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Sat 23 Feb 2019
at 03:07
Character Creation
Everyone is going to play a teenager in UA 1997 California, no older than 17.

HOWEVER: You should still pick a D&D Race, and obviously a class. Starting at level 2.
For stats, roll 4d6, dropping the lowest and re-rolling 1's. Select everything as normal, with the understanding that you don't have full access to your powers, yet.

For HP, take the maximum for your first 2 levels. Roll HP for each level, but reroll 1s.

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Sat 23 Feb 2019
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About equipment
It's 1997, so you won't be running around with swords and armor. For the sake of simplicity, re-skin the regular equipment to something more practical. A longsword can become a baseball bat or a big machete, a battleaxe instead a fire axe, plate armor can be football pads, or bits of welded junk, etc. The limit is your imagination.

Count PP/GP/SP/CP as normal, but consider GP to be Dollars (USD), coppers become pennies, silvers become dimes. PP is a 10$ bill.

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Mon 11 Mar 2019
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Who You Are
For the purposes of this story, you all know each other, and as noted in the Home Town thread, you live relatively close to each other and ride the same school bus (on the days that you take the bus).

The rest is entirely up to you, within reason. You are a teenager, so you wouldn't be an oil magnate or a race car driver, but you could hold down a part time job at a fast food joint, be part of a sports team, or president of a school club. You know, normal teenage stuff.
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Mon 11 Mar 2019
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Allowed Materials
Anything from the officially published D&D 5th Edition books is fine, with the inclusion of the Revised Ranger, found here:

Anything else is a case by case basis.