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Earth Apotheosis game system link

I've added 4 players and don't want the group size to go over four. However, we all know attrition rates in online games, so I'll accept up to six, and will run two concurrent groups in simultaneous game-time but different locales and storylines. Once it appears the game has settled to four likely "long-termer" players, we'll consolidate in a single group.

Or, I may start group  one with 4 players and any other RTJers in group 2, supplementing the primary group 1 from group 2 if there is attrition. Either that, or it's possible the two groups could become adversaries working for different Towers (see source book: you can acquire it at the link below for $6.45 USD):


If you meet requirements posted in game info (and below), send RTJ and we’ll discuss. You may be run solo for awhile.

I am preparing to launch the game. You should read the Game Info: Link back to this game.

Player Requirements:

  1. Fluent written English (posters with continual misspellings will be dropped)
  2. Mandatory posting Monday/Wednesday/Friday; don't apply if you cannot commit to this
  3. Optional posting Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday
  4. You can bank extra posts if you know you're going to be absent briefly in the near future (vacation, etc.)
  5. Excused posting omission days: May 27, July 04, Sept 02, Nov 11, Nov 28, Dec 25
  6. New players must complete a solo-play story arc (2-4 months' time) to qualify for group play
  7. Completion of initial solo-play period doesn't ensure acceptance into group play, nor continued solo-play
  8. Must have motivation to explore, take risks, and do in-character research
  9. Not all problems can be solved by combat; in fact, many cannot
  10. If you prefer primarily hack-n-slash games, you won't be a good fit for this game
  11. If you have a history of starting things and not finishing them, please don't apply.
  12. If you aren't hooked by completion of solo-play story arc, please don't request group play
  13. If you want to develop a powerful character, you can do that in this game
  14. This game will require patience, enthusiasm, effort, and consistency on your part as player

  1. free supporting app (in development)
  2. game threads backed up in three online locations
  3. earn advances by contributing to the setting materials

I will be working via rMail to interview interested players, brainstorm character concepts, etc. For those who pass initial muster, I'll create a private thread for further discussion.

I will be providing a character sheet in the near future.

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