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Character Creation

The Bare Naked Basics

     We start with a super-quick review of the Game Mechanic:

     Attributes (mental & physical statistics) as well as Skill Levels/Ranks/Etc. are all represented as a single Die Type, starting with a d4 and going all the way up to d12.  The bigger the number range of the die, the “better/higher” your Attribute or Skill is.

     Making “Attribute Checks” or “Skill Rolls” are both called TRAIT TESTS.  When rolling a Trait Test, you will roll ONLY the type of die listed for that Attribute or Skill, plus-or-minus some bonuses--and maybe even a Wild Die.  A little more on this later.

     Success is rolling a 4 or higher, no matter what Die Type you’re rolling.  And for every 4 points over the first 4 points, you get an additional success--which is called a Raise.  Depending upon the circumstance, sometimes you will only count a single Raise, other times you will count all Raises.

     In the Character Creation procedure, to follow, you will be given points to spend to purchase higher Die Types for both Attributes and Skill Levels.

     But before we get to that, spend a moment thinking about this. . . .

Your Savage Hero Character Concept

     Before you begin to build your character, come up with a general idea of the kind of Savage Hero you want to play—a Military Man, perhaps a gentle Society Woman who secretly desires after adventure, or a benevolent Government Official who wants to get out into the field and see how it really is, or maybe an outdoorsy Scientist?
     The Year of Our Lord 1889 is a time when men and women from all origins and ideologies, from Europe to the United States. . .oh, and the rest of the world, too, of course. . .all come together to cooperate in broadening the bounds of scientific knowledge, unraveling mysteries, stifling advocates of violence, and promoting peace and tolerance in the preservation of Earth and the other worlds alike.
     At least...that’s what folks want you to believe.  Mostly, though, it’s a competition to see who can maintain their personal composure and manners while trying to get away with whatever they can.  Good, Evil or Indifferent, as long as you maintain an outward appearance of good manners and civilized etiquette, the world will look fondly upon you.  So, while it is true that it takes all kinds to make the world go round, it takes a special kind of personality to become an Adventurer, especially in the dangerous world of Savage Space: 1889.
     There is a file called Victoriana, in it is explained how life in 1889 was different from our life in the early 21st Century--how things were different for some groups of people, and how some things were the same.  Reading over that before you create your character may help you to decide how or what to make your character.
     It is also good to remember that while all of the British Commonwealth Nations, much of Europe, and even the East Coast of the USA was enamoured with Queen Victoria of Brittain at this time--thus the name Victorian Era--at the same time, in North America, it was also a period in history that would come to be known as The Old West.  US expansion westward was at it's peak, and much of the activities that would become the Legends of the Old West were happening right then.
     Also here, below, are some more game-mechanically oriented suggestions for Character Concepts, or backgrounds, that you might consider.  In The Original Space: 1889 (TOS: 1889), these concepts were called Careers; in many Savage Worlds settings they are called Archetypes.  In Savage Space: 1889 we’re going to cover the idea of Character Concepts with Background Professional Edges (BPEs).  Below is a list of common “character types” and “backgrounds” presented in the Edge format for you to ponder, and perhaps help spur your imagination as to what kind of character you might like to create.
     These Background Professional Edges are presented here as examples, you do not have to select one of these—feel free to make up your character from scratch.  But these Background Professional Edges have been checked for balance within the system, and can be used as is right off the mark, making their use a big time saver.  Look them over first, then move on to the actual construction of a Savage Hero, keeping in mind what is needed to get to be one of these Edges, or something similar.

Example Background Professional Edges:

     Requirements: Novice, Status +2 or greater, Persuasion d8+
     You know how to play to an audience!  You gain a +2 to Performance when adopting a role, and you also gain 2 additional Languages.  As you are a professional performer, a successful Performance roll earns 1d6 Pounds, a single Raise increasing that amount to 2d6 Pounds.  If three (3) Raises should be rolled a Favor is offered by a doting fan.  On snake eyes, however, your performance is a flop, dropping your Status by –2 and possibly inciting challenges from outraged critics and audience members.  In this meaning a “performance” means the work of, at least, a few hours, not just the performance of a single song or quotation of a few lines.  In this meaning, a performance means a show.

Army Cavalryman
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Fighting d6+, Shooting d4+, Riding d6+
     As a combat Cavalryman, you keep your seat in the saddle under trying circumstances and stay alert to your surroundings.  You get a +2 to Riding and Notice rolls while mounted on any riding creature (the bonus does not apply to Riding rolls substituted for Fighting (as might be done for Jousting)).  You also receive a +2 on any Common Knowledge checks regarding the military.

Army Infantryman
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Fighting d4+, Shooting d6+, Survival d4+
     Keeping your head down and your eyes open is a lesson valuable to any field soldier.  Your Savage Hero receives +2 to Stealth and Notice rolls in rural environments, as well as +2 on all military-related Common Knowledge checks.

Army Gunner
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Fighting d4+, Shooting d4+, Gunnery d6+
     You are trained to handle the largest weapons of war, even under less than optimal conditions.  You get +2 to clear all jammed weapons that use the Gunnery skill.  Additionally, when executing suppressive fire you receive +2 on the roll.  If your suppressive fire result is a raise, Spirit rolls to recover from Shaken conditions caused by this shot are made at –2.  You roll Common Knowledge checks regarding the military at +2.

Army Medical Orderly
     Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Medicine) d4+, Healing d6+
     A character with this Edge can get wounded soldiers up and fighting again in seconds. If the medic can get to a wounded non-Wild Card by the end of the round in which he was wounded, he can make an immediate Healing roll at –2. If the roll is successful, the victim is merely Shaken instead of wounded.

Army Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)
     Requirements: Novice & Command Edge, plus Requirements for Army Service Branch (Infantryman, Cavalryman, Gunner, or Medical Orderly) you choose.
     In addition to the Edge benefits for the Service Branch of your choice, you are also able to project your commanding presence farther than normal.  Add +3” to your command radius.

Army Officer
     Requirements: Novice & Command Edge, plus Requirements for Army Service Branch Infantryman, Cavalryman, Gunner, or Medical Orderly) you choose,
                              but may not have the Poverty or Disowned Hindrance.
     While this Edge gains you only a lesser Officer's Rank--a Lieutenant or Captain, maybe a Major's rank--you also gain +1 Status.  In addition, you will gain all Edge benefits for the Service Branch of your choice, and at some time in your past you have served as a command officer at some foreign post, where you learned to fluently speak one additional language--the language of the local troops you commanded.  Thus, having some Field Combat experience, you also get +1 on Knowledge (Battle) rolls.

Colonial Office Administrator
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Vigor d6+, Persuasion d4+, Notice d6+, Shooting d4+
     You are the kind of staunch, level-headed chap who keeps the wheels of Empire running, making your the Greatest Nation in The World--whatever World that happens to be.  You gain fluency in two more languages from your time in the far-flung outposts of Empire, and so gain a +2 on Persuasion rolls when communicating with natives in their own tongue, and a +1 on any Knowledge (Law) and (Business) rolls from your experiences at negotiating.  You receive a stipend of five Pounds Sterling per month, but only if you take on the Obligation (Minor, To Colonial Office) Hindrance.  You can lose the Hindrance by resigning the position, but this will forfeit the income as well.  A Status increase (or decrease) may accompany this position, depending upon the location of the posting (argue about it with the GM).

     Requirements: Novice, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Survival d6+, Tracking d4+,
        Shooting d4+, Swimming d4+
     You are almost always able to find your way in the worst of predicaments and guide others along. You receive a +2 on Survival rolls, and can make a Smarts roll to deduce your current location without specific knowledge of the area.  You also resist disease and fatigue better than most, adding +2 to your rolls to counter hazardous or harmful environmental effects.

Foreign Office Agent
     Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Lockpicking  d6+, Persuasion d6+, Notice d6+
     You are an expert in the art of finding clues, blending in, and playing roles.  You receive +2 on Persuasion attempts to remain anonymous, to Lockpicking rolls, the forging of documents, or sleight of hand, and on Notice rolls when searching a location. You earn a stipend of £5 per month if you take the Obligations (Minor, To Foreign Office) Hindrance. You may quit and lose the Hindrance, but you’ll forfeit the income as well.

Foreign Office Diplomat
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Smarts d8+, Persuasion d6+, Notice d6+
     You are a suave negotiator and quick to interpret clues from another’s body language.  French is a free language for you, and you make Persuasion rolls at +2 in a formal setting.  As well, you roll Notice at +2 to sense lies or whether a person is under duress.  You earn a stipend of £5 per month if you take the Obligations (Minor, To Foreign Office) Hindrance.  You may quit and lose the hindrance, but forfeit the income as well.

     Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Science) d6+, Knowledge (Engineering) d6+
        Knowledge (Mechanics) d6+, Repair d4+
     You start the game with two prototype inventions completed (pending GM approval), each with Reliability d6.  In addition, you earn 2d6 x £10 each year from royalties on your mundane patents.

     Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Stealth d6+, Thievery d6+
     Thieves specialize in deceit, treachery, and acrobatics.  They can be invaluable where traps must be detected, walls must be climbed, and locks must be picked.  Thieves know how to use protrusions on walls and window ledges to climb the tallest of buildings, as they scamper through streets and back alleys like cats.  They add +2 to Athletics rolls made to climb any surface with ropes and proper gear as well as or to maintain their balance on precarious perches like rooftops and mountain ledges, but in urban areas, Thieves add +1 to Athletics rolls to free climb buildings.  Thieves also know how to use the variance of light, dark, and shadowed areas to conceal their movements and actions, so get to add a +1 to Stealth rolls when shadows are available to hide in.  Finally, these rogues are—not surprisingly—adept at Thievery itself, adding +1 to those Trait rolls in all circumstances.

     Requirements: Novice, Persuasion d8+, Knowledge (Business) d6+, Streetwise d4+
     You are a natural salesperson.  You add +2 to Persuasion rolls when negotiating, or brokering deals.  You also have a nose for local markets, legal or otherwise, gaining +2 when attempting to acquire or sell anything.

Navy Captain
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Status 3+, Command, Boating d4+, Fighting d4+,
        Knowledge (Gunnery) d4+, Knowledge (Trimsman) d4+, Piloting d4+, Repair d4+,
        Swimming d4+, may not have the Seasick or Airsick Hindrance
     You are the Navy! You gain the Edge benefits for a Navy Petty Officer (see below), as well as one additional European language. You also have a knack for judging distances. Reduce all range penalties by 1 (to a minimum of 1) for all ship weapons under your command.

Navy Ordinary Seaman
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Boating d4+, Fighting d4+, Knowledge (Gunnery) d4+,
        Repair d4+, Swimming d4+, may not have the Seasick or Airsick Hindrance
     You’ve seen enough of both the wet navy and aerial flyers to be useful on any ship. You gain +2 to Boating, Knowledge: Trimsman, and while aboard a ship, Notice rolls and Common Knowledge rolls regarding the Navy or aerial ships are made at +2.

Navy Petty Officer
     Requirements: Novice, Male only, Status 2+, Boating d4+, Fighting d4+, Knowledge
        (Gunnery) d4+, Knowledge (Trimsman) d4+, Piloting d4+, Repair d4+, Swimming d4+,
         may not have the Seasick or Airsick Hindrance
     You’re sufficiently experienced to manage most any ship.  You receive +2 on Boating, Knowledge: Trimsman, and, while aboard a ship, Notice rolls. In addition, you gain the Command Edge when leading ordinary seamen, and all Common Knowledge rolls you make relating to navy or aerial ships are made at +2.

     Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Charisma +2 or better, Knowledge (Journalism) d6+,
        Investigation d4+
You are a popular journalist. You receive +2 Status, and a +2 on Knowledge (Journalism) rolls.

There will be a separate Thread, or maybe a Wiki file, that lists all the other Edges that will be available to you, for later consideration.  Now, on to the actual Character Building!

No, really!  This time we're really gonna do it!

     The heart of a good roleplaying game is the ability to make, customize, and advance your own characters. Here’s how it works in Savage Space: 1889.

Step 1) Choose Race
    Choose from any race available in the setting to build your character with.  The Savage Space: 1889 setting will contain complete rules and background information for the many new races that will appear here.
     Having said that, right now, at the beginning of this game, all Characters are restricted to being Human.  From Earth.  Now, should your Character be unfortunate enough to die during the game (excluding suicide--you ain't fooling me!), then you might be able to create a new Character that is not a Human--but that will depend upon the circumstances and locale where the old Character dies.
     Humans have a Racial Bonus of getting 1 Novice Edge for Free.  Yes, for FREE, but you won't pick it until later (it's advisable, but not mandatory, you consider using this Free Edge to get a Background Professional Edge, representing the "Career" the Character was/is still pursuing before becoming an Adventurer.

Step 2) Attributes
     Every character starts with a d4 in each of the five Attributes--Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor--at no cost.  Right, Free.
     Agility is a measure of a character’s nimbleness, dexterity, and general coordination.
     Smarts measures raw intelligence, mental acuity, and how fast a heroine thinks on her feet.  It’s used to resist certain types of mental and social attacks.
     Spirit is self-confidence, backbone, and willpower.  It’s used to resist social and supernatural attacks as well as fear.
     Strength is physical power and fitness.  It’s also used as the basis of a warrior’s damage in hand-to-hand combat, and to determine how much he can wear or carry.
     Vigor represents an individual’s endurance, resistance to disease, poison, or toxins, and how much physical damage she can take before she can’t go on.  It is most often used to resist Fatigue effects, and as the basis for the derived stat of Toughness.

     You now have 5 points to spend to increase your Attribute Die Types.
     Raising a d4 to a d6, for example, costs 1 point, then raising that d6 to a d8 costs 1 more point, and so on.
     You’re free to spend these points however you like, except that now, at character creation, no attribute may ever be raised above a d12 unless an Edge or Racial Ability says otherwise.  If it does, then each increase beyond a d12 adds only a +1 modifier, not an increase to a higher sided die.  Increasing a d12 Strength by two steps, for example, gains you a Strength score of d12+2.
     Later, after Character Creation, in the process of Character Advancement, it may become possible to increase a Die Type significantly beyond a d12.

     Once you have spent all 5 points on Attribute Die Types--spend them all here, folks, 'cuz you can't save them and they don't roll over to be used on Skills!  Use them now, or lose them.  Once all 5 points are spent, move on to Step 3, Skills.

Step 3) Skills
     Skills are learned abilities such as firing weapons, hand-to-hand combat, scientific ability, professional aptitudes, and so on.
     Skills in Savage Worlds are very broad in scope to keep the action simple and straightforward.  The Shooting skill, for example, covers all types of guns, bows, rocket launchers, and other ranged weapons.  Remember, this is a game of Fast! Furious! Fun!  If you think this creates rather "generic" results, don’t worry—you’ll have plenty of ways to customize your character with Edges, later.

     Core Skills: Five skills stand out above the others: Athletics, Common Knowledge, Notice, Persuasion, and Stealth.  These are “innate” abilities most adult adventurers have.  Unless a Racial Ability, Edge, or Hindrance says otherwise, your Savage Hero starts the game with a d4 in each of these five core skills.  Yes, for Free.
     All other Skills start at "No Die Type"--you can still use them, they're just considered Untrained, but you'll be rolling dice with negative modifiers--you have to spend points to get that starting d4.

     Note that each Skill is "linked" to an Attribute--that Attribute will effect how many points it will cost, per Die Type, to increase the linked Skill.  If the Die Type you are purchasing for the Skill is Less Than the Die Type of the linked Attribute, then that Skill Die Type will only cost 1 point until the Skill Die Type is Equal with the linked Attribute Die Type.  To purchase a Skill Die Type that is Higher Than the linked Attribute Die type costs 2 points per Die Type.
     So, for example, if your Savage Hero wants to pick up the Fighting skill which is linked to his AGILITY of d6.  It costs 1 point to buy Fighting at the starting d4, then 1 more point to buy it up to a d6, and then 2 more points to raise it to a d8.  If the AGILITY had been a d8 to start with, it would have only cost 3 points to get Fighting to a d8, rather than 4 points.

     You now have 12 points to use to buy Die Types for Skills.  The various Skills, and their descriptions, can be found in a separate Thread, or maybe a Wiki file.  As with Attributes, these 12 points are exclusively for use on Skills, they don't roll over and they can't be saved.  Go wild!

     Skill Maximum: Skills may not be increased above d12 during character creation unless a Character’s Race Template starts the skill with a racial bonus starting Die Type. For each Die Type that a Savage Hero's Race adds to a Skill, the maximum Die Type that that Skill could be raised to during character creation increases by +1 (remember that d12 is the normal max, then d12+1, d12+2, d12+3, etc.)
     A Venusian Lizardman, for example, might start the character creation process with a d4 in Survival, which means their Survival skill could conceivably be increased to d12+1 during character creation (there are patient).
     The Skill Maximum rule does not apply to Core Skills unless the Core Skill has been added to by a Racial Template!

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