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Assign these scores to your stats: 16(+2), 15(+1), 13(+1), 12(–), 9(–), 8(-1)


Your maximum HP is 9+Constitution.

Your base damage is d6.

--Teach Them A Lesson: Help someone grow, learn, or improve
--Challenge: Enter a fight that you aren’t sure you can win
--Promise Kept: Deliver on a threat or bargain despite cost.
--Good: Subject yourself to mortal danger to protect another for no compensation.
--Protect: Defend those weaker than you.
--Freedom: Free someone from literal or figurative bonds

You start with these moves:

Farmhand: STR gets +1 stackable bonus for non-combat-related rolls.

Area Knowledge (INT): Knowledge of a given area, specified at character creation. The smaller the area covered, the deeper the knowledge. +1 to Spout Lore rolls in that area-- and, sometimes, to not getting lost in that area.

Cudgel: +1 stackable damage to combat with a cudgel

Quarterstaff: +1 stackable damage to combat with a staff

Survival (INT): Surviving in the wilds. This includes basic first aid, elementary navigation, fire making, food procurement, and shelter construction. It won’t be fancy, but it may keep you alive.

Tracking: (INT) This is wilderness tracking, for following both animals and humans. While usable in a city, it’s at –2, as that’s such a different environment than you’re used to.

Weather Master/Mistress: You're good enough with the weather that once a day, you can predict the weather for the next 24 hours, and it'll just turn out to be true.

Common Sense: When you are about to do something incredibly stupid that will harm your character or the party, the GM will warn you. However, this cannot make up for a bad dice roll.

Watercraft:   +1 stackable bonus toward things involving boating, swimming, and fishing.

Travelwise (INT): +1 stackable bonus toward knowing the best things to do when arriving in a new location: food, lodging, avoiding seedy areas, currency exchange, etc.

Your load is 9+Str. You start with rations (3/3 uses, 1 weight).

Choose your armament:

Cudgel (close, 2 weight)
Quarterstaff (close, two-handed, 1 weight)

Choose one:
Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
Thick Hide Armor (1 armor, 1 weight) and 9 extra coins
Traveling clothes and Hunter’s Bow (near, far, 1 weight) and 1 bundle of extra arrows (3 ammo, 1 weight)


Wrestling (STR/DEX):  When fighting without any weapons, you may use your STR OR your DEX bonus.

Sealegs: You never get seasick, and have excellent balance. You can walk across a heaving ship deck without losing your footing. This Gift includes the Balance skill at Good.

Extraordinary Speed: You are a faster runner than anyone who doesn’t also have this Gift.


Breaking & Entering (INT): This gives a +1 stackable INT bonus to Lockpicking (if you have the proper tools, Detecting and Disarming Traps, and Searching for Hidden Items, Secret Doors, etc. Note that it does not include Climbing.

Repartee (CHR): This is delivering witty sayings, usually double entendres, which cannot be construed as slanderous but which can carry hidden insults or stings. It really only works against educated characters.

✴ On a 10 or better, you take +1 forward against them, and choose one from the list below.
✴ On a 7+, just choose one from the list below.
✴ On a miss, they do as they please and you take -1 forward against them.

--They do what you wanted them to do
--They leave, upset with you
--They attack you

Schmoozing (CHR): You get a +1 stackable bonus to friendly socializing with a small group of people. It’s best one-on-one, and at most involves a small tableful of folks. This may simply be for the pure pleasure of it, or include subtle attempts to flatter, build business relationships, and/or gently extract information.

Vigilance & Observation (INT): +1 stackable INT bonus to notice and remember things – conscious application of perception and memory. Use this skill for sketching maps. This is also how good someone is at “standing watch” while the other party members perform other tasks or sleep (Agents can use their INT or WIS bonus for Keeping Watch.)

Quick Reflexes (DEX): It's hard to catch you by surprise, and you get +1 to dodge thrown weapons

Rapid Healing: You heal more quickly than the average person, in half the time.

Resistant to Poison (CON): Poison has less effect on you... Roll +CON...
--10+ means it has very little effect on you (exact details depend on the type of poison and how much you were dosed with)
--7-9 means it's half as dangerous, or works half as fast, etc.
--6 or lower still means you take slightly less damage or effect than a normal person would... though you could still be dead if it's iocane powder or the deadliest spider in the world...

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