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Assign these scores to your stats: 16(+2), 15(+1), 13(+1), 12(–), 9(–), 8(-1)


Your maximum HP is 11+Constitution.

Your base damage is d10.

--Good: Subject yourself to mortal danger to protect another for no compensation.
--Satisfaction: Defeat a worthy opponent.
--Teach Them A Lesson: Help someone grow, learn, or improve
--Challenge: Enter a fight that you aren’t sure you can win
--Glory: Show off in front of NPCs who can go on to tell your tale
--Pride: Put someone in their place for disrespecting you
--Protect: Defend those weaker than you.

Wrestling (STR/DEX):  When fighting without any weapons, you may use your STR OR your DEX bonus.

I Battle Gangs for Local Charities: Take a +1 ongoing when you're outnumbered.

Rapid Healing: You heal more quickly than the average person, in half the time.

Resistant to Poison (CON): Poison has less effect on you... Roll +CON...
--10+ means it has very little effect on you (exact details depend on the type of poison and how much you were dosed with)
--7-9 means it's half as dangerous, or works half as fast, etc.
--6 or lower still means you take slightly less damage or effect than a normal person would... though you could still be dead if it's iocane powder or the deadliest spider in the world...

Toughness: You effectively have +1 point of armor.

Intimidation (STR/CHR)... You may use either your STR modifier or your CHR modifer to attempt to intimidate people, whichever is higher...

Recreational skill (DEX?/INT?/CHR?): Brutes need something to do when their bodies aren't in use... At character creation, pick one of a specific recreational skill, such as Musical Instrument, Singing, Storytelling, Whittling, Rhyming, or other GM-approved hobby skill. You get +1 to doing that thing.

Your load is 14+Str. You carry rations (3/3 uses, 1 weight).

Choose your defenses:

A chainmail shirt (1 armor, 1 weight) and adventuring gear (3/3 uses, 1 weight)
Leather Armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
Just extra-large size clothes (0 weight)

Choose two:
--Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)
--Bandages; 3/3 uses, slow, 0 weight (When you have a few minutes to bandage someone else’s wounds, heal them of 4 damage and expend a use.)
--7 coins


Cudgel: You always deal +1 damage point when using a cudgel... If your STR modifier is +2 or higher, deal your STR modifier worth of extra damage, instead.

Streetwise (CHR): An urban skill, this is knowing how not to get mugged, how to avoid a fight in a rowdy bar, etc. It’s also “savoir faire” for the working and criminal classes, allowing you to fit in with them.It does not include knowledge of Shady Contacts, which is a separate skill.

Multiclass Dabbler: if you want, you may choose one move from the Wandering Farmhand playbook, as long as that move is for level 5 or below.


Shady Contacts: Knowledge of the criminal underworld: where to find a fence to move some stolen goods, or who to ask for information regarding wealthy targets, etc. Even in a strange city, you’ll have a rough idea of where to find the local criminals, and how to contact them discreetly.

Throwing (DEX): Hurling something accurately, possibly with intent to damage. This does not apply to daggers, which is covered by the Dagger skill, but does cover thrown improvised weapons. With this skill, you also get to add your STR modifier to any damage done.

Common Sense: When you are about to do something incredibly stupid that will harm your character or the party, the GM will warn you. However, this cannot make up for a bad dice roll.

Multiclass Dabbler: if you want, you may choose one move from the Wandering Farmhand playbook.

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