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RTJ (Request to Join)

Posted by GMFor group 0
GM, 1 post
Wed 9 Jan 2019
at 04:29
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RTJ (Request to Join)

No previous experience or knowledge of the rules necessary. Please tell me if you have played Pendragon before, and if you have played the great Pendragon campaign before.

I expect a minimum posting frequence of three posts a week, preferably at least once a day or more, and a heads-up if you'll be unable to post for a week or more.

Here are some good reasons NOT to join:
  • You expect a dungeoncrawl.
  • You have no computer or phone to post with.
  • Your main interest in the characters are their sexual activities.

Players are welcome to join during the ongoing campaign.
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GM, 2 posts
Wed 9 Jan 2019
at 10:13
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RTJ (Request to Join)

At this time there are several players requesting to join, and I've taken note in which order you applied. I will start the game when the first six characters in the queue are ready to play.

I am building an online form to speed up family history rolls. Your character's family history will provide background and some stats. Please be patient.
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