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Re: Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 5-8 - In Progess
Segment 6
Chang Jun - Spinning the Khitai spies the goliath looming behind Syssiah's bare form. He bounds behind the creature and a delivers a sharp jab to the king's vitals.
19:20, Today: Crom, on behalf of Chang Jun, rolled 8,13,5 using 1d6+1d3,3d6,16-3d6 with rolls of 6,2;3,6,4,1,6,4.  Chang vs Saadan.
- Move O3, Hit Vitals, Sadaan takes BODY, Sadaan is STUNNED

Segment 8
Syssiah - Spinning to her opponent's back she slashes across the demon's leathery back and into it's twisted organs.  It collapses, arching, then lies still.
19:28, Today: Crom, on behalf of Syssiah, rolled 3,10,4 using 1d6,3d6,16-3d6 with rolls of 3,3,3,4,6,2,4.
- Move J6, Hit Chest, Gadim 10 takes BODY, dead

Niamh - The Pict brings her spear to bear as well upon the demon king, hoping to join Chang and skewer him in place, unable to move.
19:35, Today: Crom, on behalf of Niamh, rolled 10,13 using 3d6,3d6 with rolls of 2,6,2,2,5,6.  Spear CLSs, 12- each
- 1 activates, add to OCV

19:36, Today: Crom, on behalf of Niamh, rolled 7,16,6 using 1d6+1d3,3d6,17-3d6 with rolls of 6,1;4,6,6,3,6,2.  Niahm vs Sadaan, 1 CSL to OCV.
-Move M5, Hit Leg, Sadaan takes BODY

Sadaan - The king of ruin roars and tries to recover from the brutal attacks visited upon his person.
recover from STUNNED

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Marduke the Red
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Sat 22 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 1 - Seg 12
Segment 9 (held action)
Seeing no one advance on the pit, Marduke moves up to the fight. Both CSLs on DCV.

1/2 phase move to O5

Segment 12
Marduke moves up to join the attack against the large demon. His nighty thews strain to contain the power he puts into his strike with the pick.

Full phase attack (or abort if needed)

14:43, Today: Marduke the Red rolled 11,13 using 3d6,3d6 with rolls of 6,2,3,5,3,5.  Pick tricks 13- for CSL, Pick tricks 13- for CSL. Both CSLs to damage.

14:45, Today: Marduke the Red rolled 8,10,4 using 2d6+1,2d6,16-3d6 with rolls of 1,6,5,5,2,5,5.  Hit Location, HKA damage, Attack at OCV 5 DCV 4.

Marduke's attack hits DCV 4
It hits Sadaan's arm for 5 BODY(after 1/2) 20 STUN ARMOR-PIERCING

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Mon 24 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 1 - Seg 8
The Aquilonian twists on the ground and pushes himself up form prone, surveying the field for enemies and allies position. Seeing the sisters away from the tall demon, Tiberio looks to retrieve his scimitar and bring an end to this demon was trying to summon.

Mitra bless us, we see the dark things and commit to your Light. His prayer was silent, but his lips moved and repeated the same refrain over and over.

T 2, Seg 8

HPh: Stand from Prone
Hph: Move and retrieve Scimitar from Abort > O 7

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Mon 24 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 5-8 - Results
Marduke - The Vanir regains his feet and watches for further attack.

Tiberio - Tiberio stands and recovers his weapon.

Amunet & Neferet - The sisters move together toward the side opposite the demon king, looking to hide in the shadows.
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12

TURN 2 123456789101112
Chang Jun15        
Gidim Minion10      X    
= Phase Takenh = Half Phase Delay

The king bleeds but is not slowed.  The princesses are clear of his grasp for the moment.  The horsemaster knows just how close the true danger lies in wait.

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Chang Jun
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Mon 24 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12
Seg. 9

With some small success against the leader of the demons. Chang Jun presses the attack lashing out again at the creature.

10:31, Today: Chang Jun rolled 5,12,7 using 1d6+1d3,3d6,16-3d6 with rolls of 2,3;6,2,4,1,6,2.  Strike vs. Sadaan.

Hit DCV 7, Location Stomach, 5 Body 20 Stun

 GM, 481 posts
Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 23:45
Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - In Progress
Segment 9
Chang Jun - Chang continues his attack but the giant demon is able to avoid the worst of it.
Sadaan takes BODY

Marduke - The barbarian moves to offer the demon a meeting with his steel.

Segment 12
Syssiah - Syssiah glides forward to join Niamh, her knife held in defense before her, intent upon the giant's movements as her companions struggle to fell the creature.  In a graceful swirl she strikes at the king but perhaps hesitates and fails to draw blood
Half move to L4
18:43, Today: Crom, on behalf of Syssiah, rolled 1,9,2 using 1d6,3d6,16-3d6 with rolls of 1,5,3,1,4,4,6.  Syssiah vs Sadaan, CSLs to add +1 DC.
- miss

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Chang Jun
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Tue 25 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - In Progress
Segment 12

Hoping to at least keep the demons attention Chang Jun continues to attack. With any luck the assault may yet prove effective.

08:54, Today: Chang Jun rolled 5,13,9 using 1d6+1d3,3d6,16-3d6 with rolls of 4,1;6,6,1,1,3,3.  Strike vs. Sadaan.

Hit a 9 DCV, Location; Vitals. 5 Body (x2 if any gets through) 20 Stun

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Wed 26 Aug 2020
at 01:07
Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - In Progress
Segment 12 continued...
Chang Jun - Relentlessly the Khitai struck at the demon lord, again and again.  No single blow as significant a the first but they still left their mark upon the ancient flesh.
Hit, Sadaan takes BODY

Niamh - The Pict used her longer weapon to try to maintain her distance from the giant club; darting forward to thrust and leap back again, unable to land her blow.
19:50, Today: Crom, on behalf of Niamh, rolled 12 using 3d6 with rolls of 2,4,6.  Spear CSLs, 11-.
- failed to activate

19:51, Today: Crom, on behalf of Niamh, rolled 8,10,4 using 1d6+1d3,3d6,16-3d6 with rolls of 6,2;6,3,1,5,4,3.  Niahm vs Sadaan.
- miss

Sadaan - How long has this ancient creature held sway over this decaying realm?  Have any challenged him so during these untold centuries?   Regardless this new challenge the demon king is undaunted, and though the Stygians are beyond his reach his eyes appear drawn to Syssiah.   As the Zamoran spins in her attack the chain attached to her collar does so as well and the giant's hand is there to grab it as it passes before him.  With a jerk he holds Syssiah's bare form aloft, her hands immediately going to the iron band around her neck which has begun to choke her.  But rather than toss her as he did Amunet, the demon moves to hold her against his chest as he turns to face Marduke and Tiberio, readying himself to go through the pair....
19:56, Today: Crom rolled 9 using 16-3d6 with rolls of 2,2,3.  Sadaan Grab Syssiah.
- Grabbed, Sadaan is now at 1/2 DCV as he maintains his Grab on Syssiah

Marduke you had posted your actions a little early.  I have you moving to hex O5 on Segment 9.  Do you want to keep your Segment 12 action or do something else now that you know what has occurred?
Marduke the Red
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Wed 26 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - In Progress
Moving to protect his woman, Marduke grapples the Demon King, pitting his Strength against the Demon's, hoping to force a release of its captive.

12:22, Today: Marduke the Red rolled 5 using 15-3d6 with rolls of 4,4,2.  Marduke Grab attack OCV 4.
Marduke grabs a DCV 5 enemy.
Str vs Str contest?

Yep, half his STR to see if he can immediately break free of your Grab:

19:37, Today: Crom rolled 9 using 3d6 with rolls of 5,2,2.  Sadaan, STR to break free of Grab.
- 3 BODY

Marduke, roll your STR roll and count BODY to see if you maintain your hold.
You can immediately Slam, Squeeze or Throw or just choose to maintain your hold.  To try to break his grip on Syssiah would have to wait until your next Segment

I rolled crappy.

00:39, Today: Marduke the Red rolled 12 using 5d6+1d3 with rolls of 2,1,3,1,4,1.  Str check Str 28.
I got 3 BODY as well.

Marduke opts to slam Sadaan to the ground on its back, cushioning Syssiah with the monster's body.

10:32, Today: Marduke the Red rolled 14 using 5d6+1d3 with rolls of 4,1,5,1,2,1.  Slam damage.
Slam damage 3 BODY 14 STUN.

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Thu 27 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - In Progress
Seeing the giant slam the demon to the ground, Tiberio moves swiftly to advantage his blade and swings to disable its ability to move.

His mind never leaving what he had seen in the Pit, soon...

The shield is a counter weight and the scimitar seeks a knee or lower leg

T 2, Seg 12

HPh: Move > P 4
Hph: Attk Sadaan, Low Shot (Shoulders-Feet) -2, 2d6+7*

11:01, Today: Tiberio rolled 2,16,12 using 2d6,2d6+7,17-3d6 with rolls of 1,1,4,5,1,2,2.  Attk Sadaan, Scimitar, Low Shot, 17 OCV .
Hit DCV 12, CRIT DCV 7, Location: Leg, 12 BODY 24 STUN

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Sat 29 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - Results
Marduke lays hold of the demon king and the pair strain against one another.  The king does not loosen his hold upon Syssiah, even as Marduke slowly forces him back...back...and then with a sudden twist the creature is prone with Marduke atop and holding it in place.

Syssiah seems pleased with her position between the king and barbarian.

Tiberio recognizes the opportunity and rushes forward.  Blade held high he plunges his scimitar upon the expose leg of the king, separating the appendage in a single stroke.

The giant cries out and convulses but the Vanir maintains his grip.  As the demon's strength slackens Syssiah is able to slip free.  Finally as the head turns, it's strange clicking ends and the last of its movements cease Marduke also rises over the still form.

Sadaan, ancient lord of Zuhal-Sar, is ended.

In the quiet faint sounds of combat and cries are evident but no more demons immediately appear.  But none have any illusions that you are now safe.   Neferet and Amunet join you and a quick examination shows their injuries are minor.  An ill, crawling feeling clings to you though you cannot name its cause given you appear unthreatened for the moment.

"We should hurry," Neferet suggests.

Combat is over

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Marduke the Red
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Sat 29 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - Results
Marduke stands. He says "I know not why they sacrificed to the pit, but this hellish temple must be destroyed." He looks around for the support beams, if any. He crosses over to the immense throne and says "come, help me push this thing into the pit. Let it plug whatever doorway into Hell they hoped to open." His muscles bunch as he starts pushing the throne towards the pit.
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Sat 29 Aug 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - Results
In a corrective tone, "This place must burn."

The sounds of distant battle, those left, wounded. A hardening face looked at the  Pit.

"Others need our help. We must leave."

No interest in the throne, only anything that burns tipping those over, setting anything he can to flame, as they exit

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Wed 2 Sep 2020
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Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - Results
"I know not why they sacrificed to the pit, but this hellish temple must be destroyed."

Syssiah stands at the lip of the pit, looking down, a half-smile tugging at her cheek but she offers no answer to the Vanir.  Her eyes rise to meet Tiberio's in a knowing look.

A watch is placed at each exit, Chang, Niamh, Neferet with Amunet and finally the Zamoran princess but all report no signs of demons.  The sounds of ashuri horns are heard and seem to be drawing nearer.

While Marduke heaves the demon king's throne into the maw of the pit Tiberio begins to tip brazers to catch the ancient timbers.  Much of the ziggurat was stone but the refuse suffused the rooms and might carry the flames.  The horsemaster is satisfied to see flames catch and slowly grow but he doubted it would suffice to destroy the ancient structure.

As the heat rises you are forced to exit and return to the upper level of the structure.  The glow from the doorways shines brighter into the night.  The sky is clear.  Quiet.  No more chants or the unnatural clicking of the denizens of the ruins is evident.

"What is that? Nefert points out into the dark.  A point of light appears and disappears, moving quickly as it seems to draw closer.  And with it the faint sounds of hoof beats upon sand and stone.

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Marduke the Red
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Wed 2 Sep 2020
at 04:55
Throne of Bones - Turn 2 - Seg 9-12 - Results
After throwing the throne into the pit, Marduke takes the time to search the refuse and area around the throne for a replacement shield, and tests the demon's warclub to see if Marduke could wield it. He moves next to Syssiah and grunts [Language unknown:  "asfi essti wasameson p ugh ercon ekechipa. Ntili me isil pr tio paonus stalme."] When they exit the temple, the Vanir turns his sharp eyes in the direction pointed out by Neferet.

21:50, Today: Marduke the Red rolled 6 using 3d6 with rolls of 1,3,2.  Perception 13-.

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Wed 2 Sep 2020
at 08:00
Throne of Bones
Most likely the ashuri, searching for the Prince. The3 injured Prince could not flee, injuries prevent that.

It was a matter of intercepting the riders before they found Prince Satabus.

The sisters could not fall into any other hands this night.

Turning to Zamoran and the Pict, "Can you make your way back to the Prince?

What Marduke and I must do, it is better to be done without the chance that the sisters face capture

To Marduke, "Can you see their path, how fast do they move, are they embattled or riding without harassment?"
Chang Jun
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Wed 2 Sep 2020
at 14:20
Throne of Bones
Chang Jun moved away from the exit and ito the shadows nearby. He was lad to be out of that horrid place and with the group all alive and well. But know they possibly had another adversary. Watching the light he tried to discern who the riders were, but his eyes were slow to adjust to the darkness.

OOC: 10:18, Today: Chang Jun rolled 15 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,6,3.  Perception 11-.
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Thu 3 Sep 2020
at 01:53
Throne of Bones
The sharp eyes of the Vanir makes out a torch held by a rider wearing white.

But the second rider does not.

It is difficult to be certain but Marduke believes that the second rider may be Prince Satabus.

There is no doubt in the Norseman's mind but that their path leads them to the ziggurat.

Whomever rides with that light should arrive in the next few minutes unless the demons of the ruins say otherwise.

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Marduke the Red
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Thu 3 Sep 2020
at 03:04
Throne of Bones
Marduke proclaims "the first rider, carrying the torch, is clothed in white. I am not certain, but I think I can make out a second rider, and I think it is Sabatus."
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Thu 3 Sep 2020
at 08:49
Throne of Bones
They were going to need flame. There was precious little here to burn.

Tiberio moves down the front stairs to the ground and begins to adjust to the night, breathing in the cold desert air, trying to familiarize himself with the ground  around the base and any nearby structures.

The Prince would not be riding unless prssed to it.
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Sat 5 Sep 2020
at 04:03
Throne of Bones
The horsemaster leads the way down the black stone stairs, a pair of demons are cut down on the way, seeming confused and offering little threat.  Scarcely have you reached the foot of the ancient structure than the sounds of hooves draw close and the riders come into view.   Marcian, still in his disguise of Shemetish white leads 3 ashuri mounts sans their riders.  Next to him Satabus sits astride another mare of Shem with 3 more in line behind him.  It is plain to see that the prince barely maintains his seat, the stain from his wound shows dark upon its dressing and has seeped down his side.

"By the gods you have done the impossible," Marcian gasps as he leaps from his saddle and moves to Satabus' side in case his lord required support, "Amunet safe and none lost in the doing.  While the ashri searched we did as promised and managed to lead them in circles for a time.  But soon the demons of this place appeared, seeing to rise up from the very ground itself and it became a fight of survival on all sides.  My prince never gave up hope, even after we managed to secure horses he insisted we circle and watch for a sign, avoiding both demon an Shemite alike.  When the light atop this structure shown we agreed to reach it in hopes of finding you or die in the attempt.  But the demons seemed subdued and did not dog our path as before and we were able to reach you unhindered."

"Amunet," Satabus calls from greying lips, holding out his hand to his beloved which she runs to take.  Both weep and cling to one another for a moment before the prince straightens and looks upon you all.

"You have given me more than I dared hope, more than I deserved after this disastrous day and all the men that I failed.  When you reach Khoraja you will have the riches as promised.  Please see that it is done, Neferet, and that their deeds are know to my father."

The princess only closes her eyes and bows her head in agreement.

"Now we must go," Satabus motions for Marcian to lift Amunet before him in the saddle so that they might ride together.  He loosens the reigns of the mounts behind his so that any may claim them adding, "let's us leave this forsaken land ere the hellspawn gather their wits and return."

Somewhere in the distance an ashuri horn blows again but it seems distant.  You each choose your mounts and prepare to leave the dead city of Zuhal-Sar to its degenerate denizens once more.

If there is anything you wish to do or say before you ride, now is the time
Marduke the Red
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Sat 5 Sep 2020
at 05:59
Throne of Bones
Marduke helps Tiberio set flame to the ziggurat, hoping that it would draw asshuri and demon alike to a spot where they could engage each other and not pursue THEM. He pulls Syssiah to himself for a rough kiss, declaring  Apparently his Kothic is getting more practiced. He hefts the warclub stolen feom the demon king, testing its weight.

OOC What are the stats on the Warclub?

Great Club 6d6N dmg  15 STR min  1.8kg   2-Handed

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Sat 5 Sep 2020
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Throne of Bones
Tiberio looks to Marcian, words try to form, but there is nothing to say that could describe what happened to those that did not live it.

A flicker of an image, seen in the well, comes to his mind and then is just crowded out by the thoughts of the present, the tactical and the effort to leave this... demon spawning place.

The Aquilonian takes a horse, vaults to the saddle and looks to see what is ahead.

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Wed 9 Sep 2020
at 13:14
End of a Beginning
Heels are put to the flanks of the ashuri mounts and you are off into the night.  The demons of the ruins are barely glimpsed as you leave but there is little doubt they will recover from tonight's loss though it take time.  Time having little regard for the degenerate beings of Zuhal-Sar.

A generally Northwesterly course is set as the land allows.  It is a few hours yet before dawn when Satabus slides from his saddle, somehow managing not to throw Amunet when death claims him.  Though Niamh and Chang had done their best to watch for any plants which might replenish the healing herbs the night had hidden what few these harsh lands might hold.

A halt is called while all take the chance to rest for what seems like the first in an eternity.  Later Neferet and Amunet, perhaps with the assistance of others, prepare Satabus's body while those stronger gather stones for a cairn.
After a few days all are fit to ride once more though Amunet speaks little if at all.

Of the travel to Khoraja there is little to tell.  10 days after leaving the grave of Satabus you enter the gates of the city where his father rules where the princess leads you before the king.  Already survivors of the doomed army have begun to arrive and Neferet's story only confirms the king's worst fear of his son's fate.  The king takes the news poorly but Prince Khossus, Satabus younger brother, speaks to you in private later and hears the truth of your words and thanks you for your noble service to his brother.  No mention is ever made of Amunet or the love she and Satabus shared.  Such is the price the highborn pay for their treaties and alliances.

Neferet and Khossus keeps Satabus' promise and you are handsomely rewarded for your efforts.  Gold, jewels, a steed from the prince's own stock and a fine dwelling are at your disposal.  A position of standing is available to each should such be to you liking.  These will do for a time but such finery have a way of slipping away, like sand through ones fingers, a Cimmerian once said.  Until then the you are free, truly free.

Go and live until fate finds you once more in dire straights, dancing upon the knife-edge, with only your will and steel to meet the threat before you.

All players receive 7XP:
- Confrontations in the battlefield: 1XP
- Rescue of Neferet: 1 XP
- Tunnel of Bones: 1XP
- Temple of Hunger + Rescue of Amunet: 2XP
- Completion of story: 2XP

You may spend on anything you wish within campaign guidelines

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