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Thu 24 Oct 2019
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Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
As the Independence hurtled towards the battered world of Chaktir to affect an evacuation... in case their mission failed... the crew of the shuttlecraft Sacajawea guided the small craft towards the planet-sized looming base that orbited the awe-inspiring force of the black hole... their mission: gain access, and alter the rotation of the black hole.  Somehow.

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CDR Naryss ch'Pertha
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Sat 26 Oct 2019
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Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
ch’Pertha sat aboard the Sacajawea quietly, checking his gear.
He’d brought both sidearm phaser and rifle, as well as medkit and a pouch of additional supplies.

Glancing over at Decker, he remembered the quick medical skill that the Science Officer had brought to the incident when the former captain had been hurt.
The soldier casually said, “Back in the academy, we were...”, he paused, then shrugged, “involved in a training excersise that ... went wrong”.  It was as though he was talking to himself, but aloud, so that those nearby could hear him.

We were trapped for some time.
Someone died; someone lost a leg.   Because none of us knew how to ....

That’s when I realised that Security wasn’t just about guns and fist; wasn’t about being the toughest in the room, or the first through the door.
Sometimes it meant keeping people alive ... until the cavalry comes, or you can get them to med facilities

Checking his gear had consisted more of checking the medkit and supplies he was carrying, than the weapons, those nearby might have noticed.
And that kit, those supplies, were almost entirely first aid and trauma wound equipment.   There was little but the basics in there for diagnosis, ongoing treatment, or taking samples.   It was just packed out with what might be needed to keep someone alive, until ...

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LT Lyn Nipay
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Sat 27 Jun 2020
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Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
The ancient alien structure that orbited the spinning singularity drew ever nearer.  In her seat in the shuttle, LT Lyn Nipay fidgeted and looked at her monitor.

"Still no comm signals in or out," she said, her dark eyes reflecting the data as it lit up her screen. She glanced up at ch'Pertha, then a quick check to see who else was listening.  Aboard the shuttle, Decker, T'Lara, Jav'Ker, and others... including McCreeg, who was piloting.

Gravimetric shear increased as they grew nearer.

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LT JG Xanatos Mcreeg
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Sat 27 Jun 2020
at 04:54
Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
Mcreeg's head cocked a bit as he listens to what's being said, most of his focus on thanks screen and his readouts, shuttles not needing much beyond the occasional adjustments, yet still he feels his heart racing in that wonderful way it does right before things are about to get busy.

"Always better to plan for the worst, to have contingencies to contingencies, prepare for what can't happen" his voice is soft, speaking aloud as much to himself as a response to his superior, looking at his left hand and flexing it, mind wandering for a moment before refocusing on his job.

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Sat 27 Jun 2020
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Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
T'Lara eyebrows furrowed with concern as the Sacajawea tilted from the effects of the gravitational distortion.  She was eager to join Starfleet not that long ago in search for adventure, but now it dawned upon her that such adventures could be dangerous, and unexpectedly short.

Not wanting to disrupt Mcreeg who now held all their lives in his hand, she kept silent, trying to recall the details on their mission, and think on what a ship counselor could possibly do to help.
Starfleet Command
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Sat 27 Jun 2020
at 15:15
Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
As the massive alien facility... roughly the size of Earth... looms larger, more details of its neutronium surface can be seen.  The team recalled the brief conversation with Dr. T'Lah, the Federation lead scientist and commander of Abyss Station (which also orbits the spinning black hole)...

Dr. T'Lah:
The hail from the station is patched through.  "Greetings, Independence. This is Dr. T'Lah, commander of Abyss Station," comes the hail. T’lah, a middle-aged, dark-skinned Vulcan, quickly brings the crew up to speed. She speaks with the intense single-mindedness befitting a Vulcan:

“We’ve determined that the alien artifact... the ancient base... has a shell of neutronium, which prevents our sensors from penetrating. Our staff managed to rig a set of gravimetric dampeners that allowed them to walk on the surface without being crushed."

“Several weeks ago, one of our research teams located what turned out to be an ancient computer terminal on the exterior of the alien base. After much study and trial and error, they were able to activate and interface with the system. The last transmission indicated that they opened a doorway on the surface. The base began to activate.”

At this point, T’Lah transmits pictures of the base, which is now covered in glowing meridians crisscrossing the surface.

"After it became active, the base began generating gravitational distortions that somehow tilted the black hole very slowly. The immediate danger is that the hole’s radiation jets are now aimed along the galactic plane. They’re not long enough to reach nearby star systems, but this system’s planet is directly in the path of the jets. The gamma rays will certainly devastate the population.  Yes, the planet has a small population; survivors of the original supernova, we believe. The alien base is orbiting perpendicular to the radiation jets and is in no danger, as is Abyss Station."

T’Lah explains that the station’s two shuttlecraft are inoperable. The first one was on the alien station when the gravitational distortions began and is assumed lost. The second shuttle was en route to Omega Draconis I when the black hole tilted, making it little more than a loose cloud of ever-expanding atoms...

LT Kimiko Harada
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Sun 28 Jun 2020
at 05:51
Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
Aboard the Sacajawea, LT Harada sat on one of the inboard-facing seats, waiting for something to happen. Glancing at the Vulcan counselor, she met eyes for a moment, then nodded.

"I'm glad you're along," she said.  "If any of the station's landing party are still alive... they may need you."

Abyss station had, after all, sent a team of scientists and engineers over... and apparently triggered something that set the black hole to spinning...

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LT JG Xanatos Mcreeg
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Sun 28 Jun 2020
at 06:02
Abyss Station - Ancient Artifact
Mcreeg's focus becoming stronger the closer they get, more things to go wrong, more random things to come at them, to go wrong, fingers working his station like the musicians he grew up with, making adjustments so minute only he and the shuttle know they've been made..

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