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Thu 10 Jan 2019
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This is a Free form Game set in the rich and colorful world of Remnant, from the series RWBY.

While the world will be taken from RWBY, this will be an original story, and as such an entirely original cast of characters will be found in it and a few aspects of the canon lore will be changed to better fit such an idea. (This is due to me not feeling quite able to portray the series cast and characters properly as well as not wanting to restrict myself or my players with the events and consequences of the show.)

I will be your GM, It is a free form game so my job is mostly to guide you through this story. As well as control the NPC's you will encounter. (Such as your Head Mistress, Teachers, villains, and a team of second years that will be your allies) To help guide you, when needed

The Story will take Place in Vale. The players will be first year students just starting at Beacon Academy. A school meant to train the next generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses. Run by the ever vigilant Head Mistress: Blaine Sonnen

However Unknown threats lurk around every corner and within every dark alley:
A Power Hungry Politician
The White Fang
The Creatures of Grimm
and More

If you are interested in being thrown into the Life of a Huntsman and Huntress. Then this might just be the game for you.

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