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15:18, 25th June 2024 (GMT+0)

OOC Thread.

Posted by The PowersFor group 0
The Powers
GM, 2 posts
The Lords of Necessity
Chance and Death.
Sat 19 Jan 2019
at 16:04
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OOC Thread

You can chat and write whatever you want in this thread... Rather here than cluttering up the game thread with chat.

NOTE: the GM can read everything you write within this game, even if it's in a private line or private message to another player.
The Powers
GM, 14 posts
The Lords of Necessity,
Chance and Death.
Tue 12 Feb 2019
at 12:18
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OOC Thread

Great start guys!  Nice portrait Thymus - made Maria laugh :-)

I will post an update later this week, and give you edit permission for your character sheets once I've included all the updates and treasure shares.

Valor please roll HP again using d6 (tick the box for Reroll 1's). Or let me know if you'd prefer to take the average for your dice type, i.e. Rogue d6 average is 4 (+ 1 Con bonus = 5 HP).

What rate of posting would you like for this game?  Eg, would you prefer once or twice per week?
player, 2 posts
Wed 13 Feb 2019
at 04:08
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OOC Thread

hey tonsta, ill just take the average of the dice rolls for my health
also haley and I are happy for twice a week or so
thanks :)
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The Powers
GM, 15 posts
The Lords of Necessity,
Chance and Death.
Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 11:21
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OOC Thread

That's a suitably sinister portrait Valor, very nice!

I'll aim to post on Thu/Fri and Sun/Mon each week and see how that works out ... if its too much then we can adjust.

Will post the the next update tomorrow night.  Night all :-)
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The Powers
GM, 17 posts
The Lords of Necessity,
Chance and Death.
Fri 15 Feb 2019
at 13:43
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OOC Thread

Character sheets updated with level-up and loot.  You now have edit access.  I can see what you edit.  The text editor format is horrible!  You have to count spaces that you edit, otherwise the formatting is all over the place when viewing the saved changes.  Good luck with that.

I've sent your characters off to different places at dawn so that I can give you a heap of info in one round.  I won't usually do that, and I won't put your chars in danger ... you'll have to do that yourselves :-)  Let me know if I've written something that your char just wouldn't do and I'll edit as required.

Updated Map for Group 0 showing colour map of Marsh Gate area ... if you're still seeing old black&white map then you need to reload the page, or if that doesn't work then refresh the cache on your PC (or clear history on Mac).  The B&W map is now Map for Group 3.

My next update will be after you've all posted your replies.
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