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What is ITU?
International Taskforce on the Unexplained (ITU)

ITU is an organization combining resources of the international community from Intelligence Agencies, Military Organizations, and Police forces to investigate incidents dealing with unexplained phenomenon.  It functions as an arm of INTERPOL, though its existence is classified and its funding derives from the United Nations not from the INTERPOL budget.  It operates under the regular supervision of the United Nations in accordance with the 2015 Glasgow Accords.


Around the turn of the millennium paranormal activity had increased to such as extent that government agencies began to take notice.  Interpol created a taskforce (Codename: CLOUD) to investigate this increase.  Under the leadership of REDACTED, CLOUD monitored and policed unexplained activity for the next decade and half.

In 2015 CLOUD was shut down after the Glasgow Incident. SECTION REDACTED

In the wake of the disaster, an investigation was authorized by the UN Security Council.  An agreement was made (the Glasgow Accords) to found a new organization with regular UN supervision.


ITU is headquartered in a partially underground bunker complex just outside of Wimmis, Switzerland (thirty minutes from Bern).  The building was constructed in secret when Switzerland was contemplating a nuclear program in the 1950s, but the building was abandoned with the program.  It was recently refurbished by the United Nations..


ITU is divided into four directorates: Intelligence, Operations, Support, and Equipment/Technology

Intelligence is subdivided into Continental Europe; East Asia; Latin America; US and Canada; the Middle East; Africa; and Oceania, Britain & Scandinavia.

Operations runs three teams: JIAN, CLAYMORE, and SCIMITAR. Teams are assigned on an as needed basis, rather than to one specific area.

Support is subdivided into Finance, Medical Services, Personnel, Facilities, and Coordination.

Equipment & Technology provide supply teams for each operations team, a supply team for headquarters as well as a Technology team.

Additional Notes

The status of the ITU is always precarious.  Many doubt the need for its existence and believe it is simply a sham organization to funnel money to other secret actions that neither the UN nor Interpol should be involved in.