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Character Sheet Thread
Loxley, formerly Kit, sidekick of The Black Fox, aka Kit Tucker

Abilities [40]
Str 1
Sta 3
Fgt 0
Agl 5
Dex 2
Int 0
Awa 8
Pre 1

Defenses [16]
Parry 8/+8
Dodge 3/+8
Tou */+8
Fort 5/+8
Wil 0/+8

Skills [26]
Athletics 4/+5
Acrobatics 4/+9
Perception 10/+18
Insight 4/+12
Stealth 8/+13
Persuasion 4/+5
Deception 4/+5
Expertise (Magic) 4/+4
Treatment 2/+2
Sleight of Hand 4/+6
Expertise (Streetwise) 4/+4

Advantages [11]
Improved Critical (Thrown)
Luck 2
Power Attack
All-Out Attack
Equipment 2
Precise Attack 2 (Ranged/Cover and Concealment)
Takedown 2

Powers [56]
Elfsight: Sight Counters all Concealment, Counters Illusion, Penetrates Concealment, Extended Sight 1 [12]
Deadly Aim: Enhanced Advantages (Throwing Mastery 6, Improved Aim, Ranged Attack 8, Ultimate Effort (Aim)) [16]
Changeling Blood: Immunity 3 (Age, Poison, Disease), Concealment 2 (Normal Vision, Passive, Blending), Feature 2 (Quick-Change 2) [6]
Hob-Stitched Shoes: Speed 2, Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2), Removable -1 [5]
Blackthorn Bow: Array (18 pts, 3 Alternate Effects) Removable -4 , Indestructable 1 [17]
Elf-Shot: Ranged Damage 6, Affects Insubstantial 2, Increased Range 1, Improved Critical 3
Snare Shot: Snare 6
Shattering Shot: Ranged Damage 6, Area (Burst)

Equipment [10]
Armored Costume (Protection 5) 5, Smart Phone 2, Rebreather, Fire Extinguisher, Flash Goggles

Motivation: Doing Good:  Kit acts to do good deeds, inspired by the Black Fox.
Prejudice: Kit has only quite recently been able to transition (to being Kit), and people who knew him as Katherine have varying degrees of acceptance and adjustment, to say nothing of the other issues.
Relationship:  Kit still has family; they've helped him transition.  Kit also has family among the Elves; they turn up sometime, and that makes trouble.
Secret:  Kit still maintains a secret identity.  Luckily, the "Kit/Loxley" identity was never clearly gendered, so transition hasn't really interfered with that.

History: Hubert Hawkins, better known as the Black Fox, was a famed vigiliante with his acrobatic skills, stealth, array of trick arrows, and humorous wit that made him popular and beloved, and even given grudging respect among many criminals.  And Katherine Tucker was a great fan, wishing that they, too, could still the disquiet in their heart by taking up a bow to fight criminals.  The idea called to them, drove them, and they trained themselves as best they could to be an archer.  When Katherine started finding leftover arrows The Fox had left scattered here and there after battles, they knew it was destiny, and their uncanny vision made it easier to find them.  When Katherine was ready, Kit first showed up on the scene to try and help The Black Fox, and while the older vigilante was reluctant to accept a teen hero's assistance, Kit's uncanny senses and surprising skill with a bow proved valuable time and time again, leading to The Fox eventually accepting this ally.

Katherine was trained, but the disquiet did not leave their heart.  And then, on a family vacation to England, everything changed.  Katherine's eyes witnessed impossible things, people and creatures no one could see, and that lead to the discovery of an astonishing truth-- Katherine was a changeling, the child of a Hob Forester in the courts of Faerie.  This trip solidified a truth that Katherine could no longer deny, as well-- Katherine was male, for all that his body reflected that somewhat poorly.  It was an emotional vacation, but Katherine-- now "Kit" in civilian life as well-- came out about his gender identity to his family, and was gratified to have their support.  Coming out to The Black Fox was harder, and a more difficult conversation, but Hubert eventually accepted this change, and likewise accepted Kit's desire to use the alias "Loxley," to seperate himself further from his past.  He also had to explain the Changeling detail to The Fox, to explain why he was now using a different box and magical shoes, but luckily Hubert's sense of humor let him adjust to all the changes...
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Character Sheet Thread
Hero I.D.: Shade
Real Name: Maria Alejandra Gonzalez
Power Level: 8

Abilities (68)
Str 2, Sta 2, Agl 6, Fgt 11, Dex 0, Int 5, Awe 4, Pre 4

Trade Offs
Attack +4/Damage -4, Defenses +3/Toughness -3

Skills (33, 66 Ranks)
Acrobatics +10 (4), Athletics +8 (6), Deception +6 (2), Expertise: Streetwise +9 (4), Insight +10 (6), Intimidation +8 (4), Investigation +9 (4), Perception +8 (4), Persuasion +6 (2), Ranged Combat: Thrown +12 (12), Sleight of Hand +7 (7), Stealth +11 (5), Technology +7 (2), Treatment +8 (4)

Advantages (40)
Agile Feint, All-Out Attack, Choke Hold, Close Attack, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 8, Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Disarm, Improved Hold, Improved Trip, Improvised Tools, Instant Up, Languages 2 (Portuguese and English), Power Attack, Precise Attack 4, Prone Fighting, Quick Draw, Set Up, Takedown 2, Uncanny Dodge.

Initiative +6
Unarmed Attack +12, 2 Damage
Bolos +12, Ranged Snare 3
Flashbang -, Ranged Burst Area Dazzle 4
Skullorang +12, 4 Damage
Sleep Gas -, Ranged Cloud Area Sleep 4
Tonfa +12, 4 Damage

Defenses (9)
Dodge 11, Parry 11, Toughness 5/4/2, Fortitude 5, Will 5

Equipment (8 Ranks, 40)
Binoculars, Cell Phone (2), Commlink, Cutting Torch, Flash Goggles, Grapple Gun, Lockpicks, Flashlight, Gas Mask, Handcuffs,  Mini-Tracers, Multitool, Night Vision Goggles, Parabolic Microphone, Rebreather, Video Camera.

Weapons: Flashbang (16), AP: Smoke Bomb, AP: Sleep Gas, AP: Bolos, AP: Skullorang (2 Damage), Tonfa (2)

Armour: Reinforced Costume (Enhanced Toughness 1)

Enemy - Shade has many enemies that she shares with Wraith including Candy Man, Street Demon, Vixen and Trapjaw. She even has a few of her own and ones she shares with the team.
Identity - The fact that Maria is the Shade isn't known to the public or the rest of the students at school as it would endanger Wraith's identity as well.
Responsibility: Brother - Maria cares deeply for her brother Diego and has had to do some unpleasant things to keep him safe. She feels antsy if she can't speak with him on the phone at least once a day.

Maria's father moved the family from their native Colombia to Brazil when Maria was young. Her father was a fighter on the underground circuit and he had double crossed one of the cartels. He had agreed to take a dive, but instead he had bet a large sum of money on himself and rapidly knocked his opponent out and taken all the money and ran.

In Brazil the family led comfortable lives, but her father's paranoia never left him. He took to harshly training his children with various combat arts, hoping it would keep them safe. It was all for not. When Maria was ten the family was eating out and while Maria was off playing with Diego, the cartel had finally caught up with them. They gunned down her parents and her order siblings Alejandro and Nicolas. Maria hid with Diego and when the men were gone, she went to see if anyone was still alive. Her mother was the only one, she told Maria to take care of her brother, and to not trust the police before she died. As soon as Maria heard the sirens, she fled with Diego.

The next few years were spent on the street. Maria lied, stole, pick pocketed and worse to keep Diego fed and safe. She received many, many scars during this time, but she was able to hide them under her clothes. After years of this, a rich looking American appeared in the slums. He was obviously out of place and she overheard a gang talking about robbing, torturing and killing the American. Which would have been bad news for the rest of the slum, it would bring down the police and maybe even the Feds. Maria helped to save the man. The American (who was named Robert Green) offered to take Maria and Diego to America and offered Maria a job. She accepted it without a moment's hesitation.

It wasn't what she expected. Robert made her a maid. One who he only paid peanuts, just for the chance to be able to brag about this with his friends. Maria wasn't happy, but Diego was safe and while her wage was very small, it was a steady source of income.

Eventually, it seems that Robert Green had been bragging about this story to the wrong friends. A man named John St. Cloud appeared at the door looking to talk with her. He asked Maria about her side of the story, and eventually he got most of the story from her and offered her a better paying job. Tired of the laughter of these rich Americans, Maria agreed.

The job wasn't what she was expecting. She wasn't a maid or another personal servant, Mr. St. Cloud was the superhero known as The Wraith and he wanted her to become his crime-fighting partner. Maria could already fight, so he trained her in the skills she would need. Soon she was ready to begin her new like as The Shade.
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Mon 19 Aug 2019
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Character Sheet Thread
Hero I.D.: Mako
Real Name: Kelly Shearer
Power Level: 8

Abilities (82)
Str 11, Sta 11, Agl 4, Fgt 5, Dex 0,  Int 2, Awe 3, Pre 5

Trade Offs
Attack -3/Damage +3, Defenses -3/Toughness +3

Skills (22, 44 Ranks)
Acrobatics +9 (5), Athletics +14 (3), Intimidation +13 (8), Perception +12 (9), Ranged Combat: Thrown Objects +5 (5), Stealth +9 (5), Technology +8 (6) Treatment +6 (3)

Advantages (13)
All-Out Attack, Beginner's Luck, Diehard, Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Interpose, Luck 3, Takedown 2

Initiative +4
Unarmed Attack +5, 11 Damage

Defenses (3)
Dodge 5, Parry 5, Toughness 11, Fortitude 11, Will 5

Powers (30)
Human/Shark Hybrid (Enhanced Strength 2 Flaw: Limited to Lifting, Immunity 4 [Cold, Disease, Drowning, High Pressure], Leaping 6, Senses 5 [Accurate & Acute Sense of Smell, Darkvision, ], Speed 3, Swimming 10)

Motivation: Acceptance Besides the issue of her current form, Kelly spent most of her life isolated from other people

Accident Kelly before the experiments, Kelly was a 4'10 frail girl and after she's a 6'3 muscular shark-person. She's still getting used to this new form.

Prejudice While not a mutant, Kelly is a massive shark-person, that tends to get noticed and makes people uneasy.

Weakness: Lack of Water - If left without water, Kelly will grow progressively weaker. After a long period of time, she will becoming Fatigued, Impaired, Disabled, Stunned, etc. (in addition to dropping Strength & Stamina consistently).

NPCs: Dynima, Gargantua, Oceana and Silverhands
Harmonia Eleven
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Mon 19 Aug 2019
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Character Sheet Thread
Harmonia Eleven PL 8/150

Abilities [46]
Str -1
Sta 5
Fgt -1
Agl 3
Dex 0
Int 8
Awa 9
Pre 0

Defenses [6]
Parry 4/3
Dodge 0/3
Tou */+13
Fort 2/+7
Will 0/+9

Skills [18]
Expertise (Space) 4 (+12)
Insight 2 (+11)
Investigation 4 (+12)
Perception 2 (+11)
Persuasion 8 (+8)
Stealth 4 (+7)
Technology 10 (+18)
Treatment 2 (+10)

Advantages [8]
Attractive 1
Luck 3
Eidetic Memory

Powers [72]
Gravity-Irrelevant: Movement 1 (Zero-G Adaptation), Flight 1 (Continuous), Immunity 2 (Gravitic) [6]
Resilient: Protection 8, Immortality 1 [10]
Interstellar Explorer: Immunity 10 (Life Support), Comprehend 5 (Speak, Read and Understand all languages, Machines) [20]
Radio Transmission: Communication 2, Subtle (Radio), Senses 5 (Radio, Accurate) [14]
Blaster Bolt: Ranged Damage 8, Accurate 4 [20]
* AP: Wide-Angle Blast: Damage 8, Area (Cone) [1]
* AP: Flight Mode: Flight 10 [1]
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Tue 20 Aug 2019
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Character Sheet Thread

Hero ID: Selene
Real Name: Luna Boucher
Power Level: 8

Abilities (38)
Str - -1, Sta 1, Agl 2, Fgt 4, Dex 0, Int 4, Awe 8, Pre 1

Trade Offs
Attack -1/Damage +1, Defences -4/Toughness +4

Skills (26, 52 Ranks)
Athletics +5 (6), Deception +8 (7), Expertise: Magic +12 (8), Insight +11 (3), Investigation +7 (3), Perception +12 (4), Persuasion + 6 (5), Ranged Combat: Magic +7 (7) , Sleight of Hand +5 (5), Stealth +6 (4)

Advantages (18)
Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Artificier, Defensive Attack, Eidetic Memory, Evasion 2, Luck 3, Power Attack, Precise Attack: Ranged 2, Ritualist, Trance, Ultimate Effort: Toughness Save, Ultimate Effort: Will Save, Uncanny Dodge

Initiative +2
Unarmed +4, Damage -1
Moonlight Beam +7, Damage 9

Defenses (12)
Dodge 4, Parry 4, Toughness 12/1, Fortitude 6, Will 12

Powers (56)
Magic Senses (Detect Magic 2)

Magic Spells (Annihilation Seed [Burst Area Ranged Damage 8])
-AP: Anti-Magic (Area, Broad Nullify 8)
-AP: Curse Eye (Ranged Weaken Strength 9)
-AP: Evil Black Tentacles (Ranged Affliction 9 [Hindered, Defenceless, Incapacitated])
-AP: Farsight ( Remote Sensing: Vision and Hearing 8)
-AP: Moonlight Bolt (Ranged Damage 9 [Extras: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect 4, Precise)

Magic Travel (Flight 6)
-AP: Teleport 6

Minor Spells (Benefit 1 Unless she wills it, people can't connect the Luna identity to her)

Protective Magic (Force Field 11)

Enemy The cult of the One Who is Many is still looking for Luna. She's sure they haven't found her yet.

Phobia Luna has claustrophobia as well as a fear of being restrained.

Power Loss Luna can't use her magic if she can't gesture or speak.
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Tue 20 Aug 2019
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Character Sheet Thread
Alter, aka Alex Able

Abilities [56]
Str 3
Sta 4
Fgt 4
Agl 4
Dex 0
Int 2
Awa 8
Pre 3

Defenses [4]
Parry 0/4
Dodge 0/4
Tough */4
Fort 4/+8
Will 0/+8

Skills [19]
Athletics 8
Insight 8
Perception 8
Persuasion 8
Technology 2
Treatment 2
Vehicles 2

Advantages [18]
Close Attack 4
Equipment 1
Luck 3
Attractive 1
Precise Attack 4
Instant Up
Uncanny Dodge (Hearing)
Improved Initiative 2

Powers [53]
Morph 2 (Alternate versions of Alter), Metamorph (3 forms) [13]
Ninja Alter: Speed 2, Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2); Enhanced Dodge 8, Enhanced Parry 8; Enhanced Advantages: Equipment 1, Takedown 2, Evasion 2, Hide in Plain Sight; Enhanced Skills: Acrobatics 12, Stealth 12 [40]
Cyber-Alter: Enhanced Strength 5, Lifting Strength 2, Multiattack Punch 8, Alt. Effect: Ranged Damage 8, Accurate 4; Protection 4, Senses 5 (Darkvision, Extended Sight 1, Radio, Tracking), Flight 2; Enhanced Skill: Investigation 14 [40]
Pony Alter: Growth 1, Innate; Enhanced Strength 4, Lifting Strength 5; Protection 3; Enhanced Parry 4, Enhanced Dodge 4, Flight 12, Senses 1 (Scent) [40]
Princess Alter: Cosmic Wand: Ranged Damage 10, Accurate 3, Improved Critical 4; Protection 8, Alternate Effect Move Object 10, Affects Insubstantial 2, Accurate 3, Precise; Enhanced Advantages 1: Improved Aim; Flight 3, Winged [40]