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[public] House Rules

We won't use Xp, instead of that we'll have milestones in the story. Every milestone will have the same effect as an Xp.

Arcane Magic

Arcane Skills

Arcane Lore
No other arcane skill may be higher than Arcane Lore.
Divide the dice code of this skill by 2 and subtract 1 from it to get the maximum number of prepared spells the user can have at any time. Arcane Sense and Disrupt Magic effects also come with the skill.
  1. sense the presence of magic nearby
  2. see vague auras of people and magic effects
  3. get a few details from auras
  4. get lots of important details from auras

Conjuring (path)
  1. touch/minute: description
  2. bolt/handful: description
  3. cone/human: description
  4. blast/house: description

Dimensions (path)
  1. scry: view / hear / smell locations, difficulty depends on familiarity with the target location
  2. blink: move self and equipment to a location in line of sight, difficulty depends on clarity of sight
  3. teleport: move self and equipment to other location, difficulty = scry
  4. portals: create, open and close portals that others can use, difficulty = scry

Emotions (path)
  1. sense: description
  2. read: description
  3. change: description
  4. implant: description

Hexes and Blessings (path)
  1. one time weak: description
  2. few days remarkable: description
  3. few weeks hurting: description
  4. few months devastating: description

Illusion (path)
  1. one sense: description
  2. two senses: description
  3. three senses: description
  4. all senses: description

Item Creation (path)
  1. level 1: description
  2. level 2: description
  3. level 3: description
  4. level 4: description

Thoughts and Memories (path)
  1. sense: description
  2. read: description
  3. change: description
  4. implant: description

Transforming (path)
  1. slight change: description
  2. obvious change: description
  3. really different: description
  4. hardly recognizable: description

Warding / arcane, physical, elemental, spiritual (path)
  1. +d4: description
  2. +d6: description
  3. +d8: description
  4. :+d10 description

Level requirement: appropriate skill at d4 / d6 / d8 / d12

Casting Spells
Name: casting time is a few seconds, so arcane power is ripped from the Netherworld, spilling large amounts of it into the physical world, making casting prone to fail (add 6 to the difficulty of the casting roll) and creating mayhem and chaos that seeps back in several months.
Name: casting time is a few hours, so arcane power is filtered carefully from the Netherworld, making it generally safe and preventing mayhem and chaos.

Prepared Spells
Items can be imbued with magic, essentially preparing spells ahead of time. This reduces casting to several seconds without the usual risks. A spell remains in the item for months unless used, but a mage can only keep very few active at a time.

Divine Backgrounds

Follower - Novice
You have a divine patron: you feel connected to this entity and it accepted you as a follower. This is a two-way connection, which remains only as long as the connection is mutual.

Basic Tenets is a list of things a follower needs to do or avoid to stay in the good grace of the entity. Basic Favor is a pool of points the follower can spend to activate acquired Boons. Every month if the follower abided all the basic tenets gains 5 Favor points to the Basic Favor pool, though it cannot have more than 10 points at any time. Attainment Favor is a pool of points similar to Basic Favor, but it does not accumulate over a period, only by doing extra service to the entity, and it does not have a maximum size. Follower Level is equal to the number of edges a character has in connection with one deity.

Follower of Coravarr
Your divine patron is the god of lore and exploration, respected throughout the Kingdom. You belong to a Nest, a chapterhouse of Coravarr, where one or more Loremasters catalogue all information you gather, and often sell for a price. If you do not work alone, you also belong to a Flight, a long-term group of followers who do exploration and serve the Raven in other ways.

Basic Tenets
  • lore is sacred: gather and preserve it
  • knowledge is power: do not share it lightly
  • stick together: aid fellow followers in their quests

Available Boons
  • Of the Flock: Spend 1 Favor point and one action to change into a raven, optionally including any equipment on you. Equipment you don't choose falls down to the ground. While in raven form, you keep all your attack stats. You can stay in raven form for 10 minutes / Follower Level. You can spend more points while in raven form to increase the duration. When you change back to your native form, you cannot use this boon for 10 minutes.
  • Death Sight: Spend 1 Favor point and one action to see which creatures are afflicted by some destructive agent (undeath, disease, poison, curse) in them. The sense does not tell what the condition is, only its severity: mild, serious, deadly.
  • Divine Guidance: Spend 1 Favor point and one minute envisioning a location you've been to. When you are done, a raven will appear in the sky to guide you to that location. The raven is not real, it is only a phantasm in your head, so it cannot be affected in any way. It will stay for 1 day / Follower Level or when you arrive at the location.
  • Aegis: You gain a bonus against mental attacks.
  • Winter is my Friend: Spend 1 Favor point to become immune to cold weather conditions for one day.

Retainer - Veteran
You are deeply connected to your patron, and you have access to its advanced Boon list. Your Basic Favor pool maximum size is now 25 instead of 10.

Retainer of Coravarr

Available Boons
  • True Raven Form: There is no limit on the time spent in raven form. However, you still have to wait 10 minutes after changing back to human, and spend the Favor point. Prerequisite: Of the Flock
  • Allies Everywhere: Spend 1 Favor point to gain the ability to speak with ravens for 1 minute / retainer level. Prerequisite: Divine Guidance
  • Eyes of the Loremaster: Spend 1 Favor point to gain the ability to read in one language (which you need not have even heard about) for 1 hour per Follower Level.

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