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Wed 16 Jan 2019
at 13:26
Rules for window are here:

I've never run this system before, so, to some extent, I'll be making this up as I go.

It's been ages since I've had to write a "rules for a game" post, so I'm just going to steal Mark's post from the hibernating Star Wars game!

The first rule is be respectful to GM and fellow players. If there is a problem, let me know. If there is a rule issue, I generally try to keep the game moving, which may mean an on-the-fly ruling and then working out something more solid later. This isn't quite as big an issue on RPoL as it would be in a live session.

No God-moding, which is controlling someone else's character in your post.

Posts don't have to be Novel length, and there is no hard and fast word count, but, try to respond to anything appropriate for your character, and give enough in your post for others to work with. For any new to this type of gaming, it'll become obvious pretty quickly. 

If you are going to be away for a while and unable to post, please let me know and let's try to get your character out of the main threads. If they go off over there for a while, it doesn't interfere with the scene.

Please post at least once a week once the game starts.  Ideally, the average would be more like 3-5 posts a week, but since this is a new way to play for some (and the rest of us are "out of practice") I'm expecting a slow start.
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 I'm sure it's Eliazer's
 fault. Just not sure how.
Wed 16 Jan 2019
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Experience Points

The plan is to basically follow the rules at the above link.

Basic summary

Improve from D30 to D20 = 2 points
Improve from D20 to D12 = 3 points
Improve from D12 to D10 = 4 points
Improve from D10 to D8 = 5 points
Improve from D8 to D6 = 6 points (and a hell of a lot of roleplaying)
Improve from D6 to D4 = 7 points (and the sponsorship of supernatural being)

XP will be awarded at the end of every episode

As to how much, I'm likely to follow this section from window's site:

This is based on your ability to answer the following two questions, which will be asked by the Storyteller at the conclusion of the session. Each of the question that you are able to give an intelligent and unique answer for gains you a point:

1. Were both you and your character present and involved in the story? This is usually a very easy "yes." So long as you paid attention and did your best to get involved, you get this point automatically.

2. What questions does your character have about the story or herself after tonight? This is a great way to explore theories about the mysteries in play as well as promote character development. The Storyteller will evaluate your answer (if you have one) and decide whether it's good enough to earn you a point.

Finally, there is a way to gain a "bonus" experience point from the Storyteller. All you have to do is make your character instigate a notably excellent acting written sequence or contribute to the story in an outstanding way. This can come in the form of cleverly deciphering a particularly difficult puzzle, taking the story in an unexpected and wonderful new direction, or even something as simple as a memorable quote. It is rare for bonus points to be awarded by most Storytellers, but it does happen, and you should strive for it if it helps improve your roleplaying.

Finally, you can't suddenly learn something that you did not mention (in an episode or interregnum) that you were training. I.E. If you don't ever fire a gun, you won't get any better at it!

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 I'm sure it's Eliazer's
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Wed 16 Jan 2019
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I structure my games like a television program: Seasons & Episodes.

Each Season (whether ITU or SPA) is intended to have about 10 episodes.  That number can grow or shrink slightly depending on how the story diverges from my intended plot.

Plan is ITU Season 1, SPA Season 1, ITU Season 2, SPA Season 2, Then who knows?

If there is a storyline (in either game) you are interested in pursuing with your character, let me know, I'm more than happy to adapt.

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 I'm sure it's Eliazer's
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Thu 31 Jan 2019
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Structure - addendum
In between every episode, I usually add an "interregnum."  This is a free section that allows you to explain what your character does between missions, or for you to initiate plot/story on your own. (Talk to co-workers, family, friends. Take care of the character's personal life, etc.)

It is possible to earn XP in this segment, but only through creative roleplay.
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 I'm sure it's Eliazer's
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Thu 21 Feb 2019
at 18:01
General Rules of Posting
I should have put these up earlier, but better late than never...

Everyone should choose a color for your dialogue.  That color is yours, no other player or NPC will use that color.  Agent Levy, for example always speaks in royalred.

If you want to display your characters thoughts, use Italics.

Read carefully! Do not have your character react to the thoughts of others!

If you are speaking in a language other than English, it is usually denoted with < >.  If the language is not one the other players know, it should be send as a private or secret line to those who understand it.

A post that uses several of these would look like this:
(Here is a post from a previous game, completely and utterly out of context!)

Hearing someone speak in his own tongue fills Israel with relief, even if it comes from a non-human.

Thank goodness, Hebrew! English is such a strange language.

In Hebrew <Well, it seems I have little choice, my friend.  Free me and I will assist your people to the best of my ability. You don't happen to be able to inform me what 'It' is, do you? Or why it's chosen the shape of a ninety year old actress? I'm feeling a little out of my depth here.>

I wonder what the obsession with quoting Russian writers is recently. Everybody seems to be dragging out that Solzhenitsyn quote.