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Thu 10 Jan 2019
at 04:08
-No godmode
-No metagaming
-No powerplaying
-Sorry, I'm not looking for canon characters, original characters only, please.
-If you have an issue with another player, try to resolve in PMs
-Have fun! What's the point of roleplaying if you aren't enjoying it?

-Color Naming Rule*
The rules state that names of characters in RWBY must be at least one of the following:
A color
Sound like a color
Mean a color
Makes people think of a color

-Characters will be part of teams. Not with other players, past attempts at this game resulted in a number of leaving players. Which lead to problems with this. So to fix this unless requested players will be on a team, but there teammates will be mostly NPC's that will mostly serve as background Characters. (This will allow me to easier deal with leaving players if a Player leaves turning the team created by there character into background characters wont effect any other player.)
-This is a PG-13 game, if you feel anything is going to go past that description, write "fade to black".

*(My choice to enforce this rule isn't without reason. Its a Rule set forth By Monty Oum himself. He is a Personal Hero of mine and I wish to honor his rule.)

*Edit: Due to this occurring to frequently I have to issue this ruling.

If you are absent (IE haven't logged on and checked this game) for a month you will be removed from the game and your spot given to someone else. Not getting a post up is another matter but as long as your checking in.

However if you give me a heads up that you will be offline for an extended period of time. I will simply add your character to the 'Hiatus' List and your spot will remain here when you return.

I don't like removing players but I can't hold the game for you if I don't know weather or not you are coming back.

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