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485 - Winter.

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Thu 3 Oct 2019
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485 - Winter

After the battle its about winding down the year its largely uneventful for the remainder of the year.

 1. Solo Scenario (see the GM you care to do things on the you can do one if you did the battle this season and two if not)
 2. Experience Rolls (roll for every skill used or attempted)
 3. Aging
 4. Economic Circumstnces (1 Libre plus modifiers those who particpated in the battle get 3 Libre from you Lord who is sharing ransom monies he being generous to his lesser vassals and one suit of fine clothes)
 5. Stable Rolls
 6. Family Rolls & Marriage (Knights who took rt in the battle gain +1 to marriage rolls due to proving your manhood to fathers and t the ladies)
 7. Training and Practice

 Solo Scenarios can be anything a hunt, tending to your estates, romance, training the levee and so forth its something that either will add to a few skills not used yet or boost other rolls.
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