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Public Characters
Post your public character information here!
Please keep general chat out of this section. You don't have to post your characters publicly, but it might be a good idea to anyways.
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Public Characters
Current Status:
     Charisma 9
     Intuition 9
     Willpower 7

Any inadvertent errors to be corrected
Priorities, Fifth Draft, Very nearly final

A - Magic 6 R5x2 10 Spells
B - Skills 36/5
C - Metatype Elf 3
D - 50,000Y
E - Attributes 12

Magic 6 - Edge 4

1 Bod
2+1=3 Agi
1 Str
1+2=3 Rea

3+2=5 Chr
1+4=5 Int
1+1=2 Log
1+2=3 Wil

Active Skills 36/5, (+specialization); [+incr attr]; <+Mentor Spirit, xxxr>; {+Gear}

2+R5; M: 12D(14D)<16D>; Spellcasting R5+2; 6(Illusion+2)<MSpiritSeducer,Illusion+2>
2+R5; M: 6D(8D); Counterspelling 6(Combat+2)
6;    M: 12D Summoning 6
5;    I:  9D(11D)[15D]; Assensing 4(Astral Signatures+2)
5;    I:  9D(11D)[13D]{16D}{18D}; Perception 4(Visual+2){hearing/visual+3}
6;    C:  10D(12D)[16D]<18D> 5 Con(Fast Talk+2)<Mentor Spirit+2-Seducer>
2;    C;  6D(8D)[12D] Impersonation 1(Professional Individual+2)
2;    C:  6D(8D)[12D] Performance 1(Acting+2)
6;    C:  10D(12D)[16D]; Negotiation 5(Bargaining+2)
x;    L:  2D-12D{First Aid/Wireless Medkit 1-6} x2
x;    L:  2D-12D{Medicine/Wireless Medkit 1-6} x2

Stealth Group 5; (Disguise, Palming, Sneaking)
      I: 10D(14D) Disguise 5
      A: 8D(12D) Palming 5
      A: 8D(12D) Sneaking 5

Second Draft

25K Start + 25K Positive Qualities - 25 Negative Qualities = 25K net
Focused Concentration(4) 16K
Mentor Spirit 5K
2 Spells 10K
H Sustaining Focus 1 (4) 8K/16,000Y
H Sustaining Focus 2 (4) 8K/16,000Y
6,000Y 3K
Corporate SIN -25 (Elisabeth doesn't know/see backstory/up to the GM)

Spells 12: Magic + Spellcasting(Illusion)<Mentor Spirit>: 12D<16D>

C Stunbolt, 12D
C Ball Lightning, 12D
H Heal, 12D
H Increase Reflexes, 12D
H Increase Agility, 12D
H Increase Reaction, 12D
H Increase Charisma, 12D
H Increase Intuition, 12D
H Increase Willpower, 12D
I Physical Mask, 16D
I TriD Phantasm, 16D
M Influence, 12D

Drain 8D[12D][16D]

Knowledge Skills - (4+2)2=12
I:1 6D[10D] 1-Magic Threats, Interest
I:1 6D[10D] 1-Parazoology, Interest
I:1 6D[10D] 1-Spirits, Interest
I:1 6D[10D] 1-TriD, Interest
L:5 7D 5-Medicine, Academic
I:1 6D[10D] 1-Police Procedures, Street
I:1 6D[10D] 1-Gang Protocols, Street

N - English
I:1 6D[10D] Or'zet

     Physical 2(4)
     Mental 4(7)
     Social 7(11)

Attribute Tests:
     Composure 8(12)(16)
     Judge Intentions 10(14)(18)
     Lifting/Carrying 2
     Memory 5(9)

Second Draft

16,000 - Sustaining Focus(4), 'SF1'
16,000 - Sustaining Focus(4), 'SF2'
32,000 Total

10,000 Fake SIN 4 - Melissa Fort
2,000 Low Lifestyle 1100 Shared quarters, p.275 core.
 3,000 Magic Lodge 6
   100 Misc. Clothing

     On Person*
   400 Fake License - Spellcasting- Melissa Fort
   200 Fake License Combat Spell 1-    "
   200 Fake License Combat Spell 2-    "
   100 Metalink 1
    10 Knife
     x Fake pistol

     1,000 Armor Jacket 12
        1500 Fire Resistance(6)
        1000 Non-Conductivity(4)*
  3500 Total Armor

     100 Helmet +2(6)*
          50  Directional Mic(1)
         250  Flare Compensation(1)
          25  Image Link(1)
         100  Laser Mic(1)
         100  Micro Camera(1)
    625 Total Helmet

     600 Contacts(3)
        1500 Vision Enhancement(3)
  2100 Total Contacts

    150 Earbuds(3)
        1500 Audio Enhancement(3)
  1650 Total Headphones

     50 Sub-Vocal Mic
    100 Micro Tranceiver
     25 Flashlight
      5 Standard Credit Stick
    200 Gas Mask
     40 Gas Mask Extra Tank(1)
    450 Tag Eraser
    500 Disguise Kit

     40 Smoke Grenade(1)
     25 Stim Patch(1)

Totals 56,420

Total Available 50,000 from priority + 6000 from 3K + 420 Starting Nuyen= 56,420

Credit/Debit Zero Y!

* Items edited for Y, need adjustment back in when Y is available

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Public Characters
I like keeping a little mystery with my character, so I do hope folks don't mind my withholding the exact details.  That said, I'm happy to talk basics, or answer any questions you might have!

Siphon (Human, male) by all accounts, appears to be a decker (he's not).  As far as anyone can tell, he's got a datajack, and a deck, and so, appears to be every image the traditional Matrix nerd.  If you know anything about decks, it appears to be a piece of trash, the kind of deck they give to rookie spiders (an MCT Trainee).  And what kind of self-respecting runner would use one of those?  Of course, looks can be deceiving, and it's likely that the deck has been heavily upgraded, and is simply masking itself as a piece of junk in order to underestimated.  He dresses fairly well, favoring a custom fit Argentum Coat. which conceals a modified Savalette Guardian, slung for ease of access.

Purely meta note, he's really a technomancer, but given that broadcasting that kind of information far and wide is a terrible life choice, he poses as a decker.  If you know him well enough, he might have shared that fact, but at this point, it's fairly unlikely.

As for skills, he's a good shot, 6 + specialization, and a decent sneaking types.  Only a 2, but have a chamo suit backed up by a machine sprite using diagnostics means that he can fake it well enough that he's not a liability (7 dice base, plus whatever he gets from the sprite).  Beyond that, he's your classic Matrix support!  Working on trying to get us the gear to get a solid PAN running, but for now, Commlink (Hermes) + Machine Sprite will have to do.
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Public Characters
Without going into too much detail, Mason is a caucasian human male in his late 20s. He tends to dress to match the environment, with an armoured jacket to top it. For anyone using astral perception he registers as an Adept, not having the Masking ability (yet). Matrix will annoyingly show everything in his PAN as being a datachip, courtesy of a wrapper program being run by a module attached to his Commlink. Meanwhile anyone viewing his face via matrix connected or electronic means will see a different one to Mason's own, thanks to a R5 Faceless device.

In case there's any untrusting types out there, Mason usually carries an Ares Predator in a concealable underarm holster (Conceal -2), a Lightfire 70 in an arm slide (Conceal -3) and a Karambit knife in a hidden sheath on his belt (Conceal 3).
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Public Characters
Name: IKAWA-736-295A (Fake name: William Blake)
Handle: Cypher
Age: 22
Nationality: British
Origin: Korporate Kid
Class: Hacker


A friendly and open individual (at least on the surface), Cypher has a tendency to use humour as a defence mechanism.

He has a weakness for a pretty face. He has had a few casual relationships but seems unable to commit. This is likely due to him holding on to a glimmer of hope that 696 is still alive, but that hope is starting to die now so he may be open to a more long term relationship.

Despite the fact that Sato was an evil man, Cypher experienced a lot of guilt when he killed Sato. He dislikes killing. He will only kill if absolutely necessary and will never knowingly kill an innocent civillian.

He has a love of cats and Japanese female fronted metal bands, or whatever the 2185 equivalent is of this:-


Born into the cybersecurity division of the British branch of Ikawa Industries, He was part of program designed to create a new breed of highly loyal cyberterrorists and corporate hackers. He grew into his role well, enjoying the challenge until the program started to take a darker turn and involved creating fatal 'accidents' and destroying the lives of innocent civillians.

From the age of 8, 736 had formed a bond with IKAWA-696-295A, a female Japanese worker with skills to match his own. As he began to question his brainwashing a decision was made that rather than up his  medication he should be put in constant close contact with 696 in order to keep him emotionally compliant. This proved to be a mistake.

When 736 reached puberty at 13, his bond with 696 changed from one of close friendship to deep attraction. This coincided with a change of management that saw his team come under the leadership of Yamura Sato, an egomaniacal bully with a perverted taste for young post-pubescent girls. 736  hapilly took the regular beatings from his new 'father' but when 636 kept being called to his office and returning with bruises and cuts he started to question his loyalty again. Eventually he got out of 696 what was going on and the result was them both losing their brainwashing almost overnight.

The pair planned to escape but a few days before 696 was called to Sato's office and never returned. 736 started hacking the corporate network looking for her. He discovered that 696 had been reclassified as an 'expendable asset' and transferred to a project called 'Black Lotus'. He also discovered that he was scheduled for 'disposal'.

Working fast, 736 managed to hack into Sato's office. He locked him in, disabled the air con and increased the thermostat, killing Sato. He then disabled the security system and by a mixture of will and sheer luck he escaped.

736 created a new identity for himself as William Blake, a contract engineer hiring  himself out to corporations. Secretly he also took on the persona of Cypher, a hacker for hire. Under this persona and between jobs he has been hunting for any information on Black Lotus and the fate of 696. He is pretty sure that 696 is now dead but he wants to find out what Black Lotus is and put a stop to it.

Recently he landed a job that requires him to travel to the U.S. He hopes to continue his search there.

Race: Human


Body: 3

AGI: 3

REA: 4

STR: 3

WIL: 4

LOG: 4

INT: 5

CHA: 6

Edge: 5

Ess: 6

Init: 9

karma: 19


Analytical Mind (5)
Bilingual (5, English, Japanese)
First Impression (11)
Code of Honour (Innocents, -15)


Acting (Group) - 5 (Con, Impersonation, Performance)

Blades 3
Negotiation 3
Computer 6
Cybertechnology 3
Cyber Combat 5
Electronic Warfare 5
Hacking 6
Hardware 3
Pilot Ground Vehicle 1
Pistols 1


Heavy metal: 4
Ikawa Industries: 4
Cookery: 5
Shinto: 4


Lifestyle: middle (5,000)

Fake legal activity SIN: 6
Fake illegal activity SIN: 6

Comlink: Transys Avalon (6) + SIM (implanted)

Deck: Micodeck summit (1, 4 3 3 1, 1) (Implanted)


Implanted hand blade

AR Gloves
2 Data taps
Harley Scorpian.

Deck Software:

Virtual Machine

Biofeedback Filter

Agent 4

Starting money: 1640


Tanaka, Hitomi (Japanese Elf F. Street doc Con 2 loyal 6)

Andy (Wheels) Adamson (American Troll M. Mechanic Con 1 Loyal 2)

Cung Mei-Li (Chinese Human F. Beat Cop Con 3 Loyal 4)

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