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Customized Essays: Raising the Bar
Each and every college paper, provided it’s not been plagiarized, is a customized essay. Every one is different and should include a properly researched, in-depth and accurate collection of facts, statistics and sometimes the opinions of the author. There are some college students who can breeze through the numerous research papers and essays found in today’s college classrooms, but it’s a fair statement that most either have no time or no patience to churn out countless writing projects that play such a significant role in GPAs. This, along with a look at what their day requires (family, work, classes, etc.), is enough to send many college students in search of a better solution when it comes to meeting the deadlines and requirements of their customized essays.

As recently as a decade ago, it was difficult to find writers who were willing to take on these projects. Unless you had an “in” with the campus nerd (and we say that with nothing but affection – after all, we’re all a bunch of writing nerds around here), then odds are, you were on your own or were forced to take a leap of faith in someone’s cousin’s best friend’s sister who might or might not have been an essay writer in another life – definitely not a reassuring option. Now, though, and courtesy of the internet, finding solid writers to tackle customized essays is a matter of finding the right company that employs those brilliant writers. Those who can differentiate between “fluff” and solid thought processes and those who strive to provide more than adequate projects are the kind of writers we want on our team. And it’s our belief we have the best of the best.

Our Writing Team

We have dozens of writers who are educated and experienced in writing customized essays. In fact, it’s all they do. The level of expertise can’t be missed in each and every project they complete. Not only is the quality of writing superb, but the attention to detail and the in-depth knowledge they possess in the various formatting requirements of APA, MLA, Harvard and others ensures your customized essay is delivered perfectly each and every time.

Customized Essays on Your Terms

Is it a creative piece for a literature course? Maybe it’s an essay you need to include with your application for acceptance into law school? An editorial for a journalism class, perhaps? Whatever your requirements, Mc Essay can help.

We offer a number of pricing dynamics, too. From rush orders you need within 24 hours to a long-term project that has various components that you will finish in parts, there’s a writer who’s more than happy to work alongside you as you move through the process. You provide the details and requirements and we’ll provide the impressive finished customized essay that you’re proud to put your name on.

Speaking of the Details…

Wondering what a finished customized essay looks like that has our name on it? How about:

Bibliography or Works Cited pages are complimentary
Title Page is complimentary
Revisions are always complimentary
Absolutely, positively no plagiarism is guaranteed
Original works – no copies or rewrites ever
Customer Support team members who are happy to answer your questions every step of the way
Writers who not only accept your project and run with it, but who will maintain contact with you through the entire process – until you are absolutely satisfied with how your customized essay reads.

Anonymity is guaranteed

Now that you know what you can expect, why not let us show you why we’re the most sought after writing company found anywhere? With nothing to lose and strong grades to gain, we’re here and ready to write. Questions? Contact our customer service team – they, along with our writing team, will work hard to ensure your satisfaction from start to finish.