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Mon 18 Feb 2019
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RTJ and Game Policy
Character Creation
Level: 6
Point Buy: 25
House Rules: See List
Rulebooks Allowed: Paizo Pathfinder books, except for adventure paths and campaign setting books. Other things on case by case basis.
I will allow homebrew things on a case by case basis, but only if there's no other way to mechanically represent a concept well.
Traits: 2 (see house rules for changes to traits), plus one campaign trait
Starting Equipment: either n/a (if taking over an existing character), or 4000 GP worth of magic items (note that we are using ABP)

Describe two things: your character, and your contribution to the world.

1. Who is your character? What motivates them, what do they fear, what do they want? Also, more in terms of mechanics, what do they provide to the party, both in and out of combat? I don't need characters to be uber-optimized, but I'd like to see that everyone's character can do something useful most of the time, without stepping on everyone else's toes.

Note that I expect the game to go from levels 6 to ~12. So don't build a character with the intention of playing it at level 15+.

I don't need a full character sheet, or full length dissertation of the character's backstory. Just the highlights.

2. Contribution to the world
I rather intentionally left your old homeland quite sparse, and the religion fairly sparse. Now's your time to shine. Write up a short addition. Could be your character's hometown, a religious celebration or ritual, etc.
For bonus points, describe it by showing rather than telling. Write your character experiencing the celebration, showing someone around town, or whatever.

Adult Policy
This game will feature adult themes and scenes of gore. In order to join, you must be 18+ in your jurisdiction. Rated as a Mature game.

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 The GM
Mon 18 Feb 2019
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RTJ and Game Policy

The general thrust of the game is that you are all on a shared mission in an unfamiliar (and quite likely hostile) land. It is assumed that all of the characters will be working together to achieve the party's goals. I am not restricting alignment, but I do not want to see PvP.

Post Frequency
Please try for a post every day. A steady pace is encouraged. Please let me know if you will be away so we can work around it (NPC-ing may be an option)
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 The GM
Mon 18 Feb 2019
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RTJ and Game Policy
Posting in Combat
We will do "group initiative." Usually I will roll everyone's initiative and start the combat order to save time.

In group initiative, depending on how you are grouped with your allies, you may post in any order within this grouping but DO NOT post until it is your groups turn.

In character posts should have a narrative description of the action. Then, at the conclusion of your in character post, please post a horizontal line, and in orange post your actions from a mechanical point of view (e.g.

Rolls (copied from die roller)
Move Action: Move to square A5
Standard Action Attack Guard in A6

Current HP: X/Y
Temporary Affects: Buff 1 (duration left), Debuff 2 (origin time), etc.

You can modify slightly, but should basically be as above. I suggest coming up with a template, and then copying that into your scratchpad, and copy/pasting it over as needed.

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