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Marland Chronicler
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Thu 25 Mar 2021
at 02:13
The Governor's Ball
It was the first event of the Season in Odiham, the capital of Marland, and all the youth and beauty of of best families of the colony had gathered to celebrate it at the traditional Governor's Ball.

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Anthony Foley
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Thu 22 Jul 2021
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The Governor's Ball
In reply to Marland Chronicler (msg # 1):

The first of the young people of the "best" set to appear was Tony Foley, son of the prime minister, who felt it was his place to lead off the ball. He was dressed in the latest London fashion, having recently returned from Oxford, where he had taken a respectable Second in Greats. He greeted with his usual affability many friends and acquaintances he had not yet seen since his return.
He escorted his sister Hope, who was certainly the "Belle of the ball" with her vivid blonde beauty.

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Hope Foley
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Thu 22 Jul 2021
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The Governor's Ball
Hope Foley, not wishing to distinguish any of her numerous admirers by choosing him as her companion for the ball, came in the escort of her brother. Having been presented at Victoria's court, she was officially eligible for a marriage of the highest rank in the colony, but she was in no hurry to give up her freedom so soon.

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