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RTJ Expectations
If you would like to play in this game, you have several choices in characters. Although I have developed the historical background of Marland from about the 1860s to the 1940s, my current campaign is set in the 'steampunk" era around the 1870s.  If you want to play in my preplanned adventure "The Second Lakeland Expedition" you can either take over one of the characters I have already created, all (except Quentin McAllan) young members of Marland elite society who are leading the expedition (see the descriptions in "The Cast"), or you could create your own character that would fit into the expedition story. You could be another elite young Marlander, or an experienced hunter or trader hired to escort the young people, or a young adventurer but not from an elite background. If you wanted to play an Indigene, you could be a member of the Desert folk hired to escort/guide the party across the desert to Lakeland, or you could be a Lake folk person who would interact with the party once it reached Lakeland.

[I would note that in the version of my Marland history for later periods that currently exists, Lakeland eventually comes under Marland control, as do the Fierce Firth Folk in the north. However, it would be quite possible for players to run Indigene or Marland characters who successfully oppose Marland control of the Indigenes and change this "future".]

If you want to play in Marland in this era, but not in this scenario, we can negotiate the possibility of your playing a character leading a independent life in Marland separate from the expedition, though you might interact with the expedition characters.

For your RTJ, you should either tell me which of the pre-created characters you want to play, or describe a character you want to create. For practical details of the character's abilities and skills, we will be using the One Dice Steam Punk rules, which provide very quick and easy character creation.
Although I will use those rules for the formation of characters and deciding action results, I do not use the alternate Victorian era history provided in those rules. My assumption is that the world in which Marland exists is essentially the same as that of our own world, except that Marland exists as a British colony in the northern Pacific east of Japan.

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