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Setting Information
-= New Charter City =-

  Settled on the island that was once California’s Bay Area is New Charter City, the city of the future today! A sprawling metropolis, New Charter City is the central hub of everything technological and metahuman. Built back in the early 1960’s after the events of the Kelpellion Invasion, when an alien mothership crashed in the middle of the pacific ocean setting off a chain of natural disasters that inevitably shattered the state in two. The west coast was hit hard during the aftermath, a combination of tsunamis, flooding, and earthquakes all but destroyed the coastal states. Through the hard work and dedication of the heroes of California, and other neighboring states, they saved California from submerging underwater. Now split from the mainland, the new island officially named Norcal Island is a neighboring land mass 100 miles off the coast of California. It’s crescent shape is unmistakable, as if a jigsaw piece that was once the Bay Area was removed from California itself. Built upon that island is New Charter City. The city sits north of San Francisco right across the Golden Gate Bridge, and west of Oakland. Right where what used to be the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Muir Woods. The forests and parks had flooded during the cataclysmic event, destroying most of the wildlife and woodland.

  Although still part of America (still part of the Californian State for that matter), Norcal is treated more like it’s own country as various events at the global scale seem drawn to the island and its ever growing metropolis. They have seen villainous takeovers, dimensional shifts in reality, dinosaurs walking the streets and countless other crazy events. Because of this (or vice versa) metahumans gravitated to the city. Both would be heroes and would be villains have come and gone through New Charter City’s limits. It is also here in the heart of the city, The Alliance of Heroes, the foremost powerful team of heroes, relocated. Their Watchtower is single handedly the tallest building, looming above all others to keep watch for any threats that might assault the island.

  The city is massive, even if it only sits on an island, New Charter City’s dense city blocks and high rise buildings alone reaches a population close to 8 million. Just above the rest of the Bay Area’s 7 million. And it’s only going to grow more. San Jose’s tech scene is on a rise that hasn’t slowed since the dot com boom and new buildings will eventually overtake old ones. Oakland is rebuilding itself while also keeping to its old roots. Even mainly suburban cities such as Fremont are getting renovated, modernized. It is as much of a hot pot of culture as it always had been.

Points of Interest

Alliance of Heroes Watchtower
  Home of the Alliance of Heroes. Before, the tower was actually in New York but was relocated after the events that brought about Norcal Island. It is a tall observation tower, complete with rotating viewing deck adorning the top. The incredible height allows the tower to peer out above all others around it. Most of the building houses Alliance of Heroes’ offices, where DVA officials are able to meet with heroes, and heroes are able to organize publicity events such as charity balls. The lobby at its base has a room dedicated for press conferences, if a situation calls for them to make public statements. There are also some living quarters and recreation areas near the top floors for those unable to rejoin normal society or have taken up hero work as a full time job.

Black Rose Prep
  Hidden under New Charter City’s Tamalpais Park is Black Rose Prep. An academy dedicated to teaching the next generation of villains. The underground facility is a massive maze of hallways, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and dorms. It is filled with the latest technology, supplied by The Company, to develop young metas into finely honed villains. The school’s classes are kept small, average around 20, and each class attends for 4 years.
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Setting Information
-= Organizations =-

The Alliance of Heroes (AoH)
  The Alliance of Heroes was the first team to emerge during the Silver Age of Heroes. Having formed out of necessity because of the Orion Incident. At the time they had no name. This had changed over the years as they grew and became more organized. By the end of the Silver Age of Heroes they had officially taken the name The Alliance of Heroes, or simply shortened to AoH. The name was chosen as they had become a banner for other hero teams to unite under. While the core roster isn’t the same from its conception, many of whom have been replaced as time passed, their presence is still a cornerstone of justice and a symbol of what it means to be a hero. These members make up the council, the heroes that act as leaders for all of AoH.

  The Alliance of Heroes are the first response to any major world event. They act as the governing body to all other superhero teams. Setting an example for all others to follow. Together with the United Nations they are able to coordinate their actions as to not overstep boundaries or break any international laws.

  The current council members of The AoH are as follows
  • Captain Starlight III
  • Nightwielder
  • Bakunawa
  • Atlas
  • Velocity

The Department of Variant-Human Affairs (DVA)
  The Department of Variant-Human Affairs, also known as the DVA, is the government branch that deals with metahumans within American territories. That goes as far as policing metas, setting new laws, and ensuring metahumans that do not involve themselves in hero/villain lifestyles have fair rights. They also work with hero teams to coordinate humanitarian missions outside American territory. Wherever there might be legal disputes over hero accountability, or if an incident falls outside a hero’s legal boundaries, the DVA is there to smooth out any wrinkles that might come up. On the surface that is all they are, paper pushers with miles of red tape. Underneath they are the men and women of the shadows. The heroes that save the day not with flash and flair but by stopping threats before they even have the chance of seeing the light of day.

  They are known to work openly with hero teams, at least the hero teams that follow the laws they set out. Even The AoH have worked with DVA agents from time to time.

The Company
  If The Alliance of Heroes are the premier hero team, The Company is their villainous counterpart. Don’t let the unremarkable name fool you. The Company is a far reaching and encompassing guild of villains. What sets these villains apart from the other villain teams and solo dictators/tyrants that rampage for world conquest is that The Company is far far more subtle. Many of The Company’s members have realized that it’s not profitable or even worth the effort to take over the world. The members here are looking for one thing and one thing only. Cold hard cash. Whether that’s through complex heists, destabilized world economics, or straight up mercenary work. The Company keeps the world in just enough chaos to profit off it. Controlling it with an invisible hand.

  It is unknown as to where their base of operations is located. And because it is hard to pin down which of the many villains in the world are members of The Company, the DVA and The Alliance of Heroes have yet to prove they exist to the general populace.

  The current leaders of The Company are as follows
  • Slowburn
  • Bad Wolf
  • Switchblade

Black Rose Prep
  Hidden under New Charter City’s Tamalpais Park is Black Rose Prep. An academy dedicated to teaching the next generation of villains. Not psychopaths, not tyrants, but careers villains looking only for the next big score. First founded at the tail end of the Silver Age, Black Rose Prep was built upon the idea that the outside world, the world of mundane humans and caped heroes, shouldn’t be the only option for those with power. Freedom to live as one pleases is their true goal. Their curriculum doesn’t conform to that of a regular high school. They have classes that are focused on teaching their students the ins and outs of a career villain. Black Rose Prep has ties to The Company, and graduates who prove themselves find their doors open to them.
  It is a rule for those attending classes to keep their full names secret. Either last names or code names only.

The Faculty that runs the school is as follows:
  • Zero
  • Deadweight
  • Mockingbird
  • Shiv
  • Duplicity
  • Lady Yen
  • Bonesetter

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Setting Information
-= Major NPCs =-

Heroes of New Charter City

Captain Starlight III:
Identity: Public - Announced after inheriting the Captain Starlight legacy - Jessica Albarn
Looks: Caucasian, Long Blonde Hair, Green-Eyed, Average Height, Female, White/Blue/Silver body-suit reminiscent of airforce military, Starbusrt Insignia
Abilities: Same as the previous two Captain Starlights. Able to create energy constructs out of “Sunsteel” to form weapons and force fields, and can manipulate those constructs at will. When enveloped in Sunsteel she can also fly freely. Sunsteel also has a distinct characteristic of being extremely hot to the touch. She has complete control of the temperature.

Identity: Secret - Unknown to other heroes - Bea Belpois
Looks: Tall, Female, Face obscuring mask, Black body suit, Dark midnight blue long coat and wide brim hat
Abilities: Able to manipulate shadow and darkness. Absorbing nearby light and expanding shadows, Nightwielder can create wide swaths of darkness not even night vision cameras can see through. Shadows near Nightwielder can act like medium range portals, able to transport anything fully encompassed by the darkness.

Identity: Secret - Known to other heroes - Ken Manalo
Looks: Asian, Graying Black Hair, Brown-Eyed, Short, Male, Loose fitting Gi, Serpentine body, greenish grey scales, wide expansive wings,
Abilities: Able to shift into a serpentine/dragon-like form, roughly 30 feet long. While in this form Bakunawa has a degree of magic resistance, flight, super strength, rapid healing and can breath fire. While unshifted Bakunawa retains some of these powers, though to a lesser degree.

Identity: Secret - Known only to AoH leaders - Jake Coleman
Looks: African-American, Short Black Hair, Blue-Eyed, Tall and heavy set, Roman Centurion inspired costume
Abilities: Adaptation. Atlas will become stronger/tougher whenever he hits the physical limit his body can handle. He has become nearly invulnerable to all forms of damage, has fast acting regeneration, and is the top strongman in terms of raw strength. He is also immune to various mental manipulation powers, illness and poisons, and to magic (though with questionable results at times).

Identity: Secret - Known to other heroes - Mia Sarmiento
Looks: South American, Brown hair, Brown-Eyed, Short, Sleek body suit, Green crop jacket, mirrored visor mask
Abilities: Variant form of Telekinesis. Velocity can change the speed and direction of objects in a small area around her. She can fly at mach speeds and shoot projectiles at similar speeds. She is also immune to damage to a limited degree by having an aura that would reflect any objects away from her body before they could cause injury.

Villains of New Charter City

Identity: Secret - Known only to The Company leaders - Carmen Castello
Abilities: Oxygen Manipulation. Slowburn can control oxygen for a variety of effects. Most notably Slowburn creates pockets of oxygenated air that can be set off explosions. Maintain fire burning for extended periods of time. And deprive oxygen to suffocate.

Bad Wolf:
Identity: Public - Outed when first captured - Eli Zimmer
Abilities: Emotional Manipulation, minor reality warping and hallucinogenic powers. Bad Wolf is a powerful empath that can sense and manipulate the emotions of those around him. Bringing out targets worst fears into reality. Bad Wolf is known to cause mass paranoia and panic.

Identity: Secret - Known only to other villains - Delia Dunbroch
Abilities: Enhanced Intelligence and cybernetic prosthetics. Switchblade’s arms and legs are prosthetics designed and created by her. They have an arsenal of weapons installed within them. Switchblade’s technology is also more advanced than anything currently used by heroes, the DVA, and the public.

Faculty of Black Rose Prep

Identity: Headmistress
Looks: African-American, Female, White hair, Green-Eyed, Crisp Suit
Abilities: Able to create a zone that nullify all meta powers and magic spells.

Identity: Close Combat Professor
Looks: Korean, Male, Thinning black hair, Tired brown eyes, thick muscles
Abilities: Deadweight's body is stasis locked and cannot be altered, moved, or manipulated by any outside influence.

Identity: Range Combat Professor
Looks: Female, Red hair, Blue-Eyed, Flowing clothes with large feathers
Abilities: Mockingbird can manipulate sound waves for a variety of effects, most notable technique is to amplify and localize soundwaves to create explosions. And is able to deaden areas into absolute silence.

Identity: Weapons Professor
Looks: Male, gaunt, bald, covered in tattoos and piercings
Abilities: Shiv can create a multitude of weapons from personal energy source. Prefers bladed weapons above all else. His energy has a unique property, they resonate at a frequency that allows them to cut into almost anything.

Identity: Subtlety Professor
Looks: They/Them, Tall and thin, Pale, White-Eyed, clerical cut clothing
Abilities: Duplicity is a strong mimic. They are able to steal the looks, memories, and powers of any meta they encounter. Unlike normal mimics, his power doesn't require touch. They only need to have line of sight and be within 50 feet.

Lady Yen:
Identity: Control Professor
Looks: Chinese, colorful yellow robes, long black braided hair
Abilities: Lady Yen is able to control the elements of China's Five Elements Philosophy through her martial arts. These include, wood, fire, earth, metal, water.

Identity: Focus Professor
Looks: Masked and voice scrambler, medieval doctor inspired clothing.
Abilities: Bonesetter is a unique material manipulator. They are able to manipulate flesh and bones. This allows them to function at peak human physiology and also bestow that to those around them for a limited time. They can also heal or cause wounds from a simple touch.

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Setting Information
-= Black Rose Prep Curriculum =-

  Even though Black Rose Prep is a school dedicated to creating future generations of villains, they are a school nonetheless. To add legitimacy to their high school facade and to expand avenues for those who wish, they do in fact provide general education classes along side their villainy classes. High school diplomas are rewarded upon graduation, and in rare occasions even college scholarships. This is all to help students lay foundations for civilian identities. Many in league with Black Rose Prep and The Company believe this is an often overlooked opportunity that many young villains dismiss.

  Classes are ran in the morning to afternoon (7:00am - 3:00pm). Morning classes are general education classes, English, History, Humanities, Math, etc. These are taught to give a strong foundation of knowledge that every person should have in modern society. Afternoon classes are composed of specialty classes that are the groundwork of being a proper villain. In between the morning and afternoon blocks are a free period, lunch, and gym. As both general education and villainy have to run along side one another, the classes run in a rotation. For example; Monday morning might have History and Biology, while Tuesday morning might have History and Math.

   Villainy Coursework are broken into 6 major classes. These classes are:
  • Close Combat, taught by Deadweight
      This course is dedicated to teaching close combat skills. How to fight properly as to not harm yourself and how to evaluate your opponent to gauge their skill compared to your own.
  • Range Combat, taught by Monkingbird
      This course is dedicated to teaching fighting at range. How positioning works in relation to your range capabilities and how to gauge which threat to engage on
  • Weapons, taught by Shiv
      This course is dedicated to teaching the various intricacies of numerous weapons. When to use one weapon over another, and how a weapon in the hands of an opponent changes approach.
  • Subtlety, taught by Duplicity
      This course is dedicated to teaching the art of espionage. How to case target locations, and knowing how to use subterfuge efficiently. Considered one of the most important courses in Black Rose Prep.
  • Control, taught by Lady Yen
      This course is dedicated to teaching battle techniques on a macro scale. How to dictate the flow and direction of a fight. This goes beyond personal fighting skill.
  • Focus, taught by Bonesetter
      This course is dedicated to teaching one's own power. How to use it on a deeper more intricate level, and to learn it's limits.