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DM Gygax
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Tue 15 Jan 2019
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DM Admin Notes I (Jan 15 2019)
I'll be listing admin notes here.

If a player wants to respond to any of these DM Admin posts, reply to this link.

link to a message in this game

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Tue 15 Jan 2019
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At this moment, I have yet to decide how I'm going to implement it or what ethos I will use.

With that said, clerics will have the spells, but, for now...just consider it generic.

It is far too easy to get caught up in developing this subject, and I have seen/done the classic DM trap of wasting weeks if not months.

It will get done, timeline TBD.
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Tue 15 Jan 2019
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As an easy quick reference on the character display, each player needs to update their biography.

Part 1: list race, class, level
Part 2: HP current/max, Armor Class(AC)


Biography pt 1 : Half-Orc Warrior 2nd
Biography pt 2 : Hp 18/21, AC 3

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DM Gygax
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Tue 15 Jan 2019
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Slavery is a fundamental part of the cultural and economic background of this setting.

While I personally do not condone it, in fact I think it was prevalent in the time-frame (yes I know a fantasy setting) this campaign is based upon, which was widely accepted.

If you are uncomfortable with this, I apologize.

The whole scope of the issue still needs to be fleshed out in-game, but, the characters have been raised in this society and are familiar with it.

However, being an open-ended game, who knows what the future might bring.
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Wed 16 Jan 2019
at 01:27
Religion/God(s). Part II
One of the key elements in the Adamantite Empire continual success over the centuries, practicing religious tolerance.

Initially, they tried to "convert" those first conquests to their religion(TBD), however, it quickly became obvious that many of the conquered foes held deep seated religious beliefs, which led to costly rebellions and uprisings, draining the limited resources of the kingdom. NOTE: Remember it was a fairly small kingdom before it was an empire, they were just beginning the road to greatness.

One of the most famous edicts of King Claudius(Time-line TBD), paraphrasing.... all religions/gods are to be respected as long as they do not interfere with the normal business of the kingdom. OOC:Give onto Caesar concept DM: This would be known by all characters.

In general, as time passed, this concept was foundational, although there were numerous times when this was not the case, sometimes creating some of the most horrific moments in the empire's history.

DM NOTE:Specific details of most events are unknown to the characters. In fact it would be actively suppressed and/or a conscious effort to erase these events. (Reminds of Napoleon's bulletins...) Characters understand the "government" presents their news.

As the Empire was born and evolved, much of the vestiges of the kingdom fell by the wayside, in many cases opposed by internal factors exasperated by external issues.

Concerning religion, Emperor Nero(Time-line TBD) was the 1st to declare that the official religion (TBD) of the Empire was "co-equal" to all other religions. DM: Characters know this.

While this initially caused many violent problems throughout the Empire, ultimately, over time it became acceptable.

As the list of conquered lands and races grew, Demi-humans and Humanoids added to the many problems, each new nation/region caused the Empire to develop unique solutions, religion was one of the primary issues they had to deal with.


Ok, it's late, time to recharge the batteries, still working this out. You'll be surprised how much thought it takes to "translate/create" a religious history of a 300 year old empire.

Only took Edward Gibbon 13 years. (NOTE: When he wrote the history, limited by his time frame)

This will be updated later.

DM Gygax
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Thu 24 Jan 2019
at 23:14
Within the larger context/framework, I was just wondering about how the players want to approach the game?

I personally tend towards a much deeper "story", which requires alot more work, however, in my opinion, the gameplay is improved even if characters don't really see most of it, because, in most cases, it operates in the background.

Keeping in mind, it's about pealing back the "layers" of depth, and with player ingenuity and a small bit of luck...the group is rewarded by figuring out the "bigger picture". Which might not even have any material rewards.

The other option, or somewhere in between... almost pure hack and slash...episodically run sessions, not connected or maybe loosely connected.

A quick note, this is a hack and slash game, so...when I say story...that basically means using your brains over brawn.

Here would be a simple but classic examples of depth...

1. (hack & slash): The group is hired to investigate graverobbers. Next session unrelated.

2. (hack & slash, semi-episodes): After defeating the grave-robbers, they examine a nearby tomb related to the grave-robbers.

3. (hack & slash), semi-story): all the above, after finishing the tomb, the group discovers there's a lich, trying to create an undead army.

4. (hack & slash/political), story): All of the above, the group discovers the lich was actually an exiled general that turned to dark forces to gain revenge.

5. (hack & slash/political), story+): All of the above, hints that the exiled general slept with the Emperor's wife. DM NOTE: At this point, there's alot going on in the background. Which may or may not, influence the upcoming sessions.

6. (political+), story++): All of the above, If the group follows the story, it's inevitable that they start feeling the "background", if you know what I mean. Events will begin happening, which they might not understand (or many certain elements of the layers). They have moved into the...what I call the attraction zone for lack of better wording...

Group actions attract the attention of someone/something powerful enough to start influencing "local" events that directly affect the group.

One point on the deeper story concept, there might be complete sessions where the only action is basically dialogue.


Just some thoughts.

And thanks to the players that have been working hard to get their sheets organized. Makes my job a 1000s time easier.