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Wed 6 Feb 2019
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The gates of the school
It was move-in day!  And it was chaotic, as students, eager to make their marks on the new school, poured in through the gates, somehow managing vast amounts of luggage.  The start of a new year...
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Wed 6 Feb 2019
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The gates of the school
Maria sighed as she walked into the school grounds, pulling her luggage behind her. This was confusing to her. Had Wraith been dissatisfied with her performance? She had been working as hard as she possibly could at this, she owed him a lot. That couldn't be right. What was it then? Things to ponder.

She also hadn't been in a school in years. Back before the incident and those hard years on the streets. With uniforms too, like back home, but this wasn't common in America. Maria wasn't found of skirts. Pants were better. Easier to move in and didn't get caught up in things.

There were less obvious defenses than Maria expected. The ten foot wall around the grounds would certainly help, but that wouldn't deter non-powered criminals, let alone powered ones. There would be plenty of psychopaths that would be willing to try and attack a school. Clearly, there had to be more. Wraith wouldn't have sent her to some place that was this unsafe.

She headed towards the girl's dormitory, it was easy enough to find, most of the girls were headed there already. Four storey's tall, she hoped her room would be near the ground floor. That would be easier to sneak out of. There were room assignments posted inside. Hmm. She was on the third floor. Not the best, but she headed upstairs to the room.

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Wed 6 Feb 2019
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The gates of the school
Well, the situation didn't make a lot of sense, but it wasn't all bad.

Kit was at a new school; Kit was being sent to this school despite all that he'd demonstrated that he could do, his new understanding, his new powers and weapons... that part kind of sucked, and he didn't understand it, and why would the Fox do that to him?  Maybe he wasn't thrilled about Kit's transition, or the news about Kit's heritage?  But he'd been so good about both, including giving Kit a lot of advice on how to present...


This was a new school; the odds of meeting someone Kit had known from his old school were basically nonexistent.  And that was awesome, because it meant that no one had known Kit as Katherine.

The uniform... well, that was different, but Kit was cool with it.  Good presentation, hair went well with it, the color was a good match for Kit's bright green eyes.  And he'd worked out how to recreate the uniform with his magic, as well, so no worries about this one becoming lost or damaged.  And with Kit's new tricks, packing had been easier, too.

All that done, he headed off to the gi boy's dorm.  (Yes!  Acknowledgement!  Even if he still was adjusting physically, T taking a little while to kick in...)

This might just be a great year.