the ship, and outfitted if they need it.

Final ship preparation takes another hour.

The captain comes on the comms then.

"Liftoff in 5 minutes. Please make sure your seat belts are fastened. They probably won't be needed but it never hurts to be safe."

"All systems are green. We're a go for liftoff."

"5...4...3...2...1... and we are off!"

The ship lifts off smoothly and almost silently. Anyone who wants to can watch it on their comm screens. Only a slight vibration can be felt.

Travel away from the planet proceeds just as smoothly. It takes an hour to get to orbit.

The engines power down.

"Prepare for Drift," the Captain announces.
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Sun 3 Feb 2019
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Into the Vast
And of they go. Revonoss was excited but also a little sad. His daughter had protested at the absurdity of the endeavour but his sons had wished him safe travel and demanded he return home with a tale to tell their kids. He had his new gear with him and was looking it over curiously. This stuff was clearly over his paygrade but he hadn't complained when they handed him the fancy new armor and fine gear. When they where lifting off and it was relatively safe he activated his drone leaned back and send it out to explore his new home without interrupting the crew flying it.
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Sun 3 Feb 2019
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Into the Vast
Sol managed to find Berth 7 at the starport without any difficulty. Castrovel was one of those worlds that knew the value of organization. He'd been to some that seemed to operate on the 'random chaos' theory.

He was quite surprised, though, to discover the size of the docking bay. It wasn't so much disguised on the outside (but it would have been to most people, however unintentionally it might have been) as it was 'not advertised'. It clearly had been constructed in stages, remodeled, upgraded, expanded...

It certainly explained why the ship had been placed here. Or had it actually been built in here? If it had, he couldn't see any signs of that construction sill here.

He checked in, was sent to his berth, and prepared for the departure.

He had no immediate responsibilities on the ship. At some point, his Physical Science expertise might be called upon... especially in the Drift. Till then, it was just kick back and relax.

Once they entered the Drift, he decided to exit his room and check out the ship.
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Sun 3 Feb 2019
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Into the Vast
Sonaeu showed up just a bit on the late side, which was probably something of a miracle, given that someone probably had to clear her schedule.  She somehow found sufficient time to change her wardrobe into something less flashy, though the sunglasses remained in place.

She'd been a bit surprised how lightly she ended up packing, but the various outfit changes usually sucked up more space than might be expected.   She lugged a single carry-on but the rest of her luggage turned out to be for the more esoteric side of her (largely unknown) profession.

Part of being a good operative was being invisible, unless the occasion called for it.  And besides, who but a conspiracy nut would believe that she'd chosen such a high profile cover on purpose.  But there was something to be said about hiding in plain sight.

Once in her cabin, she takes the time to change.   Changing her wardrobe came with a mental transition to that of a weapons and explosives expert.  If it went "bang" or "boom", odds were really high that she was quite proficient.  She then took the time to ensure that her heavier gear (such as her weapon cases) were secured before turning the attention to less serious matters.

She's just gotten her makeup and hair done to perfection, when the captain came on the comm.  A look around gave her a shock frame to strap into, waiting patiently until they were in space-flight before unfastening herself from the frame.   Time to find out how the galley and bar were stocked.

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Tue 5 Feb 2019
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Into the Vast
Culhayin took most of the time he had before the departure in making certain he didn't leave any traces he didn't want to leave behind, and assuring that his termination of contract with the previous company he worked on had followed the proper procedures. Besides taking a coffee with some friend of a scholar inclination and saying goodbye to a few field agents at the city, he really hadn't the need to warn or prepare others for his departure - if his line of reasoning was right, the ones who really wanted to know what he was going to do already did, and in any circumstance, they were prepared for a situation in which he would need to leave without warning.

In his home, he managed to pack quite rapidly - which was expected, since he always had most of his stuff ready for a quick getaway, if necessary. He was a bit annoyed that he hadn't had the time to procure the chemicals and substances that would allow him to continue his research (and improvise anything, if the need arise) in such short time. He doubted he could get a decent amount of anything he would want once out of the system. But one thing Culhayn had learned is that worrying about it wouldn't solve any problem. When needed, he would figure something out.

And it was then that he found himself on the ship, getting out of the planet's orbit and, once into outer space, entering the Drift. This was going to be quite the experience, he decided.