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NPC Thread
Former Teammates
RedShift: A girl with superspeed. Her grandfather was exposed to an experimental jet fuel during the Vietnam War, gained superspeed powers and became the hero Blue Streak. His powers were passed on to Redshift's father and then were passed on to her. Her brain works faster than a normal person meaning she gets bored early.

Icarus: An African-American teenager, Icarus is the sidekick of Daedalus, and a genius when it comes to all things mechanical, using various gadgets to fight villains. He's serious when doing the hero thing, but outside of that he like playing guitar and watching movies.

Oceana: Sidekick of Triton; has some aquatic critter powers-- squid tentacles, electric eel stuff, poison, spikes, etc.  A bit alien.

Squire: Sidekick of Galahad; has great strength, a magic shield and sword.  Over-enthusiastic, over-idealistic, not subtle, holds nothing back.  Has tried to impress Kit with his manliness in the past; it never worked out, but he took this with good humor.
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NPC Thread
Rival West Coast Team
Dynima: A young woman, the child of immigrants, she's determined to do her best to be someone who can be a good role model for her community.  She's a mutant, with moderate super-strength, incredibly hard punches and kicks, and is very nearly invulnerable.

Thrust: Brash, proud young woman who uses a home-made rocket suit to fly, and also to let her launch punches and kicks that benefit from rocket thrust to damage foes.  She's a skilled engineer, and proud of her gadgets.

Shadowpact: A young man with minor magical abilities of shadow and illusion, and a powerful cat familiar that generally stays on his shoulder, and spits out blasts of magical lightning and other powerful effects to assist Shadowpact in combat.  Very mysterious, very cryptic, his motives are uncertain.

Wildcard - A Latino teenager with luck powers and the ability to turn anything he can get his hands on into a thrown weapon, but he prefers playing cards. He's a bit overconfident and cocky, as his luck powers have always been there to save him, but he does care about his team and has a crush on Cobalt.

Cobalt - A half-human, half-alien girl. Her mother was a scientist who was working on teleportation devices. A strange electrical surge sent her across the galaxy where she had adventures with and fell in love with an alien. When she had perfected her device, he died making sure the evil overlord couldn't use it as she headed back to Earth. That was when she discovered she was pregnant.

Cobalt has blue skin and white hair. Her powers include the ability to fly and shoot blue energy blasts. She was often teased for her weird appearance, but once her powers appeared, she started practicing with them and became a super hero, joining up with the rest of the team and she is fiercely loyal to them.

All-American - An athletic, handsome and charismatic teenage boy from a good family. In junior high he found out that his football teammates were using performance enhancing drugs and tried to stop them, the boys held him down and injected him with the experimental drugs they were using. Which sent him to the hospital as he had a bad reaction to them and went comatose.

When he came out of the coma, he found that his physical abilities had been boosted to the human limit. No longer able to compete fairly in football or any of the other sports he loved, he instead decided to turn his talents towards crime fighting.
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NPC Thread
Magic Eye - A short blond boy who has X-Ray vision, laser vision and various other eye related powers. Tends to like performing various pranks.

Leapfrog - A young woman with brown hair and the ability to leap long distances and a touch that can cause hallucinations. She's a little withdrawn from being treated like a freak most of her life.

Ogre - An ugly, large and heavily muscled young man with a horrible attitude. He's rude to his classmates and teachers alike.

Dryad - A mutant girl with green skin and pink hair. She can cause plants to grow rapidly and carries a seed pouch wherever she goes. She's friendly, but soft spoken.

Tiger - A girl with cat ears, claws, a tail and tiger strips on her skin. She's not a mutant, but a street girl who was kidnapped and experimented on by a supervillain by the name of Dr. Chimera. She loves sports and all kinds of physical activities.

Freeze Tag - A Latino teenager who is both athletic and fun loving. His touch can paralyze living beings for a short time.

DJ - An apathetic teenage boy with the power to control and emit sonic waves.

Warlock - An African American boy from a long line of magic users. He's very bookish and into some geeky hobbies.

Robo-Rita - A teenage girl who was in a horrible accident and her super genius mother put her brain in a robot body. She used to be the head cheerleader at her old school and very popular and has had trouble adjusting.

Micro-Knight - An Asian American girl who was a big fan of Galahad who had the power to shrink her body.

Warhead - An Asian American boy with the power to explode his body and then reform. He doesn't want to be a superhero and is unsure why he is at the school.

The Black Rose - A girl from a rich family. She wants to be a superhero and mainly focus on her fencing prowess.

Brittany "Ligeia" Hoyt/Stormcrow - Ligeia is average height and a bit chubby. She has black hair, and wears black makeup and silver jewelry, and dresses in, what else, black. She has an obsessive focus on corvids that could easily lead her into super-villainry, but she's resisting the urge at the moment.  She has two pet crows, clawed gloves, and an artificial pair of wings that she can use to fly; she apparently can see through the eyes of most birds, and can communicate with them as well.  She's gothy, broody, and has a hard time socializing with other people.

Barbara Somerset/Bunny - A blonde, bubblegum-cracking valley girl with no superpowers, but lots of (pink and fluffy) gadgets Speaks fluent Valley Girl, rumored to speak rabbit-nose-twitch, trained in martial arts, ballet, and teen pop singer camp; can do miracles with a soldering gun and a bunch of junk.  Sort of an early-grade very girly Robin, looking for someone to be a sidekick to.

Cindy Purcell/Twinkle - Cindy is petite and extremely cute, with long, straight blonde hair. Her mother is the superheroine Force. She manages not to be conceited despite her talent and looks, but she's also very driven toward her chosen pursuit of dance and doesn't put much priority on socializing. Cindy can project a spherical force field around herself or others, up to around 8' in diameter. The field sparks when an object hits it, and thus usually produces a faint ongoing sparkling effect; she's trying to learn more applications of her power.

Clare Wechsler/Rescuer - Clare is a tall (5'9") African-American girl of average build, who generally dresses conservatively. Her parents are the heroine Crusader, a former Defense Pact member who left over a conflict with the Probe, and a professor of social sciences. She was raised in a tradition of old-school superheroics, where the duty of metahumans is to put helping others ahead of their personal concerns, and never crossing the line. She doesn't think much of supers using their powers for celebrity or students who mess around rather than buckle down, and a tendency to speak her mind has given her a (somewhat unfair) reputation as prim and disapproving. Clare can project rays that can attract or repel objects, which also allow her to fly.

D. C. Jefferson/"Skyrocket" (Will not use this name under any circumstances)- Tall, attractive, with long, black hair and dark eyes. She wear glasses and a frown most of the time. A rebellious slacker who rejects the values and priorities of her superheroic parents, Captain Liberty and Skyglow, who are both quite conservative.  D.C. can fly, and can create fiery, spectacular explosions either immediately around herself or, with a time delay, along her flightpath. She is also somewhat resistant to damage; she generally does not care for having powers, or being a superhero, but has been forced to attend by her parents in the hopes that the school will put her on the right path.

Dakota Phillips/The Grappler - A tall, athletic, and very pretty young woman with tanned skin and long, blonde hair. She always dresses fashionably, and is very popular with the boys, who she encourages. She will be very quick to try and respond to any girls that she considers "competition," however. Dakota is superstrong and reasonably resistant to damage, as well as an excellent wrestler. Her greatest strength, however, is her grip-- it is very nearly unbreakable

Dale Wilkinson/Silverhands - Tall, handsome, and self-confident. Dale is a skilled guitar player and singer, and is generally nice to everyone. He's cool, calm, self-confident and popular. He generally doesn't show off the capabilities of his prosthetics, instead keeping them looking like normal arms. Dale's arms were replaced at a young age by nanotechnological prosthetics, which are quite strong, and can change shape with astonishing speed and versatility.

Desmond Faraday/Doctor Brains - A small young man with a large cranium, Des is usually found wearing unusual equipment of his own design. While he's extremely intelligent, he is emotionally immature, and has a great deal of difficulty relating to the opposite sex. He often wears clothes of his own design... with mixed results. Des is really, really smart. He uses various devices of his own design, often rotating his lineup. He can design and improvise new technology with astonishing speed.  He is, in fact, younger than he appears, having altered records to let him get into the school at a younger age than they allow.  His general field of super-science is devices that manipulate energy-- force fields, ray guns, and antigravity shoes are the kind of thing he creates.

Drew Marcum/Volt - A tall, slender young man with short, bleach-blonde hair and pale blue eyes. The child of famed hero Thunderblade, Drew feels that fame and fortune, as well as respect and admiration, are only his due, and that his powers confirm this. He tends to bully anyone he can, and persistantly hits on any female student that he finds attractive. Drew can transform himself briefly into a living bolt of lightning, travelling short distances instantaneously, and causing serious damage where he strikes. He can travel much further if he is able to enter high-voltage lines that can handle his charge.

Lucas Williams/Big Dog - Black, large, muscular, and tough, with a shaved head. Lucas is very even-tempered, taking life as it comes. He's a bit shy around girls, and has ambitions of becoming a superhero-class wrestler. Lucas's body incorporates a variety of metals and other dense compounds throughout; as a result, he's superstrong, very tough, and weighs in at about 800 lbs. He also eats metal and other inorganic compounds. His biggest issue is that he doesn't have complete control of his strength-- he has to be very, very careful as he moves around, or he will break things and people.

Raphael "Rafe" Lindberg/Zephyr - A tall and handsome young man, Raphael has clear blue eyes, blond hair, and black-feathered wings. He's a bit of a heartbreaker, and is a bit more inclined to use his powers to get, for example, modeling deals than he is in saving the world. Not that he objects to saving the world, though. He just wants the modelling deals, too. Rafe can fly, very quickly, and with astonishing agility. He can also control air in a radius equal to his 12' wingspan, and uses this to protect himself and to generate short-range concussive effects.

Rosalinda Garcia/Gearhead - A very pretty hispanic girl, Rosalinda is energetic and outgoing, and frequently found being highly social and attempting to involve more people in social events-- she's from a large family, and misses having people around.  Rosa is a technological genius, and her field is miniaturization.  She wears bracelets full of "Charms" that are miniaturized tech, and is known to have swarms of drone robots on call.

Sara Montez/Gargantua - Sara is tall (6') and in good shape, with an olive complexion and long, wavy black hair. Sara can grow to twice her normal height (12') without ill effects, due to reinforcements to her bones. She could potentially grow larger but at the risk of injury to herself.  Sara is attractive and athletic, and her early efforts in using her powers to help people were notably successful, and made her a minor YouTube celebrity, which has made her fairly popular at school.  She's very good at remembering details about people, and uses this power for good.
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NPC Thread
Mr. Ambrose - A 200-lb talking English Mastiff. Mr Ambrose is very intelligent and articulate, although his lack of hands limits his teaching abilities in certain regards. He has a wry sense of humor. Only the ordinary abilities of a highly intelligent, talking 200-lb English Mastiff.

Doctor Heinrich Steinkopf - A pale-skinned, hunchbacked, bug-eyed, rather manic German man in his fifties. It's well known that he used to be a criminal mad scientist (before he went on medication), and is working at the school so the authorities can keep an eye on him. He froths a lot, laughs maniacally, and is deeply admiring of the works of other renegade researchers, and will say so openly.

Su-Mei Park - A small Korean woman, about 30, with long, black hair, a permanent smile, and a bubbly, supportive disposition. She often acts as the "good cop," supporting and encouraging students, and often succeeding in drawing the best out of them. Ms. Park has the unusual ability to turn any plant material or product as rigid and hard as steel. She can use this both to immobilize cotton-wearing opponents, and to transform leaves and the like into weapons or armor.

Ahmed al-Asad - A Persian man in his 30s, Mr. al-Asad is a font of trivia and odd stories, which he often uses to illustrate points in his classes.

Mr. Johanson - An unpowered teacher, but one that has been teaching for over 30 years. He doesn't put up with any crap from his students.

Ms. Nguyen - A non-powered teacher, but a young one. She hasn't been a teacher long, but she impressed the retired hero headmaster with her enthusiasm.

Mr. Aksoy - A teacher originally from Turkey but has taught in many places around Europe and North Africa. He's friendly and out going, with an ability to generate force fields around either himself or others.

Mrs. Cook - She appears to be about forty, but the retired hero remembers her looking the same when he first started as a hero, but he chalks it up to her magic. Mrs. Cook always seems to appear when she's needed most to help with mystical problems.
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NPC Thread
Villain School Students
Carapace: A punkish young woman who can exude a strange substance from her skin that hardens on contact with air granting her armour and super strength. She has a mistrust of authority, but likes smashing things, fighting and causing problems.

Intellectual: A twisted boy genius who everyone finds unpleasant. While he can build very impressive gadgets, he's just as likely to start ranting about minorities, religion or his preferred target: females.

Crimson Mantis: The son of the previous Crimson Mantis. His father was long considered the greatest martial artist in the world, that ended when his son killed him in battle. The villain school was quick to scoop him up. CM isn't sure this is where he should be, but it gives him a chance to test his skills against super=powered opponents.

Reaper: A supervillain legacy, the daughter of the previous Reaper and the Minx, two non-powered villains that operated in the campaign city for years before retiring to raise a family. The new Reaper wants to live up the expectations of her parents and is eager to take down any hero legacies she can find.

The Ghost: A young man looking to become the next big industrial spy and assassin. He has the power to phase through matter and is skilled in martial arts as well. He likes to taunt his opponents and classmates alike.

Highway Man: Black Rose's twin brother and one following the family tradition. Robbing and thievery was how the family earned their fortune and that is how it will continue. He's a snob and likes to look down on everyone he meets. He has no powers and likes to fight with both sword and pistol, though the pistol is just disguised as a flintlock.

Four-Armed: A mutant girl born with, well, four arms. She's superstrong, has mild precognitive abilities and devoted to making the world that had mocked and hated her pay. Outside of that, she's actually quite pleasant.

Chiller: Boastful young man with the ability to create blades of ice, as well as ice armor.  A skilled fighter, but uncreative.

: Athletic young woman with super-strength, primarily located in her legs.  Well-trained in fighting techniques that take advantage of her strength.

Rusty: Young man with a distinctly Southern accent, comes across as ignorant.  Apparently made of metal.  Tough, strong, able to corrode metal by touching it.

Toxie: Angry, resentful young woman whose skin constantly exudes dangerous poison; she can "Throw" it short distances, and vary the kinds of poisons she spreads, but her touch is always dangerous.

Slick:  Smooth pick-up artist who controls friction in his vicinity, letting him make himself or the ground frictionless, or alternatively incredibly sticky.

Vulpix: Semi-savage foxgirl with dangerous teeth and claws, as well as agility and enhanced senses.

Malojo: Unpleasant young man who relishes his "Evil Eye" that lets him cause pain and suffering to those who meet his gaze.
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NPC Thread
Firebolt: A low-rent thug in powered armor with rocket-powered flight and a firey plasma cannon.  More than one person has been known to wear the Firebolt armor; it is possible that there is actually more than one set of the armor in circulation.

Lady Fawkes: Anarchist, terrorist.  Highly skilled, fond of explosives.  Not generally known is that she's a metahuman who can turn non-living organic matter into timed explosives with a touch.

Schwarzchilde: A very powerful gravity controller who often uses orbiting debris as well as the raw power of gravity itself to wreck havoc; a madman who causes random destruction for his own purposes.

The Machine: Seven and a half feet tall, insanely muscled and bald as a cue ball. He's heavily tattooed and never seen without his custom bike. He's also never lasted long in any One Percenter group. Usually being kicked out for killing other members because of his hair trigger temper. The Machine is super strong and very hard to hurt, but he is rather weak willed and just tired of fighting super teens. He wants to be in the villain big leagues, not just fight hero kids.

Society of Shadows: A group of assassins that likes to try and take teen heroes in to be trained to be their agents (willing or not). Liquidator is their top agent, an unknown man in peak physical condition and a love of bladed weapons.

The Suits: A group of four thieves and thugs who found a bunch of magic dress suits that had a playing card suit on the back. They have various abilities based on what playing card suit they have. Diamonds can turn his hands into various cutting instruments and become resistant to harm, Hearts can control peoples' emotions and minds, Spades has earth control and Clubs can...create a large club. Clubs wasn't the smartest member of the group and they like mocking him.