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Thu 24 Oct 2019
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Abyss Station - Chaktir
Having sent a team aboard a shuttle to the massive alien artifact in hopes of undoing whatever it was that the team from Abyss Station did (or did not!) do, the Independence had set course for Omega Draconis I, which the natives called Chaktir.  Frantic preparations for a planetary evacuation were underway, converting cargo bays and one of the shuttle bays to space to house the evacuees.

Assuming the crew could convince the Ithik to abandon their world.  The Prime Directive did prohibit simply kidnapping them.

The Independence slid into orbit over the blackened and battered world, already the survivor of a supernova, as in distant space, the radiation jet of the black hole slowly spun her way...

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Sun 27 Oct 2019
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Abyss Station - Chaktir
TíLara decided to stay on board the Independence, rather than joining the away team heading toward the ancient artifact.  She put her faith in them being able to stop the device before it could fry the planet and everyone on it, but she couldnít pass on the opportunity to make first contact with an alien species.

Sitting in her office, she made use of what little time she had studying the reports from Abyss Station.  The research team observed the populace of the planet for a while, even if they havenít made an attempt to contact them.  Since they were so short of time, any detail she could glean from the reports would be of great help in trying to convince the Ithik to trust them, and evacuate the planet in case it becomes necessary.