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Rules Thread
General Rules:
Every four levels, boost two (different) stats by +1, not just one.

Multi-classing uses fractional BAB and Saves < a href="" >(rules here)< /a >. For BAB, simply add +1 for all levels in a full BAB class, +.75 for all partial BAB levels, and +.5 for all poor BAB, and then round down. So a Rogue 2/Cleric 2 has (1.5 + 1.5 = 3 BAB).
For saves, add 2+.5/lvl in a good save, or +1/3 for each level in a bad save. Note that you only get the +2 once. So a Cleric 2/Fighter 2 has Fort (2+1+1 = +4), Ref (2/3+2/3 = +1), and Will (2+2/3+1 =+3). Feel free to ask if you are confused.

Anything that gives you a bonus against fear effects also increases the DC on intimidate checks. Anything that makes you immune to fear also makes you immune to intimidate checks.

When wielding two weapons, anytime you make a standard action attack action (and not a vital strike, cleave, charge, etc.) you may attack with both weapons at the usual two-weapon fighting penalties. You still need to take a full attack action to get iterative attacks.

All characters get max HP at 1st lvl, and then max-2 for all subsequent levels (i.e. d6->4, d8->6, d10->8, and d12->10)

Please try to avoid taking options that involve immediate actions. These work poorly in the pbp setting. The occasional one is ok, but don't make a build that uses them heavily.

Automatic Bonus Progression
We will be using the automatic bonus progression rules described here with the following exception:
You may either take the bonuses on the chart, OR you may instead get virtual GP that can be spent on bonuses. The bonuses cost an amount equal to the equivalent item, and you get an amount equal to the chart:
Level 4   -  3000
Level 5   -  5000
Level 6   -  8000
Level 7   - 11000
Level 8   - 16000
Level 9   - 23000
Level 10  - 31000
Level 11  - 41000
Level 12  - 54000

When spending virtual GP, you can only "spend" it on bonuses that you would normally get with automatic bonus progression (enhancement to armor, weapon, ability scores, bonuses to natural armor and deflection bonus to armor)

Each time you level up, you may rechoose whether to use the default bonuses or spend virtual GP, and if so, reallocate how you spent them.

These bonuses may be flavored as you wish, such as inherent character skill, divine favor, or unlocking power from your items, etc.

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Rules Thread
Death occurs at -1/3 of your maximum HP or -10, whichever is better for you.

Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection do not exist. Any domains granting these spells are either banned or may have reasonable substitutions.

Reincarnation can only target mostly dead characters.

Clerics and Oracles treat Gentle Repose and Breath of Life as a cure spell for purposes of extra spells (i.e. all good clerics can cast it spontaneously, and all oracles that learn the cure spells gain it as a spell known).
Breath of life can be cast on any mostly dead character, even one that has been dead for more than one round. Breath of Life MAY be cast on a creature effected by a death effect (so long as it is still only mostly dead), but only with a caster level check, DC 11+caster level of the originator of the death effect.

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Rules Thread
All classes with bonus spells known (sorcerer bloodline, oracle mystery, etc.) gain bonus spells at earliest level they can cast spells of that level (typically 1, 4, 6, 8,...)

Any favored class bonus that gives spontaneous casters bonus spells known (such as the human sorcerer favored class) now gives ½ of a spell known.

Monks get full BAB all of the time.

Monk speed bonus stacks with all other bonuses to speed.

Ki: can be spent as a swift action to allow you to move at your bonus to speed from all classes that grant a Ki pool. If you can increase your speed by spending ki points, you can spend an additional ki point as part of the same action increases this speed by another +20 ft. Note, this is the only way a single-classed ninja could get any benefit from this.

Monk Dimensional Agility: At 7th lvl, monks may choose to gain Lesser Abundant Step. This replaces wholeness of body. Using this ability is a standard action that costs 3 ki points, and functions as lesser dimension door (see spells section below).  At 12th lvl, monk's gain the regular Abundant Step ability.

Divine prepared casters (Clerics, Druids, Rangers, and Paladins, etc.) do not automatically know all divine spells.
Clerics and Druids (and other prepared 6th or 9th lvl casters) learn 3 spells each time they level up (and start off knowing 3+wis modifier 1st level spells).
Paladins and Rangers (and other prepared 4th lvl casters) learn 2 spells each time they level up, and start off (at 4th lvl) knowing (1+casting ability modifier).
Clerics automatically know all cure spells (if good) or inflict spells (if evil), and all domain spells. Druids automatically know all Summon Nature's Ally spells, and all domain spells (if they take a domain).
Divine casters can learn new spells by studying with someone who knows the spell, or a divine scroll or book with knowledge of the spell. This functions identically to the modified arcane spell learning rules, taking 1 day/spell level, and a skill check (either spellcraft OR knowledge nature for druids or religion for clerics) check (DC 15+2x spell level), and a ritual costing 25 gp/spell level.

Learning new spells/extracts for prepared casters: requires access to the spell/extract in some form (book, scroll, friend, etc.) and a long time (1 day/spell level), spellcraft/alchemy check (DC 15+2x spell level), and the standard scribing cost (25 gp/spell level).

Hybrid Prestige Classes
Mystic Theurge requires an arcane caster level of 1 and a divine caster level of 3, OR an arcane caster level of 3 and a divine caster level of 1.
Arcane Trickster requires either an arcane caster level of 1 and +2d6 sneak attack OR an arcane caster level of 3 and +1d6 sneak attack.
Any skill requirements, the ability to cast mage hand, and weapon proficiencies originally required are still required for the above classes.
An caster level requirement requires caster levels from a class that grants the relevant spells. Spell-like abilities do not count towards meeting the prerequisites.
All hybrid prestige classes (mystic theurge, arcane trickster, eldritch knight, etc.) can all be taken beyond 10th lvls. They get no new special abilities but retain the obvious progressions of spells known, sneak attack, saves, bonus feats, etc.

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Rules Thread
All classes gain 2 extra skill points/level.

All character's get all skill unlocks (from unchained) that they qualify for.
When casting a cure spell, you may instead treat the spell as having a casting time of 1 round. If so, add your ranks in the heal skill to the amount of damage healed.
Heal checks MAY be used in place of your caster level check on neutralize poison and remove disease. The effects are otherwise identical.
Diplomacy works as per:

There are only five knowledge skills: arcana, religion, nature, construction, humanity.
Knowledge (arcana) includes elementals and non-aligned outsiders
Knowledge (religion) includes aligned outsiders.
Knowledge (nature) now includes geography and oozes and aberrations.
knowledge (humanity) includes Knowledge (nobility, local, and history)
knowledge (construction) includes Engineering, and dungeoneering checks not on oozes and aberrations.

If your class gets any of Nobility, Local, or History as a class skill, you get knowledge (humanity). If the class gets Engineering or Dungeoneering as a class skill, you get Construction. If you get Geography as a class skill, you get Nature. If you get The Planes, you get Arcana.

Special: You will not be able to use Knowledge (humanity) until you have spent a little time in your new location, because there is no knowledge of local customs, traditions, nobles, etc. that you could have learned.

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Rules Thread
The following races are allowed:

All of the above races are as the core rules, with the following exceptions:
The type of all of the non-human races is humanoid (magic-touched).
-None of these races get a racial language other than common.
-Rangers taking humanoid as their favored enemy must select a subtype (either human or magic-touched).
-None of the races get enhanced senses (low-light vision/darkvision) except for Fetchlings (note that a lot fewer monsters get darkvision as well)
-All Races except fetchlings get the human bonus feat at first level.
-Humans get +2 to any two stats, one physical and one mental, not just one.

All of the core (i.e. human, elf, half-elf, dwarf, half-orc, halfling, and gnome) race specific items, feats, traits, spells, favored class bonuses, etc. are available to any race. Note that other restrictions still apply, so e.g. Improved Stone Cunning is only available if you somehow get Stone Cunning.

Race specific weapons still exist, and are renamed without the race name (e.g. Elven Curve Blade becomes Curve Blade with same statistics)

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Rules Thread
Leadership: Not available as a feat. All players will have the opportunity to lead an organization starting at level 7.

Combat Expertise does not exist. Anything that required it as a prequisite no longer does so, and also does not require int 13+

Piranha strike can be used with any finessable weapon, if you possess the feat.

Manyshot and clustered shot do not exist.
Remove point-blank shot from prerequisites of all feats except the snap shot chain

The Two-Weapon Fighting and Vital Strike feat grants the improved and greater versions when you meet the other prerequisites.

Vital strikes (and its successors) also multiply precision damage as well as base weapon damage. Other bonuses (such as from a high strength score) remain unchanged.

Spring Attack allows you to make any sort of standard action in between your moves, not just a standard attack. If the action involves making a melee attack against a single individual, your movement does not provoke AoOs from that individual. This new version of the feat renders shot on the run and fly by attack obsolete, although ride-by-attack is still useful.

Dimensional Agility and Dimensional Assault are combined into one Feat, Dimensional Assault. They can be used with any spell or spell-like ability that functions “as dimension door.” (including the new Lesser Abundant Step)

Dimensional Savant and Dimensional Dervish are combined into a second feat, with prerequisites Dimensional Assault and BAB +6.

Dazing spell does not exist.
Silent, Still, enlarge, and elemental spell are +1/2 spell level, not +1. Round down like normal. (note spontaneous casters still need full actions to cast such spells).

Master craftsman is now a trait, not a feat, and gives a spellcasting level for all purposes related to crafting magic items, based on appropriate skill ranks.

All feats, traits, and items that lower the level-cost of metamagic are banned.

New Feats:
Improved Weapon Finesse (combat), requires: Weapon Finesse
Bonus: When using Weapon finesse, you may use your dexterity bonus instead of your strength bonus to damage. This bonus is halved for off-hand weapons, but is not increased for wielding the weapon two-handed. Any strength penalty to damage still applies.
Special: You may not use Improved Weapon Finesse and power attack on the same attack.

Long Step (combat)
Benefit: Anytime you could normally take a 5-foot step, you can instead move 10 ft. This movement follows all of the normal rules for five foot steps (including not provoking attacks of opportunity). You still may not move and take a 5-foot step in the same round.

Double Step (combat)
Prerequisite: Long Step
Benefit: Instead of one 10 ft step, you can take two 5-foot steps per round. If an ability would allow you to take an action that uses up your 5-foot step for the round (such as step up), you can have it use up only one of your 5 foot steps, or you can use both of them to move 10 ft (as you could before).

Improved Long Step (combat)
Prerequisite: Long Step
Anytime you could normally take a 5-foot step, you can instead move 15 ft. This movement follows all of the normal rules for five foot steps (including not provoking attacks of opportunity). You still may not move and take this step in the same round.
Special: If you also have double step, you can now take three 5 foot steps per round, and can use any combination of them when allowed 5 foot steps.

Critical Vital Strike (combat)
Prerequisite: Vital Strike (see modifications above)
Benefit: When using Vital strike, when you confirm a critical hit, any precision damage you have from class features that require certain situations (such as sneak attack) can be applied even if they would not normally be applicable. If the damage already was applicable, that damage is also increased by the critical multiplier. This still follows the standard multiplication rules, so e.g. with vital strike and a x2 weapon, you would do a net of x3 your regular precision and weapon damage (and double all other damage sources).

You gain two traits, plus one campaign trait (see list)
You can create any trait that grants a +1 bonus to one skill and renders that skill a class skill.
Traits may be re-flavored to suit your character, but must be directly related to your background.
The rule about multiple traits of the same type is ignored.
Fate's Favored is banned.
Metamagic reducing traits are banned
Golarion based regional traits may be re-flavored and allowed at my discretion.

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Rules Thread
Metamagic rods, gems, and other items that allow meta-magic without increasing spell level do not exist.

As mentioned above, we are using automatic bonus progression, so items that give an enhancement bonus to ability scores, armor or weapons, natural armor bonuses, deflection bonuses to AC, or resistance bonuses to saves don't exist.

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Rules Thread
Evocation spells that current have SR: Yes are all changed to SR: Partial. Any damage component of the spell is SR: No, while any rider effects do allow spell resistance. For example, if you cast Ear Piercing Scream and fail to overcome SR, the target still takes the damage, but it is not stunned, even if it fails the fortitude save.

Detect Magic has a range of touch.

Identify is added as a level one spell on all spell lists.

The DC of concentration checks to cast defensively increases by +1 for each foe that threatens you. In addition, this bonus increases as their CMB scales with your CMD:
Attack CMB - Defender CMDCasting Defensively DC
etc.                               etc.
 For example, if you have a CMD of 15, and are threatened by two foes, one with a CMB of +3 and another with +11, your DC is increased by +3 (+1 for the first, +2 for the second foe).

Blood money is banned.

Planar Ally/Planar Binding, animate dead spells are allowed. Players attempting to abuse them will be smote.

Due to there not really being planes in this world, Plane Shift doesn't exist. Most other spells that interact with the planes (summons, shadow walk, etc.) still work as worded, with a little change to fluff.

Simulucrum do not get spells or spell-like abilities. Supernatural abilities are usually transferred, but may not be at GM discretion.

After casting a teleport spell, if a mishap is rolled, the caster cannot cast any [teleport] spells again for 24 hours.

General Rule: any spell that grants an automatic success or replaces a skill check instead grants a +10 circumstance bonus on that check.

Any spell that automatically prevents specific effects, instead grants a +10 circumstance bonus on saves vs that effect.
The below are examples of how this rule is applied. As I remember/hear of new spells, I will apply this rule accordingly.

Spells that grant a climb or swim speed instead grant a +10 circumstance bonus on those checks (e.g. spider climb, monkey-fish, etc.) Polymorph spells to grant speeds as normal.

The invisibility condition grants a +10 circumstance bonus on stealth checks, and the hide in plain sight ability.
In addition, you can make a stealth check as a free action at the beginning of your round, with the above bonus for being invisible. Any opponent who fails to make a perception check equal to your stealth check is denied their dexterity bonus to AC against you until your invisibility ends or the beginning of your next turn, whichever comes first.

Knock allows you to attempt to open up to two locks as a single free action as part of casting the spell. You must use disable device on this check, although you get a circumstance bonus equal to your caster level, and you may use it untrained. You do not gain any bonuses for having a MW tool, nor any penalty for lacking a tool, although other bonuses that affect skill checks still apply.

Detect Secret doors grants a +10 circumstance bonus on perception checks to detect secret doors, and automatically grants such a check when you come within 10 ft of a secret door.

The Fly spell does not grant a bonus on fly checks, and grants a maneuverability of average. Overland flight does not grant any bonus on fly checks, and grants a maneuverability of poor.

Freedom of movement grants a +10 bonus on CMD to avoid being grappled, +10 on checks to escape grapples, and a +10 bonus on saves vs. effects that cause the entangled, paralyzed, staggered, grappled, or pinned conditions. If a spell or effect has additional effects (such as damage), the save bonus does not apply against that effect. This may cause a creature to be partially effected by the effect. It also negates any penalties for fighting underwater, allows you to ignore difficult terrain, and ignore any effect that lowers your movement speed.

Detect magic (and similar spells) counts as interacting with an illusion if the illusion is within the range of the spell. A failed save means the illusion is not noticed, or appears to be magic of a different source (caster's choice). A successful save allows the standard spellcraft check to analyze the aura.

Mind Blank works against all spells that reveal information about the protected target. Instead of immunity, it grants a +10 bonus on saves against such spells and effects, and allows a save to negate any effect even if it doesn't normally allow a save.

True Seeing grants a +10 bonus on saves vs. magic that changes the way things appear, and allows a will save to negate the effect even if the effect does not normally allow one. The save can be made only once per effect, and is made automatically as soon as the effect comes into range (i.e. having True seeing automatically counts as interacting with all illusions within the spell's range)

Interacting with an illusion involves observing it with any sense. If the only sense being used is sight, the observer takes a -5 penalty on their save. If the sense being used is touch, the observer gets a +5 bonus on the save, or may automatically succeed in some cases. Once the save has been failed, it can be attempted again only by observing the illusion with another sense (for example, touching an illusionary wall). A character may believe that an illusion is fake without having made their save, in which case the illusion is not transparent to them, but they can still choose their own actions accordingly.

Protection from (alignment) spells grant a +5 untyped bonus on saves vs. spells that control one's actions and allows a reroll against them if already in effect, instead of automatically rendering targets immune to mind-control. This bonus stacks with the resistance bonus to saves against all spells from (alignment) sources. The other benefits are unchanged.

Any time a creature successfully saves against a mind-affecting spell, they are aware of that fact, and can make a spellcraft check to identify the spell.

New Spells:

Ward Location.
Level 5 (all classes which grant access to 9th lvl spells), 4 (All classes which grant a maximum of 6th lvl spells), or 3 (All Classes which grant a maximum of 4th lvl spells).
Casting Time 1 hour
Components V, S, M (rare components worth 1,500 gp, plus 1,500 gp per 60-foot cube), DF
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area 60-ft. cube/level (S)
Duration permanent
Saving Throw: No, Spell Resistance: No
Ward Location seals an area against all planar travel into or within it. This includes all teleportation spells (such as dimension door and teleport), plane shifting, astral travel, ethereal travel, and all summoning spells. Such effects simply fail automatically. In addition, divination (scrying) spells cannot perceive or target anything or anyone within the area.
Note, this spell mostly replaces Mage's Private Sanctum and Forbiddance. Both spells still exist, since they have other effects, but Ward Location is commonly used throughout the world to protect important locations.

Persue the Enemy
Transmutation, Paladin 2, Anti-paladin 2, Inquisitor 3, Warpriest 3, Cleric/Oracle 3, Ranger 2
Components: V,S,DF
Range: Personal
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Duration: 1 minute/level
For the duration of this spell, you can, as a full round action move your speed and then make a full attack action. The motion must end next to a creature you have smited, or is of the creature type of a weapon you have made Bane using your Bane class feature, is a favored enemy, or be visibly a member of a rival faith, and you must then either make the attack or full-attack action against that creature. If your attack drops the foe, you may make any remaining attacks against other foes in reach as normal, but otherwise you may only make attacks against an enemy or enemies that meet the qualifications listed above.
The movement provided by this spell provokes attacks of opportunity as normal.

Beast Pounce
Transmutation [Polymorph]: Bloodrager 2, Ranger 2, Druid 3, Alchemist 3, Investigator 3, Hunter 3, Skald 3, Witch 3
Casting Time: 1 standard Action
Components: V,S,M/DF
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round/level
The touched creature gains the pounce special ability.

Lesser Dimension Door
Conjuration(teleport)Wizard/Sorcerer 2, Bloodrager 2, Bard 2, Skald 2, Witch 2, Summoner 2, Magus 2
Casting Time: 1 move action
Components: V
Range: Short (25+5 ft/2lvls)
Target: Personal
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None, Spell Resistance: No
As Dimension Door, except for as above, and you can only teleport to positions you have line of sight to (you do not need line of effect however). This spell counts as Dimension Door for the purpose of meeting requirements for the Dimensional Agility and Dimensional Dervish feats, and may be used with them as if it were dimension door. Note that without those feats, as with Dimension Door, this spell ends your turn.

Dimension Jump
Conjuration(teleport)Wizard/Sorcerer 4, Bard 4, Skald 4, Witch 4, Summoner 4, Magus 4
Duration: 1 round/lvl
As Lesser Dimension Door, except as long as the spell is in effect, you may use a move action to teleport. This movement does provoke attacks of opportunity, but only for leaving your starting space, not for any other movement. This spell counts as dimension door for the purpose of meeting requirements for the Dimensional Agility and Dimensional Dervish feats, and may be used with them each round as if it were dimension door. Note that without those feats, as with Dimension Door, this spell ends your turn.

Lesser Death Ward
Cleric/Oracle 2, Inquisitor 2, Druid 3, Paladin 2, Witch 2, Alchemist 2
Duration: 10 minutes/level [D]
As death ward, however the bonus on saves is only +2, instead of providing immunity to negative energy, the affected creature ignores the first 10 points of damage from negative energy, and instead of immunity to ability drain, has a 25% chance of negating each instance of ability drain (roll separately for each imposed negative level).

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Rules Thread
Campaign Traits

Crystal Acolyte (Campaign)
You studied at the empire's center of magic, the crystal tower, and reached the rank of journeyman. You own a crystal that can serve as a focus on spells that reveal that which would otherwise be hidden.
Benefit: You possess a crystal, that can be worn as a necklace, a ring, on a staff, worn on a torc, etc. Whenever you cast a spell of the divination school or the [light] subschool, you may activate the crystal as part of the casting (not an action), gaining a +1 to caster level and spell DC. The crystal glow, shedding light as a candle for 1 round immediately following. You may also cause the crystal to glow without casting a spell as a free action.

Philosopher-Priest Acolyte (Campaign)
You are an acolyte to one of the great philosopher-priests of the Eternal Empire. You have learned much sacred and restricted knowledge.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on knowledge (religion) and knowledge (arcana) checks, and both of these skills as class skills. You gain a +2 bonus on spell penetration checks.

Unlicensed Mage (Campaign)
You learned magic outside of the two main centers of mystical lore, the philosopher mages and the crystal tower. While this is not strictly speaking illegal, it is frowned upon, and you learned to be discrete in your casting.
Benefit: You gain the subtle casting Conceal Spell feat. (Fixed wrong name of feat)

Philosopher-Warrior (Campaign)
The Path reveals the truth of the world, and truth is power. You studied with the philosophers, and learned their ways. While you did not have the inclination for magic, you applied their teachings to your martial training
Benefit: You gain one of the following feats: Kirin Style, Archon Style, or Ascetic Style. You do not need to meet the prerequisites for this feat. If you take Kirin Style, you may enter into that style as a free action.

Imperial Soldier (Campaign)
The imperial army stresses the importance of teamwork and fighting in small units. As a veteran, even without your teammates around you, you know how to use an allies support to cover your own back.
Benefit: When adjacent to at least one ally, enemies that are flanking you do not get the bonus to hit (you still count as flanked for other purposes, such as sneak attack).

Spirit Friend (Campaign)
The Path teaches that all objects have spirits, but they are rarely encountered. Through some happenstance, you once befriended one of these minor spirit. When you left to join the crusade, you took with you the particular rock, bush, or other object it is linked too. The spirit now journeys with you, providing aid and assistance.
Benefit: You gain a spirit familiar. The familiar has the stats of a brownie, except that it is incorporeal, does not have any spell-like abilities, and cannot move more than 100 feet from its object. If you gain the ability to summon a familiar, you may select it as your familiar, and treat your effective level for its abilities as two levels higher than your actual level.

Barbarian Tribute (Campaign)
The barbarian people who live in the outlying regions of the Eternal Empire are tolerated so long as they pay annual tribute to the empire. As these peoples are poor, the tribute collectors will choose the strongest, brightest, or most promising of their young people to be servants of the empire. You were one tribute, and have lived in the empire for many years, eventually being taken on crusade. However, you still have the cold hardiness of your youth living in the frozen wastelands.
Benefit: You gain Cold Resistance 5. This resistance stacks with any other source of cold resistance.

Nobility (Campaign)
While the Crystal Mages and Philosopher-Priests are the power behind the empire, they leave the day-to-day administration to the old noble families. As the child of one of these families, you were raised from birth to lead, and given every possible advantage from your tutors.
Benefit: Choose any two charisma or intelligence based skills. These become class skills for you. If they are already class skills, you instead gain skill focus in those skills.

Family (Campaign)
The crusade was to take years, and the plan called for the empire to create a colony in the new world as a base for outreach and conversion. Thus, many who traveled brought their spouses and children with them. One member of your family survived the crash with you, and now you must protect them.
Benefit: You gain the bodyguard feat. When protecting your family member, the bonus to AC is doubled, can also be applied to reflex saves, and the target gains evasion against the triggering effect.
Your family member is a level 1 expert, commoner, or aristocrat..

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Rules Thread
Retraining rules are allowed:
Retraining costs are usually in GP, but may be in GC depending on what is being retrained. Retraining HP always requires GC. Retraining that requires a trainer also always requires GC. Others are on a case-by-case basis.