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People you know
Mr. Durnhill - Vice Principal of your highschool, and a far more present figure than the actual Principal, Mr. Vickers. Mr. Durnhill has generally been friendly with students at school, only ever looking angry when he has to break up a fight.

Ms. Calhoon - A somewhat young science teacher, Ms. Calhoon has always seemed too smart to just be teaching high school. Most kids think she was down on her luck and had no choice but to take a teaching job.

Mr. Blackwing - a somewhat aloof math teacher, Mr. Blackwing does not dress like a typical teacher would, favoring a very gothic look. Not very much is known about him, outside of being a capable math teacher.

Mr. Hardpeck - The gym teacher at school, Mr. Hardpeck is very enthusiastic about exercise. He jogs to work every day, and has had an instant smoothie machine installed in the gym for the creation of protein shakes.

Officer Bailey - Local beat cop, somehow not a total asshole. Partnered with Officer McKeary.

Officer McKeary - Another local beat cop, slightly more of an asshole than Officer Bailey.

Damon Stone - Leader of the Black Diamonds. Damon has yet to be expelled, though not for lack of trying. Physically intimidating, and quite stylish in black leather. Most kids don't approach him out of reputation alone.

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People you know
Mr. Vickers

Your Principal. He's... somewhere? On vacation? You basically never see this guy. If you are called to the principal's office, you deal with Mr. Durnhill. You could have sworn you saw him at commencement, but that was a long time ago.

Miss Artoria
The school music teacher and band director. Born in France, she has only been teaching at the school for two years. She is pleasant enough, and the subject of some teenage boy crushes.

Mr. Grady
Your English teacher. Has a passion for Shakespeare's classics. Gets a bit snobbish about performing the old plays.

Emily Stone
Damon's sister. She's not part of the gang, but shes every bit as tough as her brother, maybe even tougher. She has a black belt in Shotokan Karate, and is captain of the volley ball team.

Ricky Tanner
Damon's second in command of sorts. Has more of a temper than Damon, but keeps himself in check as long as his boss is around.