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Character Creation Rules.

Posted by StorytellerFor group 0
GM, 5 posts
Weaver of Tales
Sun 13 Jan 2019
at 10:53
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Character Creation Rules

Characters will be:


6th level

32 point buy (or less if you wish)

Standard wealth - 16,000gp, with no more than 25% on one item

Two traits

Hit points - Max at 1st level, all subsequent levels may either roll (rerolling ones) or take half (rounding up)

I have most, but not all, of the Pathfinder books.  The ones I'm missing are mostly the Golarian-specific ones and some of the ones released towards the end of the run.  But if you can find it online, that'll likely be fine.  I'll also consider 3.5-specific things, so just let me know if something like that interests you.

I'd be open to psionics (Dreamscarred Press version) if someone wants that.


Please define your feats and traits on your character sheets.  If you wish to explain more (magic items or spells/powers), that's also dandy.
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Human Cavalier, 1 post
Order of the Lion
Sun 13 Jan 2019
at 17:46
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Character Creation Rules

32 Point buy sounds excessive, unless we aren't counting the point gain at 4th level.
"Epic Fantasy" in the corebook is 25, just saying
player, 1 post
Sun 13 Jan 2019
at 20:00
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Character Creation Rules

Never chasten the GM for giving us good stuff Urle...:-)
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Davor Spiritwalker
Half-Orc Oracle, 4 posts
Mon 14 Jan 2019
at 00:18
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Character Creation Rules

So I would also like to know whether the 32 points includes the level 4 ability increase or not.

Another question I have is: What are we doing for hit points? Is it roll all levels, take half and round up/down, full at first level then roll, or other?
GM, 11 posts
Weaver of Tales
Mon 14 Jan 2019
at 03:14
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Character Creation Rules

If you wish to use less than 32 points, you may certainly do so. You're Guarding the Heir of Prophecy, so very special heroes were found for such a task.

It does not include the 4th level increase.

I have added the hit point rules to the first post.
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