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Mon 6 May 2019
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Garret's Message
(Continued from the chapter 2 dreamscape.)

As that dream ended, another one seemed to begin, except this time Garret was alone. Or at least, his friends weren't there.

This place was something else. A hidden glade, the sunlight breaking through the canopy above, light and shadows shifting as the breeze caused trees to flutter. There was a stream, no more than two feet wide, flowing quietly. On a stone bench sat a man. At least, something like a man. He wore a long cloak over a plain white tunic and white breeches, with a pair of perfectly shined black boots. He had a bottle of something with him, or more like a petrified gourd with a stopper in it. His hair fell just past his shoulders, brown, clean. He looked up, his eyes a calm grey color, and smiled.

"Hello, young Garret. Come have a seat, if you would. There are things to speak about."
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Tue 7 May 2019
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Garret's Message
Disorientation. The sudden flood of sensations exited Garrett--water draining from the well of his perception only to fill up again with sudden new ones. He looked left and right. The others were gone--and he was in a place he'd never seen before. With a person he'd never met.

And yet somehow, it was still... familiar. He paused at the words, their weight creeping across his skin. Answers. An immediate tug in his gut followed. Pulled him forward with footfalls that left him dizzy. The bench was cool beneath him as he sat down, regarding the other man. Then... at long, long last, he said "Who are you... where are we?"

A longer pause followed, as the words echoed in his mind. Unreleased. But, at last, they slipped out, halfway between a choke and a fearful whisper.

"... what's happening to me?"
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Tue 7 May 2019
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Garret's Message
The man produced a pair of small wooden cups, giving one to Garret. He opened the gourd and poured some liquid into both cups. Made some light steam as it sat in the cups, and he took a light sip. He sighed as he pulled the cup away from his lips.

"I understand your confusion, and concern. I confess, I do not have all the answers, but I can illuminate some of this situation to you. First, allow me to introduce myself. I am called Swan, and I am your guardian."

He paused, letting the information sink in. "Two days ago, there was an unprecedented event on your world, as you know. The details are still unclear, but somehow, you were granted a gift not meant for you. You did not steal it, else wise we could take it back, rather it found you, and formed a bond. This bond is incomplete, imperfect, but the gift is yours none the less. Look there." He pointed to the stream, where a portion of it formed a reflective pool.
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Wed 8 May 2019
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Garret's Message
Garrett took the cup. Steam swirled from between his hands, the air warming him, though he hadn't felt particularly cold before. The words rolled over him, and his brows drew together, taking each and trying to turn it over in his mind as if examining them would make something... clearer.

"Swan," he said the name. A gift. Not meant for him. Each phrase felt more disjointed than the last... and yet there was a terrible sort of reality to it. Information landing and settling into him with that gut check sense that he wasn't being lied to. He lifted it to his lips and gave a faint sip. Bitter. Smooth. Definitely alcoholic. He coughed. Made a face as he swallowed the stuff. A bond. The man was talking about gifts, and theft...

"The bone-snake. Skelth-skith--Skittles," he finished. "He said we'd stolen his power. And just now I saw a man. A man with..."


Then Swan gestured towards the pool, and Garrett’s chest clenched with an abrupt, bone-marrow fear. His head turned. As the reflection came back into focus, he sucked in a sharp, painful breath.

Pools of night stared back at him from the depths of empty eyes. Malice. Terrible, skin-prickling dread. And behind unfurled a darkness so deep it swallowed even the hope of light.

Garrett physically jerked back on the bench. Surged. His breath came in ragged gasps as his face paled with white-knuckled terror. He snatched up the steaming liquor and pounded it back in one gulp, then staring wide-eyed at Swan, breathed "W--what is that? Is that me?"

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Thu 9 May 2019
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Garret's Message
Swan took a sip from his own cup, watching Garret quietly as the boy saw his transformed visage. His expression was hard to read, but it seemed he was unphased by this reaction. He spoke as calmly as a gentle breeze.

"It is you, but also not. Under normal circumstances, one is born with this power, as chosen by the Celestial Order. They did not choose you, and yet here you are, your wings a shadow of what they could be."

Swan placed a hand on Garret's shoulder, and the boy felt a calming energy pass through him. His transformed state subsided, and he was fully himself once more.

"The servant of darkness you fought is one we are not familiar with, but we are actively looking for it's source. In the mean time, you have a choice to make."

Swan reached into a pocket of his robe, and produced a single white feather. It was certainly other worldly, faintly glowing with radiant energy.

"You have been given a fate not meant for you. If it was in my power, I would give you back the simple life you had, so that you need not suffer. This gift you have has already irrevocably changed your life. What we ask of you now is that you use this gift in the service of good. This feather will be the symbol of your oath, should you accept it."

Swan then waited patiently for Garret's response, his eyes showed concern, but if it was for the danger he perceived Garret was in, or that the boy might reject the proposal, one couldn't guess.
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Thu 9 May 2019
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Garret's Message
Celestial orders. Fates. Destinies. A shadow of what they could be.

Garrett paused, trying to take it in in this place that was not quite dream, not quite memory. His breath was the only sound that filled his ears for a long time. He still knew so little. Here, again, was all of those questions he'd have demanded of either Mr. Lunesby and Ms Calhoon.

But all of those fell away in the face of the marrow-deep certainty that there was no deception at work here. Whoever Swan was, whatever this celestial hierarchy was... they weren't lying to him. Not about this.

And the gift was his now. Intended or not. He couldn't offload it. Couldn't escape it. And there were people who needed his help. His friends, his mother, his cousins, and that was before all the countless people who didn't understand what had happened to the world yet. As he drew a breath, he was acutely aware of the fact that the list of people he'd agreed to work with was growing.

Garrett's hand reached out, and his fingers closed around the feather. He should've said something weightier--burdened with purpose or dramatic sounding--but in the moment, he couldn't think of anything.

"I'm in."
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Fri 10 May 2019
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Garret's Message
Swan let Garret take the feather, nodding and letting a small smile come across his face.

"Very well. Hold the feather to your heart, and repeat these words:

 To protect the helpless
 To shield the weak
 To ensure that good will flourish
 As long as my sword arm bears weight
 I will hunt down evil."

Swan seemed to hold his breath as he waited for Garret to take the oath.
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Sat 11 May 2019
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Garret's Message
The feather was a weight in his hand. Heavy, where it should not have been. He watched Swan's face, and felt his mouth go dry at the sudden pressure laid upon him. It was frightening. Terrifying. And yet.

His mouth opened. "To protect the helpless."

Damon's circle surrounded him, a wall of fists and hate closing in.

"To shield the weak."

He ate knuckles and tasted concrete. Grabbed a backpack out of the hands of a bunch of assholes. Ate a body-tackle to let another receiver do the run.

"To ensure that good will flourish"

July's band blasted music that melted the walls. Jason built beautiful things that made people smile. Malun worked wonders. Even--yes, he admitted--even Whitney performed feats that would one day inspire others. His mother's mending hands saved lives.

All the while the boy with the scarred knuckles wondered what he could do.

"As long as my sword arm bears weight"

His eyes closed. A breath followed. Deep. Abiding. Things slid into place.

This. I can do this.

His dark eyes opened. In the eternity of the celestial dreamscape, Garrett spoke the words.

"I will hunt down evil."

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