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Sun 20 Jan 2019
at 22:57
I am looking for 4 to 5 character for the game. If things go well and we agree, I will make the game into a campaign.

Game Rules:
  • Rules: Paizo Pathfinder (no third party material) Rules
  • Race: Core and Featured under 10RP
  • Class: Core (Archtypes with permission), NPC (+2 skills/level; +1 Trait), no Psionics.
  • Optional Rules in use: Background skills; Firearms (Early; Very Rare Guns); Alternative Crafting Rules
  • Level: 3 (maximum HPs at every level)
  • Stats: 16,14,12,12,10,10
  • Money: 3,000 gp; no one item over 1,000 gp

Things that annoy me. (Things you should and should not do):
  • Use the character sheet I provide.
  • Have an image to represent your character.
  • Quote and highlight your character speech (not Red, Orange or Gold)
  • Do not use spoil text.
  • I will post how I want combat statements to look. Use it.
  • Do not argue with me after I make a final decision. Does not mean do not disagree with me. It does mean do not waste my time after the arguments were made and I made a ruling.

RTJ Requirements:
  • Mature game statement of age.
  • Commitment to post at least once per day on weekdays
  • Commitment to stay with the game to the end (Let me know how long you have been playing on RPoL)
  • Character Name
  • Character Race
  • Character Classes
  • A very brief character background including how the character picked up their Background skills. The characters start off as adventurers/investigators/mercenaries for hire so keep that in mind

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