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Sun 18 Aug 2019
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Exterior - Scorpion Hall
It is Earth Season when you make your way into The Big Rubble. You have heard rumours of a ruined fort on the western slope of Blind King's Hill. Confident, you intend to just scout it out. "If it gets to rough," you tell yourself, "you'll fall back and get companions. But until then you'll just go it alone."

The first problem is of course finding a place for a camp. The Big Rubble is a dangerous place and this area isn't too far away from the Troll Stronglands. It's even been said that the trolls do a lot of hunting around here so it will pay to be careful.

Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, this area is heavily ruined and there are plenty of places to make an inconspicuous camp.

You find an easily defensible ancient building and take possession. Inside it is cool and dark but there are no doors or hatches to anywhere underground. The door is easily barred and you can probably store things here without it being disturbed. Satisfied, you set up your camp and prepare to head out towards Scorpion Hall.
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Mon 19 Aug 2019
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Exterior - Scorpion Hall
In reply to Jim (msg # 1):

Before heading off to Scorpion Hall Valenstos makes his camp safe by setting some simple traps around it.

[url=http://orokos.com/roll/750381]Devise roll (22%)[/url]: 1d100 20
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Wed 28 Aug 2019
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Exterior - Scorpion Hall
With a secure base to fall back on and healing not a day's careful walk away you head off fairly confidently. The terrain is sloping and strewn with rubble and fallen walls. Broken facades throw black shadows and toppled columns occasionally bar your way. The going is as tough as you suspected it would be. Keeping a wary eye out you head further into the broken hell that is The Big Rubble.

As you stalk through a collapsed alleyway something seems amiss . . .

(Please state what weapon you have ready, remember that a spear must be carried but your short bow fits in the quiver like a Mongol bow. As you've walked so far your shield is slung over your backpack and will take 6 strike ranks to ready if you need it.)

(Please make a Track Roll)