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Rules and RTJ
I have no intention of being a hard-ass about things unless I need to. This is important, and so these rules are set in place to make sure I don't have to be, so players can have fun, and so I can have fun. I'm keeping these brief so we can focus on the actual fun bits, just make sure these are ingrained in to every action you take in my game.

  • BE POLITE. Dammit I do not want to deal with drama in this game, because I do not want to lose players.
  • LGBT+ FRIENDLY. If you have problem with this, then you can leave. I don't want you here.
  • DO NOT JOIN IF YOU CANNOT COMMIT. This is a big project for me, it is a game I want to have going for some time. I don't want people to drop in then out before things really happen. I have a lot of plans to keep us going for a while. I ask players be ready for a long term story.
  • BE ACTIVE. Like above, I want things to keep moving, so please do your best to get one In Character post every 3 days at maximum. I'm not going to be hard on this if you are waiting on someone else/several people, but do your best not to keep people waiting.
  • READ EVERYTHING, DON'T POWERPLAY. Sometimes two or maybe three threads will be updating with different players at a time, make sure these are ready so you know what's going on. Your characters do not however. Like wise, when you rtj throw in the word cookies above the rtj so I know you have read everything. Fair play is a must.
  • MATURE. I can't see this being 'general' just because of the setting, it's not going to be huge, but language and violence are aspects. This is not adult, so do not push it.


Second Generation: The small number of Destined who followed up the Origin Children, and the first group to work together even after their return from the Digital World. The final days in the Digital World are a complete mystery to them. Events that transpired that brought them back were removed from even their memory. What happened to them... even they don't know.
Third Generation:The largest generation, these are the group who were exposed to Digimon enmasse. They have been to the Digital World, met and fought with their partners, but they have not had a true enemy yet. Not like the First and Second Generations. Perhaps it is about time they see just the risks of the Digital World.
Binary Foundation: A covert group set up around the time of the First Generation, and theorized to be run by them. Just what part they play in things is unknown.

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Rules and RTJ

Name: (easy enough)
Gender: (just as easy)
Age: (13-17, make sure it makes sense with Generation. Second Generation will be anywhere up to 17, but Third will be on the younger side of the scale)
Generation: (are you a second or third Generation Child)

Physical Appearance: (describe, 5+sentences minimum)

Personality: (same as above)

History: (touch upon your life before the Digimon, how you first encountered one and when, and what role you played within your Generation)

Nickname: (give your partner a unique name)


Unique Traits: (something physical that might set them aside)

Evolution route: (Refer to and they will be in Child state for majority of the game. Can access all but Ultimate/Mega level, that will come later)
Prior Route: (Second Generation only <You'll find out why> may once have had a different evolution route. Caps at Perfect/Ultimate level)


<b>Physical Appearance:</b>





<b>Unique Traits:</b>

<b>Evolution route:</b>
<b>Prior Route:</b>

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