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Gridely, California: Your Home Town
While Gridely is a real place, this isn't the real Earth, so it's not quite the same. Similar enough that is has lots of agriculture and manufacturing work, and a population roughly 6,500 strong that is quite diverse.

Apart from your school, Gridely High, there are some regular hangouts.

Blasty's Arcade - It's an Arcade, so obviously kids hang out here. Blasty is the arcade's mascot, a space man with a laser gun. The local skateboard gang, the Black Diamonds, takes over the place past 9 PM, so most other kids stay away at that time.

Gridley Mall - It's a mall! It's got all kinds of places to shop, of course, and a movie theater.

The Overlook A large hill that runs along the southern exit road, home to a few hiking trails, and a popular make-out spot.

Broadside Ave. The home street for some of you, a quaint culdesac on the south side of town. Your collective bus stop is about a mile away from the street sign.

Wheatwhip Memorial Library - This library, named for Jane Wheatwhip, is a little old and in need of renovations, but it is still well cared for by it's dedicated staff, and serves as a meeting place for lots of after school and extra-curricular groups.

Corbyn Farms - One of the few local farm groups that hasn't been bought out by a larger corporation. They offer some lighter work for the local kids, and they have a summer camp program for those youths interested in learning proper farm work.

Bigbill Farms - a mega farming corporation. Their properties have an issue with petty vandalism and graffiti, which they suspect is the work of the Black Diamonds, though nothing has been proven.

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Gridely, California: Your Home Town
Heroes and More
Comic and hobby shop next to Blasty’s Arcade. Another popular hangout for kids of all ages.

Blockbuster Video
A few stores down from Heroes and Blasty’s, Blockbuster is serving all your movie and game rental needs.

Shotokan Karate of America
A world recognized organization, SKA has a dojo in same plaza as these other popular stores.

Fighting Fox Gym
A gym named after the Gridley High Fighting Foxes, this gym is run by a former player turned coach. It offers traditional weight lifting equipment, specialized training classes, and boxing lessons.